Holy SHIT Varg just endorsed bitcoin

>I think it's a staged economic crisis
>maybe to break the back of Bitcoin
VARG OFFICIALLY OUR GUY. WHAT coins is he buying??


he's a neo nazi and a sexist. why would you post him on Veeky Forums?

Veeky Forums is dedicated to introducing bitcoin to disadvantaged black youths and women who cannot escape the glass ceiling

Varg and Weev have been in crypto for a while, hell even Dickie was but he sold in November or so.

Interesting, thanks
OP is not a faggot

>gets into crypto


GOAT tier music

>he's a neo nazi and a sexist.
you've literally never bothered to watch any of his videos huh? fuck off if can't even get your fact right, and better yet go kys

>he's a neo nazi and a sexist


Well, fuck.

My life's full circle now, talking as a coiner and a black metal enthusiast. What an hell of a timeline.

Ok you got me at neonazi en sexist, will check him out

Varg is an edgy useless turd

Da puuple in powah did all of dis

he buys probably bitbean

Dicky actually accurately predicted what would happen. He said all these normie fags that rushed in didn't give a shit about the technology, just wanted quick profit, and would sell en masse when shit started going south. Pretty much exactly what happened.

He's a convicted murderer but (you)'re bothered he says mean things?

Got his books for Christmas. Good read.

He killed another bigot neo nazi. I don't necessarily care about that, all white males deserve it

He killed Sami communist.

>Finnish nationalist

Sounds alright to me

>based trips
This timeline!

>Guys he is racist and says sexist things

Yeah leave out the bit how he murdered his friend when he was paranoid. Yeah saying mean things about brown people is far worse!


The guy he killed, Euronymous, helped drive another back metal musician, Dead, to suicide and the reason Varg killed him was because Euronymous was planning on abducting Varg and torturing him to death. The worst thing Varg did was burning down the Fantoft Stave Church.

Varg did nothing wrong.



fugin based

nobody's perfect

Vargcoin or BurzumCoin when?

Polcucks fuck back off to yoir containment board with this larping pagan faggot

>people are taking this bait

Nice man, varg is based

Everybody larps as something, faggot. Hardly anyone is authentic, whatever that even means today.

>i think this is a staged economic cisis
what a retard
its just a fucking market correction this shit happens and its totally normal

this user speaks the truth

so much faith in (((them))) ^_-

hopefully his endorsement is better than his fucking music.

you wont come far in life if you blame everything on the jews
just learn how to deal with these kind of situations and find a strategy

You're really dense if you think that post was serious.

>implying anyone on Veeky Forums is centered and well-adjusted enough to not blame the slightest ill wind on the jews
don't try to make this place better, it's too late

Weev and Sam Hyde made me a fuckload of money over the past two years

I agree, these bigots are too quick to blame us when things go wrong

Really? In a bull market? Awesome

he has no idea about cryptos