PSA: Never tell your GF or family about your crypto gains

PSA: Never tell your GF or family about your crypto gains.

Did he dump his bags on brad?

holy fuck i would literally kill that faggot

adivce for larpers:

if you make up names don't use brad or tyrone

If this is real, which I'm assuming it's larp, she already cheated on you.



Holy cuck larping frijoles

Holy shit get fucking cucked.
This is what you get for telling another breathing human about your magic internet meme money.

Leave her faggot

Your girl doesn't feel safe because you aren't selling your crypto?

OP you are a fucking retard for having such a dumbfuck GF


Holy fuck OP you're letting this faggot cuck you.
You at least have the awareness to realize it was wrong to tell anyone about your crypto gains.
Crypto is no different than having a high paying job. You don't fucking tell anyone how much you make, how much you have in the bank, etc. You just DON'T FUCKING DO IT. It's not anyones business but your own.

>GF gets her white knight orbiter to fight her battles for her.

Run buddy. Run and never look back.

could've atleast named him chad

I am 100 percent sure this is a LARP. There's no way a woman would try to do dumb shit like this right after finding out you have just struck rich. They are parasites.

Smack that fucking white knight orbiter you pussy

And yeah you should probably leave that bitch. Your money is none of your GFs business unless you are married and share financial responsibility.

women weaken hands

Everyone knows this it's not a PSA

I get that this is fake, but still... kys.

God i actually want somebody to do this to me. Doesn't happen very often that someone actually gives you a literal reason to be an unapologetic dick. Dump the bitch and let this guy know exactly how big of a faggot he is


I would gain access to his pc and plant fake classified documents about Russia hack/DNC. Then call CENTCOM or the CIA and tell them that he was involved with the DNC hack. They would track him down, deport him and torture him in a CIA blacksite in Gdansk, Marrakesh, Amman or Kabul.

>Falling for a painfully obvious LARP

This place really is beyond saving.

What kind of mega bitch asks another dude to "mediate" a fight? Dump that dumpster skank she's 100% fucking that dude.

Okay I laughed.


Beat his ass and then tell your gf that if she ever runs to another white knight again you will kick her out of the house and there will be no more crypto gibbz for her.

kek this is fake as FUCK. fuck you OP. You almost got me upset.

i love these larps

can the next one be one about OPs wifes son and how he needs to gain his respect with internet money?

where do i officially send in this request?

Should be ready in about two hours.

This dude is obviously railing your girlfriend go over there and beat the living fuck out of him take the laptop and slap the bitch in her mouth simple



you know Brad fucks your girl regularly right? OP cmon why are you wasting time with inbred tier people in your life. But if I were you,
>set it up so that I catch them in the act
>forgive gf on condition that I get to fuck her hot friend and she has to set it up
> break up with gf in front of her friend and leave

Fucking Brad


go there, take your laptop and dump that bitch. beat this guy to the hospital if he gets in your way



This same exact thread was posted. Brad was “Todd”


are you sure he is not fucking your gf?
also, kick his ass, even if he is just an orbiter

new banner


this is legit the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Nice larp
But why is brad talking to you on behalf of "your girl"?


what in the fuck is joint $$

I love all the new fags who constantly fall for these bait threads. Thanks for the entertainment OP

I dont know why but these threads entertain me so much

You like wrestling too.


fucking choked on my tea


Rolling for this.

fuck I am still laughing oh my god

I did, regretted it and just told them my shit tanked and I pulled out but managed to get my initial investment back and they stopped bringing it up.

This. Dump the cunt she sounds like a manipulative bitch with betas to do her bidding

if that is true that is actually sad as fuck, you need to get out more.



How can we add this?

nice larp, no one in actual relationship actually calls each other by their full name

> no way Katherine
> yes Dave

what a complete idiot

Oh shit

Not telling you to kill him. But I would have killed him.

pretty much this. My wife and I in the end were calling each other snookums and doodle and honey and shit, even as we fought each other while the entire relationship crashed and burned into oblivion.


OP I expect you to continue this larp when crypto moons once again

I want to see the gf squirm

trash larp

the one good larp

fakest shit ive ever read

Dave is a coworker of Katherine. I made the effort of writing the shit so put on your fucking reading cap and recognize context clues


Your girlfriend would have found some other way to shit test you, don't blame the crypto or telling her about it.



Your girlfriend is fucking Brad, OP. I'm not even kidding you need to dump her immediately.

why do people make things up on the internet? post this on reddit, at least you'll get points for it there

THIS. That woman deserves to be taken on an beautiful date with that coin money! Pester that faggot until he sells everything!

NO shit.

If you don't call the police you basically admit you had nothing to lose in the first place. You HAVE to call the police.

This is obviously fake, but are there any people more scummy than the men that do this in real life?

She's fucking Brad


I am ripped as fuck too so I would kill him with one punch

Slinging your joint money? Wtf? Do you make money selling joints?


This is more meaningful art to me than anything I've seen in museums. I'm a boomer's worst nightmare.


I'd beat the shit out of him if he touched any of my things, yeah

joint account you literal 12-year-old


Its steal reel Tammy?

>joint $$
Fucking normies.

>one post by this ID
If you reply to this thread your mother will die in her sleep tonight

you sound like a retard my dude. larping is fat greasy neckbeards giving each other concussions with foam swords.

Oh, having a joint account with a girlfriend is about the dumbest idea possible, so I automatically didn't even consider that's what it meant. Op isn't posting so assume this is larp anyways.

I don't get what's going on here. Someone explain?

Brad is trying to cuck you out of your money and your woman OP fuck his shit up.

OP is getting cucked. His GF and him pool'd their money and now she has cold feet and asked Tyrone to step in for her

Tell mr. White knight to fucking kill himself. What you do with your money is your business. End of discussion.

You have an account just for joints? How much do you smoke?