Hello fellow Veeky Forumsness men, it's my 21st birthday and I don't have any friends or family, could you please send me good wishes, the SEC hearing was my gift, but if someone would acknowledged me i'd be really happy.

happy birthday lad

Happy birthday dude

May many lambos be in your future

Happy bday user. You're a good person .

Happy birthday my fellow user.
May your gains be green till the end of times

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday bizbro

Happy birthday bro. That's a nice gift we all received.

My 21st was spent without friends visiting me too. Years get better after you trailblaze your own path. Be your own hero. Godspeed

happy birthday bro. have a good one

Dubs we moon for op s bday

Happy birthday, dude, hope this glorious day marks the beginning of your new life.

We love you user!

Bless you anons, may we all find gains and make it!

Happy birthday dude!

Happy birthday! Hope the candles stay green for you!

Happy birthday mate. We're gonna make it.

Happy birthday user, I hope you are gonna make it :^)
love you (no homo)

I'll try my best to enjoy it and pray I don't need to go out and buy any alcohol now that I can finally buy it!

Happy birthday, user, because you deserve to be happy. I hope you have insane gains and tasty cakes for today.

Sorry, wrong Carlos. Here is the correct Carlos.

Happy birthday user!

Happy birthday normie!

Happy 21st birthday!

happy birthday OP
were all gonna make it

Happy birthday little dog

Happy birthday kid. Try to remember not to take it all for granted

Happy birthday OP

see you in lamboland

happy birth day...lots of health and heart-warming love...also some nice gains for u

Make some IRL friends dickhead

happy birthday bro. get yourself out there and get some good friends.

It's hard user, isolation fucks up your social compass.

>I'm the normie
I appreciate the thanks though!



Thanks anons, maybe I'll go to a bar or something and try to act like an adult for once.

fuck yourself attention whore
also happy birthday

You're not wrong, I do want some attention considering I have nobody in my life to get it from, and thanks!

Hang in there, we'll be having good days again soon enough

Happy birthday man.
We were born days apart!

Happy birthday from sunny Australia m8non

happy birthday user!

herzlichen glückwunsch zum geburtstag user

I'm hangin in there but I'm a pretty dumb guy, crypto is the only way for me to truly move up the social later, hard work only helps if you've got the potential for greatness.

Age of Aquarius when?!

Thanks Dingokun, never stop doing what your doing we need a million more

happy birthday m8, were all gona make it!

Death to all Jew as well user! I wish I was in Germany, could have drank when I was still a teen.

Happy Birthday.
You're going to make it.

Happy BDay Friend

have a good day mate

Happy birthday, user. Post your Ethereum address.

To better times...

Happy birthday, user.

Almost everyone has potential for some kind of greatness (i.e. self fulfillment), but most of them only try the popular or conventional ways.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY user. I hope you have a great day. We are all your friends here on biz. Reach out if you ever need to.

Thanks user, anything I get is a gift, thank you, even nothing would still be funny.

Amen, no more brother wars.

Happy birthday man, take this qt.

I don't know I can't see it when I look in the mirror, maybe I need to try harder than I already am.

Happy Birthday user.
Please pull away from Veeky Forums and try and re-engage with the real world. Your crypto fortune will be here when you return.

"Nothing is ever as important as you think it is while you are thinking about it"

That sentence will change your life. Happy birthday user.

It's hard user, I can speak my mind here without the need to worry about being attacked, IRL people will try and wreck you over the pettiest of social circumstance for a slight gain of social capital

Happy birthday bro. Don't be so tough on yourself, you're a young guy, you've still got a lot of time to do whatever you decide you want to do.

Don't chase happiness, live, allow happiness to find you. Enjoy it's fleeting presence, allow it to pass naturally. When you haven't seen it in a while, treat it like an old friend you just don't talk to enough.

We're all gonna make it, bro

Happy birthday /b/rother

happy birthday my dude, hope you have a life of fortunes ahead of you :)

I don't really get it but I'll think about it, maybe over some alcohol, know any good ones?

Senpai notices you

happy birthday man!

Happy birthday fellow Veeky Forumsraelite.

May your birthday candles be green and your cake be moon cake.

Happy birthday fren hope you find yourself in a nice comfy afternoon

Oh wow, thanks user, that was actually really thoughtful! I think were gonna make it too!

Happy birthday user all of us acknowledge you. You need to go back into the real world because it’s the only real connection you will have and you must overcome your fear of being attacked, everyone has been attacked but you have to learn to fight back in the art of debate or self defense. It’s gonna be alright OP you’re gonna be fine

happy birthday op


Happy Bday OP love you and god bless

t. socially successful user who used to be like op

Thanks user, maybe I'll try going down to the city or something to try and talk to people.

Today OP is not a faggot, he is a birthday boy. Happy birthday OP!

Happy birthday user, do not accept defeat. Most of us are actually going to make it.

happy birthday bud. try doing something you enjoy tonight and treat yourself.

*scales your block-chain*
Thanks user, I'm feeling the love!

Happy Birthday user:)

>the absolute state of Veeky Forums
by the way... Happy Birthday!

I sold 40 ETH during the summer crash, never again, Iron hands until zero.

Happy birthday. Get a nuru massage if you can afford one.

happe berthday fren

im 20 and i don't have any friends either

happy birthday user

That sounds nice, but I'm in awful shape and the thought if a woman seeing me naked scares me, maybe I'll getting myself Veeky Forums is the best thing to do right now.

Happy birthday. Don't worry about friends and shit now. You're really young still. Just be a good person and stay true to yourself.

Every mistake is a lesson learned, be relentless

I am now, even a crash to zero wouldn't spook me at this point, I've gone beyond stress and doubt, I WILL make it!

One thing you never regret is the time you spent in the gym.


happy birthday m8

It's getting better for me a little bit everyday thanks to crypto and my life seemingly picking up, were gonna make it bros.

happy birthday bro. wealth and health

were all gonna make it user

Let's hope, I always give up because I don't like pain but hopefully this time I can push through and make a difference in myself!

unless you go to snap city

happy birthday, dude

Happy Veeky Forumsday my dude

come to our dubtrack.fm community if you want someone to chat with. im here too
nice people and chill music.

and happy birthday. you´re gonna make it.