We're recovering again, boys!

We're recovering again, boys!

This time is different.

In the chart you posted is the clue to why this time it's different.

I'll give you three attempts.

There is still hope for you if you can find the difference this time, user.
You literally posted it.

Notice the volume? It's different. We hit a long term support line as well. Plus Senate hearing today... so. obivously. different.

How bout your kys for being an edge lord you fucking brown skinned trap-bitch


look at the volume you tards

no need to thank me brainlets

>they have no idea that most of that volume is sell volume
-Dump it.

>What is confirming a reversal with volume

It's ok this time. The government said they want $20 trillion by 2020 and that they will arrest the market manipulators.
Whales on suicide watch.

*my sides*
Go back to class

I don't want this bear market to end yet since I'm trying to stack alts

god damn youre one hell of a faggot user

Protip: it's not

yes, volume tends to increase when the price is halved. about 2x if my math is correct

It's no mystery... like 5 other ppl have said it's volume

It is, though.

The US just released a five year plan to make it hit 20 trillion. It's not going back down.

Hey, if you wanted me to spread FUD with you guys you should have invited me to the party. I'm sorry but I already bought in, you're too late.

>not recognizing a classic fractal lambo pattern

Sell everything then.
Rebuy at 10k

Not after it bottoms out at $3000

>deliberately cutting the candles exactly 1 after the bottom

nice try, faggot

>most of the volume is sell volume
>price is going up
what did he mean by this?

i dont plan on selling, just laughing at you brainlets that can't do 2nd grade math

Volume is volume dipshit. Doesn't matter which direction the price is going. For every seller there is a buyer.
> being this new

Green IDs

Check the 300 day SMA we bounced off support. It's a bullish sign

>denial intensifies
No cutting. Those are 12-hour candles, check them yourself.

I know an analyst at Goldman in private equity, they're confirming 10trillion this year.

Also read early this year RBC predicting 10trillion for 2018.

Kys bears

>the 50, 100, and 200 SMAs are broken so let me arbitrary pick the 300 day!

I'm curious why it is so low. $20 trillion is the SEC's stated goal for 2020.

Instead of encouraging new investors like to take advantage of the 6000 low today, you were all panicking like headless chickens. Now we both lost money

Eat a dick. Sell now. Buy back at 20k.
Then KYS.

>selecting the only candle size that would seem to confirm his theory

Why would you chose 12h candles if not because you know that 1h candles would show much bigger than average volume in the latest hours?

Also, let me give you a tip: When spreading FUD, try to reply to the people that don't seem to know what they're talking about and when someone replies with some arguments just ignore it. FUD doesn't work because of powerful arguments, FUD appeals to the primal side of the brain. Just post some Wojaks, it doesn't take much more.

>back at 20k.
Oh yeah, muh store of value, measly $50 fees, sure it will rise there again

2020 is 2 years away.

If in one year we reach half way (10 trillion what u wrote) I'd imagine by 2020 we'd shoot through what Sec expects.

smells like desperate poor children with crushed dreams in here

>sold at 5900
> fomo buys at 10k
> definition of a meme

It's never gone below the 300 day SMA and it perfectly bounced off it brainlet. We'll keep testing it I'm sure but I'd be surprised if it goes anywhere below.

>tfw I'm literally going to be a trillionaire in 2020
The $20k I spent back in December was worth it.

> 1h chart
> Look at the volume
> No massive increased in buy volume but price increased
> There was no support at 6k like people thought

LMFAO you're replying seriously? i thought the 300 day SMA post was satire

>1h candles would show much bigger than average volume in the latest hours?
Hardly so. Even on 1-hour candles you can see that the sell volume was huge.

>buy volume

too many retards sold the dip, its not going anywhere now

what about the daily volume?

It's being pumped. It won't last though. Nothing has changed.

can't have it both ways.

>normies cut losses
>normies will sell break even later

how about this
>normies will FOMO back in after big money finishes accumulating

>"the sell volume was huge"

Then how the fuck did the price go up on high volume? The fact that the volume was high on a red candle and that after that red candle the high volume continued while prices were pushing up only tells you that there was a big fight for that level and bulls won.

Learn to TA, fag, you need to review the basics.

7.5k hovering is reasonable now that FUD news are depleted

Never listen to biz stupid nigger

no such thing happened

nobody won except for the exchanges they always win

The bidsum has actually gone up today. So If I were a shitcoiner I would be feeling optimistic right now. But then it might just be part of a broader cycle (overall the trend has been down the last few days)

last two months you mean

It's been especially depressed the last few days though. The market has stayed down within it's own cycles. But there's a little bit of breakaway today. I think a lot of people who withdrew because they were afraid of an outright ban on crypto trading are jumping back on. Will it be enough to save shitcoin in the long run? I highly doubt it. But there is room for optimism at this moment in time.

big money accumulating at 6k 7k is a fucking meme, use your brain, why would they buy from you a speculative asset at this horrible price... nigger they will buy at

*blocks your path*

But user the reason why btc hit 20k is because market manipulation

It wasn't a consecutive, non-stop pump. On that day, sell volume was just as big as buy volume (even slightly bigger) - look at smaller candles. It was a rebound.

>The fact that the volume was high on a red candle and that after that red candle the high volume continued while prices were pushing up only tells you that there was a big fight for that level and bulls won.
Except that the sell volume is part of the general trend, and the buy volume is part of a short rebound/news event. Ooops, and it's decreasing.