Why does crypto follow the stock market swings? Everyone's saying that correction has bottomed out now

Why does crypto follow the stock market swings? Everyone's saying that correction has bottomed out now.

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Stop talking about the picture and tell me why there's such a strong correlation between the stock market and crypto.

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>stock traders personally known the stock market is a centrally planned shit show and have been in crypto for years with their own money
>all the ones that knew what they were doing either got so rich they quit or their personal panic reverberated into the real markets

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>Why does crypto follow the stock market swings?
the crypto market is a low information proto-market and the asset has very little underlying value. it is almost completely speculative.
the exchanges have no institutional aspects. they are a joke and several exchanges have collapsed/folded/exit scammed in crypto's short history. i continue to be shocked that the exchanges aren't ring-fenced yet.
blockchain technology was supposed to take the world by storm but the first proof of concept, The DAO, was a disaster.
so we continue to be in the "find a greater fool" portion of the speculative bubble. the congressional hearing today bought you all some more time but, as the Oracle of Omaha said, "This will not end well."
good luck with your baseball cards/beanie babies/tulip bulbs and try not to destroy your families.

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Nice try. Only SN thought about this scenario too. As we all know he has the biggest stash of Bitcoin. He's waiting for the right moment to release them to the market and crash the whole monetary system as we know it. Traders will lose all their money because Bitcoin will be affordable to everyone there will be wars was f banks and governments because of it. Expect mass suicides lootings protests and rapes. The old outdated system of fiat money will collapse and the new blockconomy will arise.

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