Someone shill me right fucking NOW!!

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too late m8 people starting to take profit

DUde get the fuck in user. its such an obvious winner.

fuck you nigger stay out of my coin reeeeeeeeee

>Someone shill me right fucking NOW!!



>Sell 10% of my stack
>Trying to decide between BLZ on Binance or JNT on Bibox
>Refuse to go 50/50
>Dump it all into JNT at at .00080 ETH
>Now sitting on a stack of 50K JNT that is losing value as BZL moons.

You have no idea how fucking mad I am.

Total shitcoin. Don't buy.


Again this pajeet pnd coin...

how the fuck did that literal shitcoin get insta binance listing?

could potentially tokenize the entire finance industry, and for every asset that gets tokenized, the supply of jnt goes down.

hold until at least 2020 at the shortest or you'll be very fucking sorry. this thing could have parabolic growth from now until 2030.

The higher the market cap goes, the lower the total supply of JNT tokens is. Doesn't require the end user to trade in memecoins, KYC comliant, and fiat reserves are auditied.

If they can get banks onboard you will make it with 1 JNT.

>tfw pajeet scam coin
>tfw ethpyramid is glorious permanent structure shitting money across the blockchain
>tfw people think the alt coins are ok now because btc recovered a tiny bit today

deposit your money into the eth central bank and never look back

JNT is a better coin than ETH, easily. If you are patient it'll pay off plus some. If you're holding long term you'll be a millionaire.

From telegram group :
>We intend to release the full partnership details when the team is un Dubair (mid feb/ 2 weeks).
Just wait a bit :)

sorry, i meant better coin than BLZ, not ETH

This post is actually why I bought in. Institutional interest and money being fully announced within the month. I'm trying to buy the rumor.

I'm not holding it long term unless I'm already a millionaire and stop caring about crypto. If I get a 10X out of this I'm dropping half my bags and getting into something else.

pump and dump coin, looks like it's almost time for the daily dump

50k of JNT? do you realise you will literally, unironically be a mutlimillionaire of you hold for 1-2 years?


All the shill you need. Mid-Late February full details of the Al Maktoum partnership will be announced. This will go around the word.

will I be a millionaire with 12k or do I need more??

Dawg I have 2.8k and I unironically expect to have at least a million in 2 years

im glad that most people can't wrap their head around the token economics. this shit is going to be absolutely insane. we are all going to make it boys.

The MCap only needs to be about 13 billion for you to be a millionaire. So yes, I think you will make it a million and then some if institutional money flows into jnt... Which I strongly believe it will


7.5k, conservative estimates end of the year, what will this be worth? And optimistic?

fucking shitty ass coin, had a sale order go through for 2k even came up in the order book and nothing fucking happened still have my money at least

usually id shill a coin at this point, ive done it with every other big coin.This literally doesnt need it so i wont bother.

It is truly weird that people can't see the potential of jibrel... There are tens of trillions of dollar of assets that could theoretically be tokenized into jnt. While people are betting on tokens that might break into billion dollar industries, I'm going to be on the one that's looking to replace a multi-trillion dollar industry, and axtually is being adopted by Arabs who want to tokenize billions of dollars out of the gate. Seems like a no brainer. We're gonna make it user.

yeah 7.5k my fking balls

Finally, someone who mentions token economics besides me. Once the DAO kicks in and onchain liabilities are created we literally have a designed moon as long as Jibrel gets adopted. With all the backing they already have and the savings they offer bank, it will definitely be used.

All we have to do is wait.

75k USD, 150k is all goes really well. After that, it will be parabolic. This will mostly float around 1-5 dollars until Q3.


i barely get the project and how the instruments swap with each, what are some risks for institutions who want to tokenize

are you ok?


I wrote this a while ago, might answer some of your questions.

"We're looking at a huge portion of MENA and Korean assets being tokenized on Jibrel.

As of now, JNT will derive value in 5 different ways.
1. JNT is burned as gas to fuel the network.
2. Speculation - what the market believes its value to be. This is the least important here.
3. CryDRs - these are one-to-one fiat tokens, backed by assets and real money. You need JNT to purchase them. They are audited by pricewatercoopers and solve all the issues with Tether.
4. Tokenization of assets. As more and more assets become tokenized on the Jibrel Network, as stated above, their corresponding value in JNT must be taken out of circulation. I.E. - if I tokenize $1 billion dollars worth of real estate - an equivalent $1 billion worth of JNT must be taken out of circulation.
5. The Jibrel DAO. In Q3, the Jibrel DAO will be launching. It will make the coin immune to massive pumps or dumps, as well as any recession. In the event a massive amount of people dump their JNT, the DAO will buy it back. In the even of a pump, the DAO will then sell off a portion of JNT to stabilize the price. You can see how this requires the DAO to have massive reserves of JNT on hand - as well as being an appeal to institutional investors who don't want to take a %10 loss in a day.

Also PALMEX, a Middle Eastern exchange, already has fiat pairings with Jibrel.

The UAE said they are going to pilot jCash throughout the region.

They have a partnership with the ruling family of Dubai.

They are in advanced talks with Korean banks and other licensed financial institutions to use their platform.

Speculation: The CEO, Yazan, has given a lot of talks about cash and the benefits of a digital currency. If the UAE adopts jCash in the form of their regional currency - we could see mass adoption as jCash is used for small transactions in addition to the tokenization of assets."

It's funny because I sold part of my Ven I bought at like 60 cents to buy the JNT I have. I'm less salty now.

Hey guys, can you like
*not* shill this for a few days pls
my fiat hasn't cleared yet and the wait is agonizing
for a lil jib plebian with a small stack
I just want a few days then I will shill with the best of you

Good writeup, though DAO is Q4 I think. Also, you should elaborate on the relationship between JNT price and on-chain liabilities of the DAO.

You know how when everyone is using Tether, the price of Tether jumps up to 1.03 USD or so? It is a similar concept. Here is what the team wrote on a post in Reddit:

"It boils down to this:

What is the incentive for me to put my cash into a CryDR and sell it on the blockchain.

You don't. This is generally for licensed financial institutions to benefit from the high-returns of the crypto-economy without the exposure.

When the public has full confidence in tether, and the overall market is in downswing, USDT is valued at 1.03 and higher.

We have a buzzphrase for this, "on-chain / off-chain arbitrage".

This means stable assets on-chain could be worth more than they are off-chain, if there is confidence in the guarantor.

So this is what the financial entity would do... It would tokenize some of its cash, exchange it for volatile assets (selling them on-chain for BTC/ ETH), liquidate those assets (the BTC / ETH), and benefit from the arbitrage.

In addition, the financial entity has just acquired a customer with an account (compliantly, with full KYC done to the level of the financial institute).

Hope that helps!"

So basically, I tokenize a non-liquid asset as a CryDR (real-estate, gold, etc), and a corresponding value of JNT must be taken out of circulation to provide proof of solvency. When people use CryDRs, the value of CryDRs increases. So if I have 1 billion dollars of gold tokenized into a CryDR, and a CryDR is worth $1.03, suddenly I've made a three percent increase on $1 billion, which is $30 million dollars I can now use as liquid capital.

Essentially, it gives liquidity to non-liquidity assets while also backing up the value of the CryDRs themselves.

There is no risk as the assets still remain assets tied to the market, the crypto component is just an extra way of extracting value from them.

are you ricardo wojak from the telegram?

Literally me. Made a order from my bank like 3 days ago and this shit stil hasn't arrived.
I'm sitting on just 2k JNT like a retard

Who keeps posting this everyday? Why?

The best part about this is that retard bizlets will not understand what any of that means and what it implies. Feels fucking good to have an international economics degree. (Not saying you need one to get this.

This. I was floored when I finally understood what they're doing and what drives the value of this token. People are sleeping on this, they have no idea how huge its going to be. Just look at who is involved.


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i majored in history and literature pretty much gave myself a crash course on economics learning about crypto and jibrel but yeah, this is absolutely nuts.

I live in the silicon valley and I know for a fact that there are similar projects being developed (although still in their nascent stages), and that those respective projects have absolutely ridiculous amounts of demand behind them. Rich people are already trying to get in on exactly what Jibrel is doing. The difference is that Jibrel has the best connections here, as well as the best product by far. I'm not worried in the least about adoption. This is the definition of comfortable, and I'm fucking lucky I'm alive to be investing in this shit honestly.

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Is now a good time to buy or wait for everything to settle?

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now is fine probably, it might dip down lower but anything within a 10 cent range of 50 cents is golden imho, it definitely wont be going below 40 anytime, .41 resistance held up and it even increased to .44 during the crash.

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tfw just 1.5k jnt.

What's everyone else at

I am he. I fud JNT to accumulate rather than shill.

I made a thread once here but now i fud.

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Gz everyone investing, currently 15,5k considering selling my CPC and buy more but these two are the best holds of 2018 and onwards. This is one of those golden opportunities your kids and future wife will thank you for, not shilling just trying to help out my brothers.

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Couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled upon this in pre-sale.

Anything below a 200 mil mcap is a steal. Look for an entry over the next few days.

where buy this shitcoin

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Also take in consideration what the senate said today regaring crypto and assets, this is what they are waiting for and if the arabs are backing it they have simply no choice but to comply since if the sand niggers can crash the dollar in a day if they want to. 5D chess right here

how much do i need to drop on this to become a millionaire? hell i'd be happy with half a million

im a wagenigger making ok money with decent savings, so losing like $5k-$10k on this wouldnt be an issue

gate.io or bibox

15k sounds juicy, will try to swing trade my way up was at 1k earlier this week. I might need to take out some to pay for a dentist though my tooth began hurting a few days ago I can't even sleep anymore, recently got fired so I might not having any savings left after that. Hope this takes us to the moon my friend. As soon as I saw Don Tap's name I got hope.

id try to get a 10k stack if I were you, will treat you very nicely.

Just bought another 2k, fucking wire took all day to go through. I wanted to buy earlier. 16k now

Man if you are legitimately this angry about what someone you don't know is saying online I think you have some deep seated problems. Am I really your problem? Or is there something else, perhaps from your past, that is troubling you?

>JNT is burned as gas to fuel the network
Why does every crypto have this retarded concept? This is a self fulfilling omen. As soon as the network gets widespread adoption JNT price goes up and makes fuel prohibitive and unattractive for most transaction thus suffocating usage and making prices drop again.
It's the exact reason why BTC will see a slow, painful decline. Its an expensive transaction model.


tfw #783 holder

honestly tho youre a fuckin annoying autist. consider killing yourself.

Never invest more money than you are willing to lose but sometimes a gamble can change everything. Best of wishes to you and I hope things will work out, sorry to hear you are struggling as of now but hopefully great things comes to good people!

You're literally reeeeing at some randomer Oli/Dangle. Please seek help. I'm trying to look out for you here.

Why isn't it on kucoin when they already announced it would list there

just get it on bibox, bibox is better anyways, at least in terms of UI

not reeeeing at all. just making the observation that youre annoying as fuck. i have no emotional investment in this. just stating a fact. kill yourself.

admin on telegram said end of feb

cause its a pajeet scam shitcoin
everyone here is memeing, noone would sane buy this

I have some rainy day funds stashed away but I only started with ~$100 and now I'm around 1k so I won't be too salty if I lose it, this feels like a game really. I just have to buy the dip in lifecoin :^)

does bibox ask for photo id like quadrigacx?...im trying to transfer out of coinbase

no clue how it works but 18 decimal places should cover it if it's in absolute prices and not relative to transaction size

but they have contract agreements with arabs...like big ones...has to mean something


Does bibox allow US citizens?

yes, us citizen here using bibox for 2 months

bibox is hella easy to make and allows us citizens, it is where i got mine. you dont need verification. you can jsut set up 2FA and ur all good

Oh, for some reason I was thinking US citizens weren't allowed so I got some JNT on pajeetdelta and overpaid a little. Must've mixed it up with Huobi.

Where can I buy this shitcoin as a Canadian?


Seriously don't. Its all built on lies like so many other cryptos. Where are evidence of the partnerships? This will go below ICO price soon enough if you just wait

wont DAO kill the "moon" power of JNT? If so, why would people buy the token?

>trying to accumulate