I am a Monero fan, but this coin really has the smallest chance to surpass BTC out of every other top 20 coin...

I am a Monero fan, but this coin really has the smallest chance to surpass BTC out of every other top 20 coin, doesn't it?

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Monero fan too and the day a flippening happens BTC will be worth $10.

if ANY coin is gonna get fucked, it's this one

the feds can't track it and it's the coin of choice for drug dealers and criminals worldwide

why do you treat this as a competition?
Monero is its own world and value.

monero is the next bitcoin

Doesn't help that it's slow as shit too

Literally only coin that will never be on top, literally only coin that will always stay relevant.


I believe in this project where is the ICO?

in your anus

Are there any other untraceable coins?

Because it is too good. Banks and institutions will never use it. But if the Mafia and the cartels start to see use for this then this will easily become number 1 coin. The worth of illegal drugs is up in the billions and they can easily use some homeless people e. g. for verification and all that shit.

It has a huge vulnerability of a %51 attack from bot miners. If they can solve this problem, it has a good shot of being the top crypto. Bitcoin solved this by ASICs, but Monero is claiming to be ASIC-resistant...
Bots are only in it for short-term profits, they could care less about Monero. I laugh when people say that bot miners are good for the network :)

Monero will never surpass whatever the top currency is. It will survive and succeed alongside whatever the top coin is, but it will never take over and be #1, that is not its goal.

It doesn't have a chance because it scales waaaay worse than Bitcoin.
Well then again maybe the whole market will crash and then scaling might not be needed.
You know what, Monero is probably going to end up #1

there are a lot, for example Sumokoin, a fork of Monero

People keep shilling it, but what are the advantages over xmr?

Do you guys think terrorist/organized crime whales are gonna flood private coins with a giant capital anytime soon?



I'm not shilling, just telling it exists.
I read a bit because I was curious what is different from monero. As far as I learned, they say they are a testing ground for Monero. They implement the privacy things before Monero and if it goes well, Monero adapts it. Something like that.
Still, if you want a cheap privacy coin with the same privacy as Monero, Sumo is a good bet.

you'd think they would be already but who the fuck knows anymore

I wonder if it's a coincidence that all of the recent mining malware is for monero

Also has the smallest chance to bleed to nothing.

The feds also can't track cash.

Uh no you are full of shit. The sumo team tipped of Moneros code, added premine and adjusted dates to claim they made stuff they had no part in. Literally a fucking scam.

>giant capital
No, they stick to real world shit. So they will use coins with high volume only to transfer funds and cash out immediately

No it does not, botnets are just there to make their owners money. And botnets come and go and certainly do not work together. XMR is a LOT more decentralized then BTC.

If SatoshiLite makes an atomic swapping platform for LTC-XMR then Monero will be buyable without any need of registering on an exchange

Perhaps not but it will worth more then BTC in the long run.

It does not scale "worse" brainlet. It is still O(n).

No they won't. BTC is a fucking liability to use with all the tracking going on. Right now they use it because tracking is in its early stages and XMR has low liquidity. But you can bet your ass that will not last. There is plenty of money that ONLY be transported in cash. Monero fixes that issue.

If when this happens it will create the perfect storm for XMR.

Dunno, just what I read on their sub


XMR is not a hype coin, you shouldn't expect mega gains. Some normies think verge is better

Have you seen the hashrate? It is making it unprofitable to honest mine this coin. As more honest miners quit mining Monero, its just going to be bots left, and what is stopping the bot writers from teaming up or a single bot from infecting enough computers to get 51%?
As you said botnets come and go, so they are going to try to maximize profits while they are up, and there is no greater short-term profit than %51 attacking this coin.

Also a huge Monero fan, but I recently sold off my stack to pay for a vacation and a few other things around the house. It was never my moonshot coin, more like my savings account since it is relatively stable compared to the market. I'll continue to move in and out of it if only to retain some privacy
I think you're confusing Sumo with AEON

It's not, it's because you can mine cryptonight coins with a CPU and Monero is/was the most profitable, with good liquidity

probably not, however it does tend to recover quicker than BTC so its good to park your money into during an upward trend

There are more that use the CryptoNote protocol. Bytecoin is the first CryptoNote coin. Monero is CryptoNote based, for those who didn't know.

Half of my stack is monero, which is making me start to resent this coin

It's such a great coin that there is no fucking reason to hold it. Ever.

>feds can't track it
>it's gonna get fucked


>this coin really has the smallest chance to surpass BTC out of every other top 20 coin


I believe that XRP and XMR will be the last 2 standing. XRP for the lawful economy, and XMR for the criminal economy.

check out zcash


>imblying banks and institutions will ever use literally any cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology will be a useful aspect of new in-house solutions for the big bank. Literally zero coins will be used for this, because why the fuck would they.

but who accepts monero besides drug markets

not with the bug that it currently has

What, you mean this coin’s value lies in actual goods and services? What a horrible shitcoin! /s

Before the recent speculation bubble, Bitcoin’s main source of value (besides well-documented market manipulation by a single user) was Silk Road and its copycats. With the speculation bubble popping, we’re returning to those days, and Monero is best positioned to be the leading coin in that area.

Also, on regulation: look at BitTorrent. It’s primarily used to break copyright law; however, it also (like Monero) has many legitimate uses, and sharing/using/developing its software isn’t inherently illegal. Buying banned drugs with Monero is and will continue to remain illegal, but Monero itself will be fine. Tor is another good analogy.

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Pretty sure we're all still gonna make it... just a matter of time

>has smallest chance of taking over BTC of top 20

really shows how Veeky Forums invests


Best coin.

Both, unironically

Agree. Monero is like a premium service. Some people will always be willing to pay for the best blockchain privacy even if transactions cost a bit more. Ideally I'd love to see Monero become the crypto by which all other cryptos are measured, but we know this probably won't happen because normies don't care about privacy.

Would there be a way to detect a 51% attack if it were happening? Or does the total anonymity make it easy to get away with double spends?