where my BRAIN GANG at

remember to buy the dip.

Friendly reminder:
>AI will be HUGE in the coming years
>China is investing billions in AI
>experienced team, industry connections and under the umbrella of NEO
>DeepBrain was mentioned by NAME in the biggest science journal on the planet (Nature)
>AI.Mickey. Fucking. Mouse

Dont fall for the memes. This project is LEGIT

About not shilling it and leave the smart brains do the buying?

No negativity in this lounge. Leave


Holding 22k shit bags until it's worth zero or more than I paid for it

Holy shit this is amazingly retarded.

Have you given thought to an entire ecosystem instead of it's byproduct?
If yes then you should be no stranger to BTO

BTO will MOON at least x3 in less than a month, at least x50 by the end of June

>in every way superior to DBC, Singularity, or any AI ICO
>Marketplace for any computer data related to programming (AI, IOT, VR, Robotics, etc)
>$70-90M Marketcap (Compare to DBC peak at $400M)
>Not yet on any major exchanges (Bibox and Gate.io only)
>No one in the West has heard about it because it's only been marketed to the Chinese
>Founded by the Co Founder of NEO and has the same marketing strength
>The Legend Don Draper has backed them
>Multiple partnerships (ARM being the most important)
>Major software release in March for testing and demonstration
>Have a preview of the alpha on Youtube channel Bottos AI

I bought today back in, sadly only 2000 DBC because im poorfag


Holding 30k DBC checking in!

tag iQ

DBC offers not only training, but also the platform for the DATA sets. So could essentially host Bottos anyway. DBC nodes will receive DBC and also has varying quality ratings for output of reward. DeepBrain already have the SaaS platform, DBC just needs to be integrated as a payment. DeepBrain will connect other AI companies on their platform and DBC will be exchangeable with their cryptocurrency as well.

These shills are so obvious. I miss when you guys just shipped Tel and FUN. BTO is shit that wants to compete with google in data collecting, meaning it needs hundreds of thousands of information providers (miners) to even be marketable. AKA IT DOES NOT SCALE. This coin is literal shit and wont go anywhere for at least a year, if it ever does.

Holding 60k DBC and feeling apprehensive, but more optimistic than I was several weeks ago.

Bumping with a few pics I grabbed on their Telegram a couple of weeks ago.


I saw a guy with 66m DBC

>66m DBC

Terrifying and reassuring at the same time.



That shitty edit made me laugh much more than it should have.

People who actually know something about AI are investing in SingularityNET and OceanProtocol upcoming ICO.
Not even one of the top 2000 holders of AGI (big whales, some have 50k ETH worth of AGI) sold during the dip, they all consolidated.
I won't shill more, if you're interested DYOR.

Considering AGI as well.

Put all my racks in Deep Brain.

>bought at $0.62

I knew the peak bagholders were still around. What's your plan?

I'm just waiting for it to recover, even if it takes years and if it continues to grow I'm probably gonna hold and if it ever reaches $2 or $3 then I'll probably sell at that. I'll just wait for now.

meant for

This is what I look like when I buy DBC at 0.58

Consider getting in, it's in a nice dip, might go lower but it's uncertain. Also join the Telegram, the dev tram is very active on it and the discussion is high quality. Ben also posts a lot of updates. They finished recruiting this week and the dev team is now 50+ people iirc, and they haven't even touchef ICO funds yet.