Valium and zolpidem bro

hi bros. dunno if u remember me. asked if i shit should take that shit my mom has lying around to fight the pain of looking at the starting scene of private ryan which is my blockfolio

hoooly fuk bros. i popped 10mg of each for the first time. my breathing got slower and calm, i couldnt read and type anymore cause my brain refused to understand it. its like my eyesight didnt connect with my brain anymore. i didnt care about shit anymore and was chill until i fell asleep for 12 hours and slept like a baby.


would recommend.

now can i do this daily?

Medfag here. That dosage is a shitload. Pro tip, stay away from using benzodiazepines recreationally. You end up building a tolerance and end up needing more and more. If you wanna get fucked up, just smoke weed.

should i up the valium or zolpidem for more fun?

weed makes me paranoid, depressed and pessimistic.

uppers are much fun but i cant deal with the hangovers.

alcohol fucks up my gym sessions and recovery

now these pills seem goat. they make me forget and i wake up perfectly fine

you can order etizolam (same shit) with your crypto gainz on the clearnet, online + legally.

agree with medfag though, benzos are not to be fucked with. save em for once a week usage at most, or they'll ruin you. almost feel guilty writing this post because i'm nervous you'll abuse user.

just get a nice drug collection mate so you can cycle through em and avoid physical addiction. i've felt physical addiction to benzos maybe 1-2 times and you REALLY don't want that.

You shouldn’t mix them. You’ll stop breathing and die. Sounds like you already overdosed a bit if your breathing was slow. Just take a small dose of one or the other.

zolpidem (AKA ambien) most common side effect is somnambulism and doing things out of character...

last time i did ambien, i bought a centipede from thailand.

i wouldnt recommend doing that if you trying to not sell shit.

valium is fun though, just dont drink too much or you could stop breathing you stupid fucking fuck


please waste your life abusing opiods.
you won't have to worry about crypto crashing when you can't remember the last week of your life.
have fun user :)

so what should i take then today for chilling in bed browsing Veeky Forums

i also have lorazepam and bromazepam here

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I'm on Zoloft because the crypto crash made me depressed and now I can't cum anymore

kek, medbro2 here. it's awesome but withdrawal will either kill you physically or mentaly. It's awesome, but use with care and no longer than 3 weeks, enjoy

zolpidem is the stuff that gives you some weird trips. Be wise, no more than 15mg at a time or you build tolerance very quick. If you refuse the urge to go asleep in the first half hour you will be tripping balls I promise you

is it safe to take with valium? that nigga above got me panicing of dying

should i take the valium first and vabien 2 hours later or doesnt it make a difference cause of half life

refusing the urge to sleep was the fun part yesterday lol. i made it for like 5 mins tripping laughin that i cant read shit anymore just scrolling thru the pepes in calatog until i blacked out

Sounds comfy desu

I never took it with Valium. But beware it is very euphoric in some stages and you do some crazy shit. One time I took around 100mg before I blacked out not remembering that I took any more than the first one. Also you have severe insomnia as a drawback. Abuse it but smart, have your limits. Happy tripping!

ty user

>That dosage is a shitload
No it's not.

Valium. Mixing with alcohol is dangerous but not uncommon. Extremely addictive though user, arguably the worst withdrawal symptoms of any drug class so do take that into consideration.

>I am medfag
10mg valium is fucking nothing and 10mg zolpidem is actually a customary dose. When did every single person on this board start larping full-time?

ok so what should i do now for a comfy evening.

10mg valium + alcohol

later om 10mg zolpidem

or like yesterday 10mg valium with 10mg zolpidem without alcohol

or try 20mg zolpidem solo to see how its like

Kava kava. Its all natural and chills you out nice

Should also note that imo you should stay away from zolpidem. Also, if you drink with valium redosing without remembering how much you have taken is quite easy and pretty dangerous. Definitely avoid an everyday habit especially if you have easy access.

It wouldn't be morally right for me to condone any of those options. I'd avoid zolpidem at all costs however, don't think the recreational potential is great there. I'd strongly advise you do some research yourself. Erowid and bluelight are good sources of reading that will give you a less biased opinion (i.e. no huuur drugs are bad) and practical/anecdotal advise.

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I advise you guys to stay away from benzos, they are horribly addictive, even after one use

10mg valium will make a noob pass out cold for 2 days straight. It's too much
don't mix benzos and alcohol

m.d. on the internet checking in

not even 1 gin shot m8

>mixing a benzo and ambien

take more of both so you OD and do this world a favor

Quit being a pussy faggot. I've done 3 Valium 10mg mixed with 2 red wines glasses and all that happened was me waking up on the floor the next day still dressed.

>now can i do this daily?
After about three days of Zolp you'll feel like a zombie during the day. You'll also lose your ability to fall asleep naturally and it'll take weeks to recover it back.

That's actually the side-effects of Zoloft, not your depression. Get off that shit ASAP, user.

you can't it stops working very quickly. do it once or twice a month

Quit the FUD larp faggot. Done Xanax, Zolpidem, Valium and Victan several times in my life and I never got addicted to it. I've actually popped 7 Victans one night and didn't feel the urge to redo it again the following day. All benzo addicts are degenerates with no self-control. Do them wisely and responsibility and you'll get your rocks off.

so can i mix ambien and valium 10mg each with a shot of gin today m8

Go for it if you want. There's some potential for blackout and amnesia, but not physically dangerous in the amount that you described

did you really think that response was worthy of financial compensation?

lmao this comment made me kek

>All benzo addicts are degenerates with no self-control.
Actually a lot of benzo addicts are people that actually have a prescription or people with undiagnosed anxiety.

yes, now let me tell you about the jews...

>benzo addicts are degenerates with no self-control
Benzoscum are the worst drones you will ever meet

Most are heroin junkies. Some take regularly for anxiety.

Don't do it daily. You'll build tolerance to where you start withdrawal symptoms daily.

The central nervous system suppression also kicks in after a few months and you'll find you're getting fatter and coming down with more colds/flus.

Just because you don't feel cravings long after one use of benzos, doesn't mean that others won't feel cravings, or that I didn't

Just because you're not a doctor, doesn't mean I'm not a doctor


Doctors are not at fault for the healthcare system of the US. They don’t control the system.

>never cumming again but living
>being able to cum but then kill myself after
life is suffering

Listen boy, you don't wanna know benzo hell. It's like when your coins are falling 30% but worse.

Benzos will fry your brain.

Depression is just egostical bullshit user. Short the mess you think your life is and you'll be able to cope your demons. Been there. Meds can help you ground your thoughts but they won't let you walk freely.

I'm trying to do the same with my GF currently. She is way worse than I was but I try my best to keep her together and I see her fighting every day. She's been on some fucked up shit (anti-psychotics, humor stabilizers, benzos, several antidepressives) and thankfully dropping it slowly. No need for weed or benzos now to control her anxiety. Still some anti-depressives to help her feel a bit better but we're working on that too. Don't give up man.