Let teeka show you the way


Again, did anyone figure out the 3 coins?

xlm, xrp, and ltc; it was pretty obvious

the transcript was leaked yesterday and everyone called it fake

his head looks like a fakeapp generated movie

Those are not little known coins.

pajeets truly are the master shill race

Bitconnect was one my dad works for teeka

No one cares about XRP. It's not a real coin.


I don't know the 3 coins unfortunately but teeka rly knows how to shill like a true pajeet masterblaster


Again this post. There is no proof of it, and I'm p sure NEO is relatively well known.

i think teeka is the real deal, but is he basically saying congress will pass some cryptocurrency laws/regulation is coming by april 2nd? do lawmakers even work that fast?
if regulations pass, banks can come in, not just hedge funds and silicon valley money.

i dunno he was very adamant about that date repeating it over and over, I think he knows something we don't, dude is legit connected

transcript talks about the bitcoin etf that was turned down in december. it's going to be approved april 2nd.
there was another user who made some posts about insiders knowing it was going to turned down leading to this sell off.

>teeka is bullish


I think two of the three are rlc and zen

Most definitive about rlc

>Already, these announcements have helped little-known cryptos soar 93%, 111%, and 217% - overnight.

Did he mean that he already announced them before or?


Dude work is being do'e behind the scenes months before it is unveiled. It's.oikely lawmakers have been looking at cryptocurrencies for atleast 6 months.

Teeka is making me FOMO


no, what he's saying makes little sense.

to normies, they are.

Relatively they are obscure underground CyberPunk coins, even more obscure than Satoshi himself

Are you serious? Then 99.99% of his calls are little known to normies.

These are literally 3 top 10 coins and you claim they are unknown.

I do think AION might be one of the three tho, it even has telecom partnership coming up and it's actually really useful.

He already called Aion to $10 yet here it sits below $3

you faggots still taking advice from john mcafee too?

John Mcafee is a PnD twitter shill
But PBC is ''I read whitepapers, exclusive club'' shill.

There's a difference

How much is his recommendations? I want to pay.

Are you here Teeka? Can I pay with ETH?

Lol, you can't be serious?

When do his 3 picks get released