Scoop up some easy money on your way back, biz...

Scoop up some easy money on your way back, biz. They had an ATH of more than 1$ and they released their fucking mainnet a few weeks ago. INT is literally a 3x just waiting to happen, especially in this recovery we got coming soon. This is a screen from their conference by the way, don't say I didn't warn you

They have amazing partnerships and people on board that have already worked on projects 10x the size of this one in the (((actual market))). Their team is lead by the CEO of Ruff, which is a huge Javascript IoT development company. They have worked with people like the Chinese military and HUAWEI and are insanely well respected in China.

It'll get listed on more exchanges as well in the following weeks, so get it while you can!

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Fucking hell. I missed the last ride, but I sure as fuck am not missing this one. Thanks for the second chance based user

thanks just bought 100k

got some yesterday on the juicy dip, comfy as fuck user

yes microsoft china on a piece of paper

I don’t know what coin you’re talking about.

lmao not even a logo ffs


read the rest of the thread or stay poor you mouth breathing retards

what fucking coin is it?

INT faggots


INT chain you illiterate faggot

INT anons. This is a silent moon. Holding since day 1 and its taken each hit like a champ and come back up. Strong buy!

How do I buy it

It's on Okex and Coinegg if you're a burger

wow Veeky Forums's not already in INT? fucking retard investors on here I swear to christ. grab it, stop wasting your neet life away, microsoft is going to use INT to decentralize their outlook service to match gmail in security. already talked about on baidu and in asian whales

Get it on OKEx

when are they gonna update their token supply to 350M?

BTFO fud

Where can i buy microsoft china stocks

Smart money anons. China is the biggest player in the IoT sector, they're producing IoT devices like hot buns. INT will be big. IOTA of china anons, but like when IOTA was under .5c

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Since you guys are apparently not that strong in reading here is the coin again

It's on OKEX and COINEGG

go back into your Tron thread