Shit this board is stupid

did people ever see the original telegram post about trust nodes...?

This Ruski said they THINK it'll be 10K PFR for a node

They haven't decided yet

They're scamming you senpai. But hey, who cares? Lambo, right?

sorry you didn't get any at .0001 eth

Dumped my ICO bags at .00023, not even mad

Enjoy funding their vodka dependence

they won't say how the trustnode will work exactly either
they will also doing a "crowsale" in form of pfr "iou's", which u will get in a year (lol)
guess they ran out of vodka
ur totally fucked

but despite the reason ur all so deluded u will make 1k per month by 1k upfront investment overall

lmao must the superior leninism who makes this possible

oh look user, i have some magic beans here, wanna buy?

lol u fucktards

No one thinks they'll be making 1k a month off of one node?

People are excited they're releasing a full product by March. Being able to buy/sell goods/services/crypto seamlessly on one platform will push this over 1$ easy.

Only if mass adoption of Payfair occurs will 1 trust node pay out a significant amount, go to reddit and look at the thread regarding node payouts.

what a joke

this number comes from one of the reddit shillthreads

exactly, what a joke

>full product by march
>"team is currently not ready for interviews"
too drunk or what?

what a joke, exactly

if even the consensus was to exchange drugmoney in an user way, this i would understand
but come on
>Being able to buy/sell goods/services/crypto seamlessly on one platform
on a plattform every 12y old pajeet could code in half a month
"offering a blowjob for 0,2 dogecoin"


Literally making FUD threads now instead of just posts

Sorry ya didn't get in cheap pajeet, that 50 bucks your uncle gave you won't get u a node anymore

If you sold, or are not invested, why are you so concerned with what others are doing regarding this project?

Why not start a crusade on the rest of the 1.4K different coins that might as well be "scams"?

you keep copypasting this low tier FUD in all PayFair threads, you either

1) bought at ATH, sold at a loss and now are buttblasted the Veeky Forums way
2) are a waste of oxygen and you have nothing better to do than spread low tier fud of coins you dont understand

or both, have you considered killing yourself?

I got myself a 10,000 node at the 6c dip yesterday. Maybe one day you'll smarten up and actually buy low and sell high.

Or you could just kys.

mainly because one of u telegram fuckers
starts 4+ shillthreads here every day, its just annoying

at least the drunk russki told him to not announce them in the telegram like he did before, so that it would'nt be so obvious

Maybe then you should dictate what is posted here? Get the fuck out mate.

This is a free board, you are free to skip posts that hurt your fee fee's

surely not, today was the first day i actually answered in one if ur shillthreads, bc it gets really annoying

exactly, this is a free board and so everybody can articulate their concerns instead of scamming newbies the easy way

shame on you rajeej

too bad you can't articulate for shit when all you have is incoherent autistic rambling instead of legitimate fud.

i repeat
>product by march
"team is not ready for any interviews"
"we don't say how they will work
>crowdsale with iou's with payback in one year
come on

but dream on
watching anime the whole day while ur magic pfr trustnode works for you
master of retards

See? This is how I can tell you're a severely autistic neet, incoherent rambling and clueless about how business is conducted in the real world.

If this is such a scamcoin. Then why are these guys putting their respectable carreers on the line for a 500k ICO? They have a demo that is constantly being updated.

If this is such a blatant scam why are these developers having their identities revealed? If you truly think this team will put years of hard work learning an actual profession for some 50k exit scam it's very clear you have never worked hard at anything in your life.

Just kys you miserable brainlet, It'll make Veeky Forums a little less shitty.

i never said this would be an exit scam
only that the product will not be so great as u idiots expect
>business in the real world
you mean in your local manga store?

go watch some "healing" anime if i upset you so much

Payfair is how we cash out without the Jews taxing us. Whether you have pfr or not, you should be rooting for this project

You insult like a 12 year old, I don't even like anime it's for degenerates like you.

You literally wrote this:
>They're scamming you senpai. But hey, who cares? Lambo, right?

Stay salty

>think his FUD got a iota of impact on anyone.


Why do you have such a poor mastery of English? Spend more time learning the language instead of FUDding PFR threads.

desperate attempt to lower price to buy back in. You missed out user, and you know you fucked up