They actually think its over

>they actually think its over

You sold at 5.9 didn't you.

How many times has this been posted?

How many times has it been wrong?

sold at 15K like any other rational person.

Coinfags have the emotional stability of teenage girls, and deserve the shit they get. That being said, we don't need to post this everyday.

Looks to me like return to mean

Bear trap m8

it's not wrong, but we're in the return to mean stage

We haven't seen such a bull market since the crash started.
THIS is the bull trap.

Therefore increasing the chance that it's right this time.

Hope the bitcoin meme dies so I can buy a graphics card at a decent price again

the market dips 75%, yet that chart at bull trap shows a dip of like 25%, please use ur head and stop fudding u no coin faggots

We are far past that retard. We are between capitulation and despair

we literally just hit despair

>He actually thinks he knows what's going to happen

Face it, everyone is just guessing.

Ssshh. Let him have this. He needs this.

We are at fear stage you autisic 12year old

bear trap , the public did not even enter crypto

Can you decide where i actually am? the position changes every time this meme get posted

“We haven’t seen such a bull market” we’re you awake early January?

despair was last night. we're on hyper crypto time.. that's months in your boomer cycle time.

You're actually fucking 'tarded, huh?

we stealth phase still

don't forget that graph was made in a different era.

>using the meme chart
try harder faggot

we've yet to cross the chasm

If normies would actually follow this meme chart they would realize NOW is the time to buy in before the next bull run

Actually we hit despair last night. Sorry you sold at an all time low though. Sucks to have weak hands. We WERE there 2 weeks ago though...but I guess you are used to being slow?

haha this.

Yesterday someone was trying to say we were at the "media attention" stage.

Don't have to, BTC reversal says it all. Stay fucking dumb and poor ahahahahahagah

makes me lol every time someone posts this

No, we just had the first sell off

so I just have to wait for pol to weigh in, cash out, wait for redittors to kill themselves, and sell somewhere above 20k

thanks dude much appreciated, good TA

nigger can you even read the graph, return to mean would be btc under 1000$

>We haven't seen such a bull market since the crash started.
Fucking brainlets on my board I swear


We just passed /pol/ weighs in. We're actually on frogposting phase right now.

>linear scale

We are at the first sell off.

You do know crypto is an actual revolutionary tech right. Just because your shitcoins like bazinga and shit might not work anymore doesn't mean its over.

people have been using this meme chart for years.. and after every crash we got a new ath
>bear trap if any

Somebody just put a giant enough buy order down on Bitstamp to push it into 10k territory without any resistance. What the everliving shit

Yesterday we were in capitulation, now we're in the bear trap. Can all you fuds fags get on the same page at least?


sorry to get your hopes up though. the sellers are biting hard on it.

You said that last month asshole

*and before that sold at $2k in june and bought back in @ 13k, like all the gullible little retards like you

was meant for

% wise, learn to log scale.

The price already went all the way back down to October 2017 (pre-bubble) levels you idiot.

the FUD keeps getting dumber, that's a good sign

ripple increasing to $10 from $1 is not the same thing as bitcoin increasing to $7010 from $7001

it''s actually early capitulation, this 2k bounce is nothing special... talk about trend reversal if it breaks and closes above 10k at least

It is over shill. It just jumped before closing.


You're making 0 sense

WRONG next stop 20 trillion dollars!

except the prediction isn't a linear result set (such as "OP will die today") meaning that's false.

If I predict you will die every day, eventually i'll be right. if someone posts this image every day, they can still be wrong every day for the rest of time depending on what part of this meme they think we're apart of. and that's all this chart is -- a meme.

brainlets be gone.

>not using the cryptocurrency adjusted new issue of the bubble graph