Even when you cash out you can't use the money... I thought it was just memes guys...

Even when you cash out you can't use the money... I thought it was just memes guys... This is an email my loan officer sent me. What do I do?

buy beanie babies with that cash and then sell those under a mailbox company for proper documentation

Why the fuck are other people handling your crypto? Are you seriously paying someone to manage your crypto assets???

Can you not read? I cashed out money for a down payment on a house. They basically said my money is real, but they won't touch it.

Tell them to fuck off and go into a new bank

Go to a different bank?

This would be the case even if the money wasnt crypto. If you suddenly got a large sum in your bank account, they wont count it. It has to be trickled in and it has to be left alone in your bank account for a couple months.

I gave a family member downpayment for their house and we had to do it a specific way to fool the underwriters.

just go through paypal then you stupid fuck

crypto is a meme OP

I'm confused. So after it sits there long enough you will be able to use it? Or will they just always consider the 'real' money in your account to be minus anything from coinbase?

Any large sum won't be counted until a few months have passed but coinbase isn't recognized at all so you can't use any money gained from it

they need to make sure you didnt rob someone

this. take your real money to a bank that wants money. fuck these cunts.

Because they won't want my PayPal statement.

Don't take out a mortgage, pay the house off in full. Problem solved.

Gg but you're obviously too retarded for home ownership

Its suspicious that a large amount came into your account right before you go to buy a house. Like it makes sense to us but to the gov or banks, it looks like money laundering.

Don't buy a house idiot.

The goal is to be independently financially independent.

Enjoy your IRS audit, property taxes, and mowing the lawn.

Unironically this
T. Parents recently bough a house and money had to sit for a while

This, if they won't take your money someone will, it's called competition

You transfer the funds from CB to your bank account retard... why does this thread even exist?


only buy houses in BTC

How much did you deposit? 100K +?

One big deposit or a bunch of small ones?

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I did?

>buying a house one credit in a housing bubble

> it looks like money laundering

the absolute state of the economy when a fucking goy wants to buy a property with real money, is met with "looks like money laundering"

the message is clear you plebs, stay the fuck poor, you are not allowed to collect deposit, go to jail.

Sooooo, threaten that you'll take your money elsewhere to the first person that accepts it.

By this logic, I don't have to pay taxes either. Great!!

lol of course they wont touch it right now. we haven't hit the bottom yet. there not going to tell you that buddy. why would they accept money that the will potentially lose 50% or more in a very short amount of time. they dont want to bag hold.
mfw you got chaded from the banks.
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>we had to do it a specific way to fool the underwriters
how did you fool them?

>how did you fool them?
He just describe it...small amts and let it sit.

if you're going to larp at least use the proper financial terms/concepts