User we survived the crash, we are going to make it... together. I love you user

user we survived the crash, we are going to make it... together. I love you user...

Ahhhh a nice wholesome thread. Not another thread by some user with a cucking fantasy.

delete this

>we survived the crash

What did she mean by this?

go make me a sandwich whore

Let me shill you this coin boi
it's at 2 cents.GET IT NOW

lol you haven't told her op? we havnt hit the bottom, not even close. i suggest dump your bags on her and leave to bag hold. rejoin her at 3k

*wakes up*

>user, i fucked Chad because he was smart and sold at 16k. i'm leaving, bye.

implying I would ever lay with a woman who has such a soft, rounded jawline showing a standard deviation lower of IQ

lol someone sounds desperate to get out. the bags getting to heavy. i bet you bought at 6, if you wait little longer you can sell for half a cent.

What a beautiful whore.

I would cum in her against her will

stop, I was feeling good about the dip being over
>tfw no gf

You watch too many movies kek.

you will never know what this feels like

What a worthless sub human cunt.

Tell me thats your bitch?

And then you woke up to pic related. Remember like most of us, you are going to be alone in this dead society. Surviving, prepping and living in an apocalyptic world. Are you ready?

dont know if we are out of the woods yet.

she's fucking brad on the side


Sorry user looking at her face and tits she will blow out in the diff, make sure she has a passion for the Veeky Forums life now or your gonna have a whale on your hands soon

*wakes up*

>A woman being supportive
dis a dream, I know