'Wolf of crypto street'

The absolute state of Veeky Forums.

>$1 million
>18 years old
Is there any prop bets up, guessing how long it will take for him to piss it away, or lose the rest reinvesting? My guess is 1-2 years.

given by the car in the back and his clothing style
i say 3 weeks

Jealous much cuk fuk


Millionaire, but his jeans are ripped?

What a fucking douche.



Looks like a nice soft little bitch to rob

when will cucks like this retard learn that bragging is the best way to get made into an example?

he literally look exactly like people who I imagined would buy this car

well his mommy and daddy bought his cars and gave him his initial investment. Not to mention that he literally invested 12k in 2015 and barley has above 1mil LMAO thats a complete and utter failure. If he just held eth hed have 15mil+ rofl not to mention if he knew how to actually trade it could be 30 mil

He needs the car cause he's on his way to fuck your bitch

Will be working at Cold Stone in 2 years, bankrupted and demoralized.

this fucking guy kek

I've seen similar articles.

>"Meet the GENIUS teenage bitcoin millionaire!"
>Turns out he's some rich kid who bought a retarded amount of bitcoin with parents' money back in the day and only spent half on drugs

money cant make you un-gay

>crypto currency consultant

The fuck is he going to say? Yeah I just yolo'd in with everything I had.

will they ever fucking learn, lads?

Of course he is a fucking JEW.

"For Eddy Zillan’s bar mitzvah in 2012, his parents gave him $5,000 to start an investment fund. They expected him to start dabbling in stocks. Instead, he began buying cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum."

>still lives in OH
Not even jelly

>BMW i8
There's reason why you barely see any on the roads

that's why i don't like crypto
just want to make it tho

>in ohio

yep this kid is mentally challenged, proving literally anyone can make it

big if true

Honestly everyone here is hating but this faggot is about to get paid by retarded normies because they think he'll help them become rich too. All thanks to retarded fucking articles like the one OP linked.

>three years

only a million dollars.Jezus what a loser

>has 150k to spend on a car
>could have a 911, a Viper ACR, an AMG GT, or a F-Type SVR
>buys a fucking i8
Fucking tasteless faggots I swear to god

I think you mean, hes on his way to being fucked like a bitch.

Cuz thats whats gonna happen when is info gets out.

Fucking shitskin

i was in college in 2011 and only had $100 to invest but i chickened out.
with 5k and no money worries.. too easy

What the fuck? I made more than just a million, lol

LOL if you read different sourced articles about this kid he actually only made $500k profit (on FUCKING PAPER. NOT EVEN REAL CASH)

What a fucking faggot

holy shit is this true?
what the fuck was that faggot buying?

Money goes a long way in Cleveland, Ohio. You could legit live off of $1 million there for years.

Good for him.

A whole miwwion?

And driving that car? He’ll be on the streets in 2 weeks.

Buying cars is for slaves.

He's going to Jew them so hard kek

>makes $1m
>blows over 10% on a flashy shitmobile

He will not make it. Don't be jealous of this guy. The pain he will feel when it's all gone will become his reality.

cheesy space cars like that look like ass and are boring as fuck. imagine having enough money to buy basically anything you want to drive but settling for generic space car model #3081745. a car like that = “I have a lot of money and very little personality”

Not impressed, those gains are shit

invest in the amish and you're set for life

Viper ACR is a fucking sight in person. It's impossible not to look at it

what a gaudy piece of shit with candyland paint scheme

>bragging about over $1m
I know plenty of guys with $10m in crypto that started later than him


literally the ugliest car he could buy.

He should've gotten an AMG GT, Hurakan, or Audi R8

This, he actually did some shitty trades for sure kek.

so? seeing how pathetic crypto currencies are and he was 15 at the time ... it seems about right, you have to be stupid to ride this horse down

that said ... times have changed - and not everyone is a jew who gets a investment fund @ 15 ... i found out how to fap @ age 14 lol

People with fuck you money, and people with new money buy cars, but yes he is the latter

The i8 is the shittiest car you could ever have.
Looks like a sportscar, but the fucking engine is piss weak. 250hp are you kidding me ?

Isn't it a 3cyl pos kek . literally shit

Why would you buy that expensive a car with such a small capital

oh god not this again
this makes the whole blockchain would look childish.
pls no, pllsss

Nah it's a legit race car, it's a monster on tracks

>fake piped sound
>rough on shitty roads, so on all roads
>noisy ride
retarded fucking buy. The only thing it has going for it is the trendy "its the future" design that appeals to white and black niggers.

This. All Lambo jokes aside, your car should only be 3% of your net worth.

grow up

Because like every crypto 'millionaire', just like lottery winners are more often than not, dumb fucks

how to moon: a teenage story

Like 1 mill isn’t enough to go wasting on a stupid ass car

I give it a year

>bmw i8

What a retard. You could get a used nissan GTR for 60k that will absolutely shit on that shitty overpriced beamer.

his website is ASS

gonna contact him, build him a new site, and encrypt a monero miner

wish me luck anons

If he made all that money, he could afford a pair of pants that doesn't has hole in them.

wow a whole million

holy shit the Rothschilds are shaking in their boots

>paper gain

just hack his computer and steal all his coins and give them to the developer of bitbean for great justice

Because he's a retarded youngling that thinks this is his play money and if he ever depletes his funds he'll awlays have mommy and daddy to lean on

Good for him, I wish I had the foresight to invest in crypto when I was younger. Also, the fancy car can be considered a good investment if it gets him more clients, like how Tai Lopez uses the lambo to prove he made it to make even more money.

>“I have made close to a million from trades but the market is very volatile and some days I may make $150,000, but other days I may lose $100,000, so it’s very hard to give an exact dollar value on my portfolio,” he explains.

Can't wait for this moron to lose all his money.

ITT: Veeky Forums hates on someone for making it
altho i agree his taste in clothing and cars are fucking trash

guess who lost everything on February

>I made it
>Better start spending massive amounts of money on car insurance
He's a dumb nigger

is there anything worse than seeing all those twitter faggots with gekko and belfort avatars?

OMG FUCKING THIS. Pisses me off to no end

>makes it
>literally spends 14% of net worth on a car

>grow up

Oh sorry I'm Veeky Forums and value performance.
I own a low 11-sec vehicule and drive it like I stole it.

You sound like the kind of faggot that would buy a brand-new entry level CLA just so you can say you drive a Mercedes.
Bitch ass nigga

>supposed expert on investments
>bought a shitcar that lost 50k the moment he drove off the lot
You can get used i8's for less than GT-R's now actually, that's how bad the depreciation is on these pieces of crap

you sound like the kind of insecure faggot in OP picture who needs a flashy trash car to pretend like you've accomplished something in life outside the accumulation of decimals.

true /used car/ master race I spend 1000-5000$ on a car that runs for an easy 5 years and I have a 69 stingray I drive for fun

grow up


>started with 5k years ago
>only came out of it with a million
he fucked up

there's people who started last year with less money who made that much

> Bitch ass nigga

Shut up, nigger.

>be Jewish
>daddy gives you money
>buy Internet money for the lols
>forget about it
>hear Internet money mentioned in the news
>Internet money made you a million

You know this is what happened?

why would I do that when I could make money off him without him even knowing lol


I'd rather never have to worry about money again and focus spending what I have on good housing
(nice location, privacy, new construction so no mold or any bullshit), good food,
nice versions of my things (quality over quantity -- buy it once, buy it for life), and most importantly, piece of mind of never having to worry about how much
a trip would cost to go on, concert tickets, whatever.

That's all that fucking matters.
Feeling healthy. Having money to do whatever you want without worrying.

Everyone blowing money on bullshit cars, trying to fuck expensive whore golddiggers.. fuck man, you're doing it wrong.
That's what they used to call being 'nigger rich'. And they never stay rich for long.


wow you're so cool and above it all, I wish I could be like you one day and have a $7 shitbox

Literally flaunting their jewish privilege

You're a retard. You could have gotten a job, or not wasted 100k on college or told your parents to invest. The reason your parents are poor is because of their low IQ shit genetics that they passed down to you, and now you are such a spiteful wretch that you're coping and literally jealous of a 5'5 Jew teenager. Think about what a loser you are.

Yeah, even if you just tossed down $1000 on antshares which was hugely shilled on this board and HODLed for less than a year you'd be were this kid is now. A little bit of trading and you'd have done far better

>69 Stingray

Ok, so you obviously don't care about performance. Some of us do. Bitch ass nigga

>cryptocurrency consultant

>or Eddy Zillan’s bar mitzvah in 2012, his parents gave him $5,000 to start an investment fund
ok so some kids parents gave him a bunch of money to invest and he bought crypto. not even hating on the kid but that hardly makes him a genius

if he would have bought bitcoin cash he would be a billionaire in 2 years

Who do they even consult?? What do they do?

you sound like an ape howling about muh performance spending all your tendiebux chasing ricer trends of the month

Actually I would buy that Merc. What's wrong with it?

Anyone wanna bet this is just another shameless Jewish promotion? He's not a special case and lucked into the money because his parents gave him a good amount to start out with.

>make a mille
>still can't afford new jeans

assuming its a cla 250, it looks nice but it's ridiculously underpowered. You can lease it for 250 a month.

Good for him for making money but he's a piece of shit for thinking that buying internet meme money in 2015 that by the grace of God exploded 3 years later makes him some sort of financial wizard where he can start his own consulting business is cringy as fuck

I was a fucking douchebag when I was 18 too so whatever, pretty much every 18 year old is a fucking douchebag

eurofucks btfo

>>literally spends 14% of net worth on a car
Cars are absolutely everywhere and I'll bet that a lot of owners have closer to 50% deposited in their car. Lots of wagies with cars living from paycheck to paycheck. It could be much worse considering his age.

Consultant? What the fuck is he going to tell people?

>Buys a few cryptocoins for the hell of it at 15
>Gets lucky on a few cryptocoins shooting the moon
>Thinks he can market himself as a consultant now


>all white shoes
The number one red flag that you have no taste. Congratulations on the million. Doesn't matter. All whites are for fuckboys. If I catch my friends wearing all whites I intentionally spill oily soup on them so they're ruined permanently.