Oh... are we back to Obama's economy now?

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Yesterdays headlines were "Will Trump take the blame for the stock market crash?"

Why aren't today's headlines "Thank You President Trump for the stock market recovery?"

See, I always wonder how normies can look at stuff like this, and go, "Oh, there's clearly no media bias! There's no propaganda!" Cognitive dissonance, is that the term I'm looking for?

obamas economy is so strong not even drumpf could crash it

thanks obama

Had an argument with a lefty the other day. He called me a sexist for saying that women are weaker than men.

I literally had to dig up peer reviewed studies to prove my point and he wouldn't even read them. How deep are their heads buried?

>Why aren't today's headlines "Thank You President Trump for the stock market recovery?"
idk maybe because you can ruin anything in one year of presidency, but can't fix it in one day?

What policy has he implemented that was anti-business?

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That’s why the fed didn’t raise rates but once in a decade. Because Obama’s economy was so strong kek

das rite w*ITE boi
everything wrong is d*UMPFH's fault
everything good is OBAMA'S doing

This was basically his argument. #NOTALL
"I know a few women who are stronger than some men."

Stop asking questions goyim. Just remember to vote for your friendly neighborhood democrats or you are a racist.
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Iv'e heard to arguments

Trump did it.

The rich are selling because the poor are earning higher wages.

Which one is right?

Pointing out the fact that if the president is going to take credit for the stock market when it is high that he should also take credit for when its low is a biased? Do you have an extra chromosome or something?

The same reason you don't see a headline every time a row of houses doesn't burn down

Meant to put two. I'm retarded.


>Wages are higher so stockbrokers sell.
>This is Trump's fault
>$15 minimum wage will cure this.

Did Obama ever claim that his policies improved the economy?
Did Obama take credit for that crash in 2011?

You liberals are dumbshit group thinking morons.

Yep. I never understand the left. Socially a little, but economically, that's another story.


Don't worry, Don Jr. just needs to call the Russian Banks for a new loan.

The question is how long he will be able to maintain this. It's been only a procrastination of the global financial problems for decades after WWII.
Crashes have always happened and they will keep on happening

You mean the tariff on solar panels? Because that's basically the only one implemented so far.

If speculators were so worried about tariffs, why did stocks rally after his election?

>I know a few men who are stronger than all women

Are you actually retarded? You don't think obama was ever critisized over his policies? I swear the right has the biggest snow flakes of them all.

Did multiple newspapers ask Obama to take credit for the 2011 crash. Yes or no?

You'd have to not have a shred of intellectual honesty to not admit how different the mainstream media's coverage of Obama was vs. its coverage of Trump today.

Even Harvard (pic. related) agrees.

Trump has talked about the market suceeding because of him non-stop, Obama purposefully didn't say it every 2 minutes because he had a tactful bone in his body unlike muh god emperor

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Obama constantly talked about his recovery too and how effective his policies were.

Show me the front page story where the NYtimes asked if Obama would take the blame for the crash in 2011 or admit there is a bias.


>Trump crashed the economy
Umm no sweetie, Trum TRIED to crash the economy, but Obama's economy is so strong, he couldn't crash it.

You're retarded when the chink company literally said ok well move to the us then .

Because trump claimed the stock markets performing well was his doing, retard

Post a link where Obama directly and personally takes credit of the market performance

>What policy has he implemented that was anti-business?
i have no idea since i don't follow burger politics
i was just answering question at hand
you cant recover things like that in one day, so you can't be thanked for that

>Return to "Normal" only half as high as peak
>Dow only gains half the points back that it lost yesterday

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Lul thanks himself

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not the same you fucking moron; he is taking credit of spill over effect. This is OBAMA economy!!

Drumpff almost tanked the market but we are thankfully back to Obama's economy

>implying elected officials have any impact on the stock market
Yeah, no

For those of you old enough to remember the last crash, here's some deja vu: Yesterday in response to being told the VIX was WAY up (115%), Jim Cramer literally said "That's phony"

Some of you are alright, sell. You don't want to get 2009'ed.

He literally antagonizes the media what would you expect? Also somebody who is worse at the job deserves more critque wouldnt you say?

This is Rothschild's economy.

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fuck off, normie. r*ddit is just a few keystrokes away.

>implying elected officials have any impact on the stock market
>Yeah, no

Nigger, Clinton's housing/mortgage policy was the primary cause of the 2008 crash. Is the president not an elected official now?

He got 0,75 Trumps oranger and half a wojak more pink.

>Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws
Take that dumb shit to Facecrook or Plebbit.

I'm European so my knowledge here is limited but it seems to me people simply hate Trump. He was a laughing stock before becoming president and he is still a laughing stock after becoming president. His mainstream media coverage reflects that. People just don't like him.

Way to slide having to actually refute the post.
2/10 for the response tho bruh

>a cumguzzling yurocuck tries to weigh in and soys out like usual

private prisons and weapons manufacturing. They thought we were going to have a world war economy and wanted to get in early.

If Trump is taking credit for Obama's economy, does that mean Clinton was taking credit for Reagan/Bush's economy?

Lol no, because both of them put us into recession during their tenures and Clinton turned that into the U.S. working at a surplus for the first, and only time cause W. put us in another recession.

I did refute it, you're just not smart enough to realize that. They're not Jews either.

Normalfags in a nutshell

Because normies understand the media better than you do.

Maybe instead of watching the European Lügenpresse all day, you should consider the fact that Trump won the 2016 presidential election, and he did so by winning Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, three states no Republican presidential candidate had won since the 1980s.

>he antagonizes the media
Well they could be the bigger man, but all they've done is prove his point.
Partisan and fake news. Do you remember the koi fish thing? Literal fake news to make Trump look bad and they all played along with it.