Just leaving this here

just leaving this here

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Thanks, just sold 100k


thanks, just bought apple stock

why would you even meme about it? all indicators point towards recovery and selling now would fuck your shit up

Big difference is that last dip is still way below the 200ema (the purple line) therefore it was a bullish market

Now look how far down we are below that line on this dip? This is going into a bear market for at least Q1 and Q2

We're close to the bottom, but not quite yet. I'm starting to see people at each other's throats which is a good sign, but there's still too much arrogance floating around of "we're definitely coming back". We're between denial and anger.

See u at 2k

You fucking TA faggots told me it was a dead cat bounce. Don't you dare do this shit to me. GO THE FUCK DOWN.

way above*

This was before everyone knew what kind of POS BTC is. And please, don't feed me with LN bs, it fucking sucks and normies know it. They won't be pulled into this for a long long time.

Dip isn't over yet. Those candles are the same size, the current one should scale to be bigger.

RSI is too low, not yet, maybe a wall or two stops it but as it is now it's going up

lol you fags are still relying on gay ass meme lines.

Not using your god given psychic abilities to look into the future and know price movement ahead of time.


not gonna happen.
there just isn't enough money pouring in to pump it back so soon, especially not to 20k, not to mention all the people that held would sell at soon as they get the chance.
we'd probably need to drop deeper to recover


The goverment said bitcoin good!

We're still in frog-posting. This ride is far from over.



the way more important thing to look at is the red and green lines

nice 1, into my biz meme folder

checked fucking kikes every fucking time

guys, i want to have lots of money for doing nothing, could we please go back to that now? I think it would be fun.

I like your reasoning.

In the end, it's all about people and their beliefs. Lines on a graph can only go so far, but you can learn way more just looking at how people are talking about it.

Can we show some love for the undisputed biggest shitcoin of all time? its done nothing but drop since kucoin listing, listed at $4.80, now its $0.56. ICO was $0.34, WE GETTING THERE AIGANG AIGANG AIGANG


I bought at 30898 life sucks

>That graph
>Those dubs


10/10 post, 11/10 when you factor in the dubs

Dubs confirm

Big if true

user you brought me smile

>what is the point?
a new meme is born

>quintuple bottom
what did they mean by this

The prophecy has been foretold. We are in a textbook Warner reversal pattern

you are full of shit op
if we apply your logic it was supposed to pop off way higher than where its at now

TA is a meme. It will go up when the whales decide it will go up.

I guess you're right. You gona sell your entire bag now then?

This was predicted in August 2017. Its only upwards from here!

I’d be super happy if it stabilized at 12k-14k. It’s a sustainable amount. If we hit 20k again I want it to be a slow and steady growth to there.

Holy monkey scrotum its identical.
Where did you find this young man?

nah nigga
i sold every single alt i had at 12k for usdt and went all in into eth at 580 today
a tiny dip doesnt bother me at all right now

Wtf this is like exactly what’s happening

Very Spooky! :O


help me help my parents get some needed house repairs ~

>days, weeks and months pass by showing red
>long term trends esp on monthly and weekly charts show downtrend
>one day of respite
>hahaha we green guys! TO THE MOOOOONNNNNN
Why do people seriously do this? Why do they think only short term?

Retarded nigger. The MA lines change over time - they're a fucking moving average. Big buy volume today. Slump for a day or two, at the high end of today's candle. Then moon. Screenshot this faggot.

We got a shilling directly from USA government today after weeks of unstop media fud.

link? I know someone earlier mentioned the new fed chair shilling crypto, but I want to read about that specifically

It wasn’t the fed chair, but it was the chair of the CFTC, Chris Giancarlo. He even suggested for everybody to hodl.


Total noob here
Just bought 50€ of BTC for shit and giggle, already made a 0.30 profit, how am i doing Veeky Forums?

We’re in stealth phase