Always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says

Always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says.

I didn't tell my wife about my gains but she found out anyways :(

>this is about the bitcoins jerry
Idk why but I imagined Kramer saying that and it's killing my sides.

you are a faggot loser with a low iq and have no creativity so you regurgitate shitty memes

everyone laugh at OP

This larping has got old.

>my son

>since your not responsible enough to take care of my son

She talks like a fucking retard

>1 postby this ID

Please don’t make this a 200 reply thread


wat do

Wow. This makes me furious. I can't believe this is happening to you OP. I am so sorry.

My son?

This faggot is so deprived of human contact, he doesn't know how people talk.

Looks like a shitty situation

Marcus doesn't sound like a white name

kys. what else.

>still believing the larps


>not even responsible to take care of Marcus's son

How low iq are you idiots not see this that this is fake?

200 reply thread incoming, predictable virgins here

The other guy will pay for your sons college, you can invest that money into crypto

I fail to see the issue, sounds like Marcus is a soyboy

How low is your IQ that you don't see those as fake?