Hey Veeky Forums i bought around 5k REQ at the dip of .00032997 and then sold 100% at .00036806, on binance...

Hey Veeky Forums i bought around 5k REQ at the dip of .00032997 and then sold 100% at .00036806, on binance, did I fuck up or just wait for it to dip again? Im trying to increase my stack

That sounds right to do..I think?

You didn't fuck up, market's in a bulltrap at the moment. Wait for it to dip some more.

"you think"?

What makes it a bull trap right now?

You think its a trap? so obviously the alts will dip first, then everything else crashes down, then as soon as ETH starts climbing up buy back in to REQ?

This isn't the way to do things?

>selling req when it will unironically hit $10 next month
You didn't fuck up user but you're playing with fire

We've been in a bear market for a while. Take a look at the daily chart and you'll see it goes up every now and again but it's on a steady decline. Everytime it goes up it's a bulltrap, which we are in at the moment.

Thats what im fucking scared of, admittedly i hopped on this train early to mid november, I dont know how to diversify or day trade, im willing to take the beatings and listen with my mouth shut unless i have a question, but everyone here is out to fuck you lol im afraid REQ will take off and a couple thousand I feel isnt big enough to diversify

What do you estimate the floor to be? And I feel the positive outlook from the SEC will be shooing the bear soon enough

Keep doing you user, gotta take risks to build the stacks

I would set a limit order so that you get your REQ back. I myself bought the dip yesterday and am just gonna hodl this baby.

Request is great. Why?
+ Solid fucking team backed by Y Combinator, harder to get into than Harvard.
+ At least 14 projects being worked on, there'll be a metric fuckton of development.
+ Coins will be burnt, value goes up. People will FOMO into REQ when they see the supply going down.
+ Real world usage. There'll be people in your office who haven't touched bitcoin/ethereum who will be using Request.
+ People who want crypto to succeed will invest in REQ. It's one of the few coins that benefits the whole crypto ecosystem.
+ More Y Combinator partnerships are possible, they love networking.
+ Request has a ton of followers on reddit. Constantly mentioned on the daily altcoin posts.
+ Plenty of use cases. Possible for ICOs to cam girls to use Request in the future.
+ Ton of people hate paypal and will switch to a better alternative.
+ Online stores stopped bitcoin support? Request will be ready when they want to get back into crypto.

Worst part is I have this friend who is a part time mechanic and he calls all this a scam and he shits on anything that has technology literally wiped his nose and laughed calling it a scam while hocking up his throat, literally cliche. Im taking the risk here, im going to youtube how to properly do a good limit order, or are you just saying set it now and leave it

I myself am locked in to buy at 0.00018. I looked at the price before the ATH in the beginning of january and figured that was a good price to lock in. You could go a bit higher or lower depending on how you feel but I think it's pretty certain we could see around 0.0002 or lower.

Quite a bold statement without anything but checking it's history

Im going to have to do some research but im starting to feel at this point its gambling because until its a clear bear or clear bull market these waves are like choppy water

As I said, check the daily charts and you'll see for yourself.

I don't own REQ but I've thought about it tell me more? Why does every other coin benefit from REQ

Just buy a bag of REQ now, don’t overthink it. You’ll just end up fucking it up.

As in click "one day" view on binance? If youre right im sending you a tip

You mean buy your bag, fuck off and enjoy those 5% gains while I make >50% gains.

Well you made a profit. That's better than most here.

How did you become good at this then senpai?

Completely ignore normie no coiners.

I'm not exactly a pro trader. I don't daytrade myself, I guess if you don't want to be too risky, just make a limit order for any price under the price you sold for, and you've increased your stack.

Yes, as in 1 day view. You'll see it's been on the decline for a couple of weeks now and the green candles on the decline line represent bulltraps. No need to send me tips though.

Buy low sell high, no it's not a meme it really works.

the universe awards you karma points sir

I actually think I see what's he's saying. Do you believe in meme lines?

problem is if it never dips again lol

Are the dubs saying buy or wait, dubs u buy

yours dubs dont count mine do. Im going to wait a little and buy back in soon, while user may be right about dipping i like risk but not that much, REQ literally is playing with fire

Request will allow people to use crypto in a normie way.

Use case 1: spending crypto

Pajeet creates a Request to sell their xbone for $200.
Chad clicks on the Request button, gets a choice of how they want to pay:
ETH, erc20 coins and eventually bitcoin or fiat.
Chad decides they want to pay with ETH.
The ETH is instantly exchanged on Kyber Network (who Request have partnered with).
Pajeet gets $200. Chad is minus that in ETH. All done in a fast, user friendly way.

That’s just one of a huge number of use cases.

Shopify and woocomerce plug-ins are coming.

Request buttons will start appearing everywhere.

Not just for e-commerce, will be used for remittance, ICOs, donations, accounting, invoicing.

Makes crypto easier to use and more business friendly.

That’s how you get mass adoption of crypto.

>Selling alts now

zoom out idiot.

This is going to be huge holy shit
so this comic pretty much says altcoins are about to have a massive run?

Beats me, it's multi meaning. Either wall street gets fucked from their dependencies and release the bull, or a wall street split from crypto bull releases it, or maybe once the bull market in stocks is over, the bull is free. Take your pick

On the other hand we could also flip it, and say BTC is about to kill the alts, as the comic imply, but at the same moment, stocks is about to release the bull (or lose it as well)
Guess it's 2deep4us

It's even harder to get into the club of people that have had sex with me and that doesn't make it impressive

what lol