GanjaCoin $MRJA

Now that alts are coming back.......
GanjaCoin $MRJA: Early weed coin opportunity
- Weed coin,

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Were going back to sub 5k faggot

sorry you didn't buy the dip

Yeah, im sure a coin that supports a business that is illegal federally will do great.

You fucking idiot

suit yourself

FACT: There are other countries on earth and weed isn't illegal in all of them

I hope you invest a lot.

So much that when you lose everything because of this shitcoin you seriously contemplate suicide

lol, unprecedented saltiness
Made my investment back a long time ago with a masternode and this thing is a cash machine now.

Look, im sorry dude. I didnt mean that shit. Bad day.

I apologize

It's ok... it's been a rough week for everyone.

Im serious.

I apologize. It was a seriously douche thing to say.

I feel like an asshole about it.

If you want, post your ether wallet address and ill send you some XLM. No shit

haha, wow... I have never seen user apologize for telling someone to commit suicide. EVER. Props to you man. Keep your XLM.

Good luck out there

You to bro.

Ill smoke a bowl to us

welcome to the twilight zone

is this Veeky Forums??? Veeky

Nice im going to check this coin out!! how many days/months do you think till you got your money back?

it's going for 0.000023 right now on cryptobride which is about halfprice from last week.... which was still massively undervalued given it's commodity-backed by seeds.
Masternode has huge returns on average but varies a lot day to day. In jan, I averaged over 1k coins per day... so you do the math...
Sold some to get my buy-in back, and hoarding the rest as there is a HUGE upside to this project. 1:1 by $10 seeds.... No brainer.

Thanks for the heads up OP.

Gonna toss a couple hundred at it and hodl.

Fuck you for posting this. This has been my gem for months but i cant get a MN cause my money is locked in coinsmarkets

Any ICOs or other cheap coins you watching OP?

Great thank you for the info.

I see Coinmarketcap says inactive is there a reason for this?

haha lets grab MN while its cheap ! only UP FROM HERE

Checking out the website.

Are you a VIP member?

Sorry, forgot to mention, 30k coins for MN

It's "inactive" on CMC because coinsmarkets was down for too long. MRJA only had coinsmarkets as its CMC-recognised exchange.... they are taking their sweet-ass time updating the listing to show CryptoBridge as the exchange... just means you have more time to get it cheap.

I'm not a VIP member, no. I don't have use for seeds, but it's a cool service (can trade coins for seeds 1:1)

Sorry user, you've had a lot of time to accumulate... it's been on masternodexchange this whole time and now cryptobridge

oh alright so just slow support on coinmarketcap side i see THANKS best time for me to buy haha

From ANN thread: "Mining closed".

lol yah pretty much

PoS since Nov. How can you complain with the ROI as high as it is? haha

>PoS since Nov. How can you complain with the ROI as high as it is? haha
Because I hate buying coins as opposed to mining them and 25% per year is a nice POS rate, but it isn't all that great of a return in the crypto world, but that's me. Do as you like.

hes forgetting the 300-1000% ROI for masternodes :-)

25% is staking rate, 300-1000% is MN rate. That's like 0.8BTC right now.... How is that not a great return....
Plus you can get it right now instead of waiting for mining rewards.
Do as YOU like

Can i purchase MN on a mobile tablet?

I dont have internet and only have a phone and tablet for internet access.

I want to invest in GC, but im not sure if it will work on my tablet

you need to buy the coins on an exchange... with an internet connection.

>PoW closed

Just buy it on those two exchanges and then i can be a masternode?

How many do i have to buy to be a masternode?

30k coins to be able to run a masternode. You need to set up the MN on a server that runs 24/7 after that. There is a guide in their discord group, or ANN thread.
It takes some pretty basic level IT knowledge to be able to set up a masternode.

your loss ;P

HEXX, cheapest masternodes available

Cheapest =/= best