The biggest surprise from the senate hearing wasn’t the General positive response...

the biggest surprise from the senate hearing wasn’t the General positive response, but rather the endorsement of one very wealthy Senator, Mark Warner.

Mark Warner’s explicitly claimed that cryptocurrency’s rise is very similar to that of how the cellphone grew; which he states he gained most of his personal wealth from. So I checked his wiki:

>As founder and managing director of Columbia Capital, a venture capital firm, he helped found or was an early investor in a number of technology companies, including Nextel. He co-founded Capital Cellular Corporation, and built up an estimated net worth of more than $200 million.[5][6] As of 2012, he was the wealthiest U.S. Senator.[7]

This guy had a front row seat at the development of the cellphone and thinks crypto will be as “transformational” as the cellphone and will exceed a marketcap of “20 trillion in 2020”. Those are very bold things to say coming from a very respectable person.

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green ID confirms

As a resident of Virginia, it’s weird to see his face on this board.

>dat green id

Thank you for this research based user. You are a rare perl in ths sub

He's one of the last sane democrats.

Based Warner

there isn't even 20 trillion dollars in existence

Also read in a thread some days ago that he's part of a crypto hedgefund

i agree, everybody talked about how nice crypto was gonna be or whatever but this guy was really adamant about that shit, the best response by far

nobody cares

shit, this guy knows something. I wish I knew what coins he was in lul

>he legitamitely thinks that for a space to be worth 20 trillion dollars people have to give them 20 trillion dollars

Then who did we borrow it from?

But we still going down to 4k, right?
This changes nothing, right?

Yes, fuck yes. I loved hearing this guy talk.

His line of questioning reflected his interest and knowledge of emerging technological markets. I definitely value his opinion about this. It's exciting to hear people like this express enthusiasm and interest in cryptocurrency.

he sold the bottom, call you catfish

This guy seems pretty in the loop desu

Might want to reset your expectations

i hate it when there's a democrat i can support

mark warner is that mean

he is /ourguy/

i care
dont listen to him user - i care

20 trillion in physical cash doesn't exist but various markets exceed 20 trillion in value. There's more value in the total stockmarket than there is cash in existence, same with real estate, gold represents ~$7-9 trillion in total value, so ya crypto could reach 20T+

>i hate it when there's a democrat i can support

yeah bro

partisanship is hella fucking epic

>mfw that one boomer was concerned about his dow bags

He's a scumbag, he's doing the same thing he did with cellphones, using his position of in Congress to promote technology that he personally invests in the become immensely rich. Unlike for the average Joe, insider trading is perfectly legal for our legislators, who are also the ones who have the most to benefit from insider trading. He made his riches as a Congressional aid investing in companies that he knew ahead of time were going to benefit from legislation, then taking that money and starting a company that uses his connections and knowledge to make even more money. How much you want to bet he has his grubby hands in crypto and wants to see it grow for his own benefit?

his support for crypto is public information, you can freely view any of these videos. if you now know he endorses crypto, and crypto will rise as a result, why not buy in?
the fucking guys literally just gave you a free pass for money and you complain, shiggywig these days.

i aint even mad

Yea, you buy in after the fact, he bought in prior. Who is really the one benefiting? Your lending yourself to the mercy of assholes like this.

so if you think this is the case, and it worked for him with cellphones, then why not buy yourself and ride the wave? i hope corrupt government officials raise the price of crypto, im holding bags, i want to be rich

this guy was a G

salty nocoiner detected

Because he's an idiot that doesn't know shit about technology, he just knows how to game the system. Doesn't stop him from talking like he's some tech guru just because he got rich off of it.

you just had a chance to buy in at one of the worst market crashes in history, you think he was using his power prior to this event to turn crypto upwards? no, he was in it just like you before, and now he's telling everyone how to earn free money and you complain because you want more money.

how is this even a bad thing? he has the power to help budding technologies grow and expanding his wealth by investing in projects that he knows will succeed. He’s helping change the world?

this. he will never make it dont waste your time hes a brainlet

i dunno you just seem like a salty baby, it would be like if I told you "hey I used a hack to find out the winning lottery numbers for next weeks draw, there's 0% chance of getting caught, its pure upside, here are the numbers dude" and you cross your arms and say "IM NOT CHEATING, I DONT WANNA" its like okay well good for you I guess, very honorable, die poor.

that really isn't that scummy. if you invest in a product or a business and really belive in it, of course you're going to shill it.

i think cell phones would have taken off and would have become massive whether or not he got involved with them, he was just riding a wave.

you should be smart and look for the potential to ride waves like that too.

Mark Warner the goat how do we get him to tweet about this

Unironically I think this makes him less qualified to comment on crypto. Humans tend to think they have special insight, that only they can see what others can't.. If you actually look at history, the same people did not tend to be at the forefront of multiple groundbreaking technological developments. Lightning doesn't strike twice.

That was hilarious
>Stocks go down 6%
>The fundamentals are still fine right? It'll go back up right?
We need some boomer stock wojacks

Who cares? Normies will take the bait

Its scummy because he uses insider trading to get rich, and can propose legislation that benefits himself financially. It's a system that encourages serving yourself over the people, and of all the legislators that abuse this system, he is the worst.

How is that any different than the shitcoiners? BTC goes down 6%, 'drop is temporary, it's going to the moon'. Yea, it's a big drop, but it was caused by a wave of volatility in an unprecedented time of stability, exasperated by the fact that people were investing directly into inverse volatility itself. There's long terms concerns, like bond yields and overvaluation, but there is legitimate reasons for confidence.


fucking wah, if youre smart and paid attention he just threw us ALL a bone. normies get F*** because they pay attention to like...mtv and facebook. fuck that

yes because the advancement of the cell phone and cryptocurrency is "abusing" the people. do you even read the shit you spew?

>How is it different?
Because you have an old man who's a sitting senator visibly shaken by a mere 6% drop, looking for reassurance in a senate hearing. If you don't find that hilarious there's something wrong with you.

you sound like such a little bitch, guaranteed bernie voter

shut the fuck up you fag

>Yea, you buy in after the fact
haha. Dumbass.

Chainlink, obv.

No you retard, you entirely missed what I said. Yea, maybe you're happy to pick up the crumbs of a congressman working for himself instead of you, but that is literally the opposite of a legislators supposed job.

I love Democrats. We wouldn't have the Internet or Cellphones without them. Meanwhile, Republicans want more oil drilling.


I don't care if he's shaken because he's an idiot who doesn't know how to make money without insider knowledge.

Definitely, without Democrats, I would've never been able to get a no money down mortgage for my house back in 2008.

It was a different politician than the one you're so asshurt by.

why can't he work for himself and the people at the same time? this is something that will benefit everyone, him included, so therefore he can't support it? he HAS to decry shit that helps him? does that mean healthcare and vaccines are out the window too? stay poor gramps, even bernie got his milli outta you!

so what, pick up some crumbs too and get filthy fucking rich, then you'll have enough money to leave this corrupt country that you seem to hate so much.

you moralfags are retards, you'd rather put your head in the sand and miss every opportunity that ever comes your way because it doesn't check all the boxes on your list. It's pathetic. You'll live poor and die even poorer, and then wonder why life treated you so badly, you'll believe you were virtuous and honorable but in the end your life will be miserable.

You're the epitome of a Bernie voter

go whine some where else MAGA fag

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You tell him, Bernie can still win!

Not in cash no. But there is more in total value such as market capitalization.


Be honest user... Warner did not say crypto would be a 20 trillion market in 2020... what he actually said was IF recent growth continued over the next couple years it COULD be that high... and was asking about the possible actions that might be taken if a 20 trillion dollar market was to suddenly emerge over the next couple years.

Regardless, it was a very bullish statement. But he wasn't making predictions, he was asking questions.