Why aren't you scamming normies on social medias?

Why aren't you scamming normies on social medias?

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is this shit illegal?
it looks so easy to do

Because it's illegal and immoral

and how would you get caught?

I sent him 0.2 ETH. I feel so fucking stupid now.

twitter doesnt seem to care or to shut these accounts down.

are normies actually this retarded? 2.7 eth sent to this address. kek.

>he earned $2,076

holy shit kek

if its the same guy doing this over and over...hes probably made shit loads

Jack is too busy hunting racist nazi frog niggers from Russia

fucking kek

how long does it take to get 2 eth? I've sent the money and don't see anything back yet? Is this automated or elon will send each transfer manually? maybe that's why it's taking so long

reminder that the people who fall for things like these are among us

thanks just sent 100k


ICO telegram groups work well too, there are lots of people who have no idea what they are doing.

Jesus you guys are so dumb, he is literally sending himself the money so it looks legit you fucking brainlets. He isn't even sending back 2.0, because he doesn't have that much to make it an elaborate scam.

low quality bait try again

That and busy sucking Saudi cock.

I've thought about it but... I have a conscience? I dunno. It would be so fucking easy, and I could use the money.

Wasting money on fees just to make it more legit? unlikely. people are falling for the scam

getting caught is a part of the plan

fees are literally 0 right now


its morally wrong

Brb gunna go make some twitter accounts

He hasn't made anything on this. Just look at the accounts sending to him. They have like 12 million dollars in them lol

I'm doing this shit rn lmao

peoples are such retards omg.
oh look elon musk, IT MUST BE TRUE

get out, reddit faggot

this guy has made 1 ETH even since this post kek

>someone sent directly from yobit

majority of you all are stupid for not realizing what the scam really is..lmao..SMFH..

holy shit kekkers

I'm giving away 100 Ethereum to my bizbros! First 50 transactions with 0.2 ETH sent to the address below will receive 2.0 ETH in the address the 0.2 ETH came from. 0x7B0FCAb45A7345Ea333b7895b7D346dfA1c9E267 Don't miss out - first 50 only!

How do people this retarded even get into crypto?

This sounds like bait because you're a nigger that doesn't understand how this is a scam. Not telling

>of course this works!
500 people each send 0.2 ETH for a total of 100 ETH
50 people who followed instructions will actually get 2 ETH

Is it illegal?

Jita scammers getting creative these days

a day to remoomber

Heh all he has to do is get 500 people to send him 0.2 and he will already be making a profit.

Clever man!



I send 8 ETH so I receive like 10.

Pretty sure. It doesn't mean the cybercops are going to spend a lot of time finding you.

>He will only send 200x2ETH
>in a thread that explicitly points out obvious scam as obvious
>he still can't see the obvious scam
I should save some of these images to make myself feel better when I feel dumb about my own mistakes.

maybe it's against twitters tos, but i doubt anyone else really gives a shit.

muh legality...
fuck reddit

Impersonating a person on twitter won't give you much problems. Impersonating a person to trick others into giving you shit may. I specifically said cybercops won't care much. If you're smart you can hide yourself, they'll give up and look for something else to do. Clonefag shit is even better. But you don't sound smart.

holy shit if you follow the out transactions of this wallet its a fucking rabbit hole that never stops

of course they dont. it would be racist if they shut down the account of a disadvantaged pajeet in india running scams on their platform.

how do i know you're telling the truth?

lol, i'm seeing so many of these in the spacex chat right now. how stupid are people

the point of the post in the cap was that the scammer would actually pay a few people out thus legitimizing his scam, thereby getting more deposits. You fucking brainlet.

did you really?

Yes because Veeky Forums is full of brainlets

Many of the addresses has 0 left. Could it be the scammer himself pretending?

Atleast type out "you" properly

If you're White look on it as more proof that 3rd worlders are retarded NPCs

damn less than 2 cents. bretty gud.