Didnt fall for the bull trap

>didnt fall for the bull trap
>got my short in at 7800 entry
its gonna be a fun night

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i hope user, i hope, but every time i take a position it goes the other way

I hope youre serious faggot nigger, eat shit

if you got a short in at anything over 7600 you will be seeing excellent gains as the night goes on

you sound like a poor person... disgusting

7400 here, i'm afraid it will go up to 8500 or so, i don't want to get liquidated

fuck off jamal

So, how's the fun going? :D

I hope you closed it already. Never try to get ahead of the market, wait for a good entry signal.

>placing a short before it actually starts going down

That's on another level.

pretty aggressive leverage for a random entry point. i hope you arent in with 100% of your stack.

going well couldnt have timed my entry much better by the looks of it

Yeah, if you closed at 7.5k you did time it well this time. But it's risky, you should wait for a good signal next time.

Not looking to close until 6.9k
only gambling with 15% of stack so im accepting the risk.

15% of the stack? Where the fuck did you learn to trade, you never risk more than 5% and even less without even having a good signal going against the trend.

You're going to burn your fingers, I don't really think this is going any lower than 7.5 any time soon. This is gonna test the 8k a few times and possibly break it.

bye bye OP

I hope you're right need to fill my next lowcap alt as low as possible

Shorted at 7600. We'll see.

Sorry for your loss

>taking trading advice from a billionaire
when you're only in the six figure range you have to be willing to take a little more risk sweety
also there are plenty of good signals that 7.8k is a prime entry point to short. Notice how many times its stalled in this area? Right.
Now think, why is it going to suddenly zoom past 8k when its been propped up in the 7.6-7.8k range for hours now.
Only time will tell. The only perfect entry is one backed by insider info

can currently close trade with 10% ROE so not exactly sure where you are headed with that one mister

Which exchange allows shorts?

bitmex is your best bet. Use a vpn if you are american. just xfer btc and you are ready to trade no id needed

Why so emotional?

I see the future, and it's so bright, I gotta wear shades.


bitmex.com/register/toYHiE gives you a %10 discount in fees. This may not sound like much but it's saved me hundred of dollars in the past weeks:

sure BTC will go back up someday
but while only profited when it went up i am profiting when it goes up and when it goes down.
I guess hodl does what all reddit memes do well... play towards the lowest common denominator


be patient my friend. Never look to close a position when it just touches breaking even or something like that. Too many times I have fallen into that trap after getting very nervous and then watched it drop lower and lower AND LOWER

Hodling bull here but OP was smart to call the 7800 short

Facts of life

i know man, i was actually shorting this since 9k with a tiny position to play it safe and then i fomo'ed in increasing it much more around 6900, i almost sold around 6100 but i firmly believe it will go lower so i decided to leave the position open, i won't close it until we reach much lower but i don't want to get liquidated in between

we broke 7.5k if 7.4k doesnt hold we will be back near 6.8k in due time
No doubt btc will reach new ath, likely this year. Why not make money on the way down so you can increase your position?>

I hodl and hope for the best to either lower my tax liability when cashing out huge gains.

That’s the genius of the US citizen hodl maneuver

To either lower my tax liability when cashing out huge gains, or go down with the sinking ship

Just don't use cuckbase and banks, cash out through localbitcoins with smaller sums. Why all this masochism?

Why 7800?
what is a good entry signal? when it starts going down?

>tfw made my first short ever at $6400 last night and went to sleep
>wanna kms, learnt not to leave risky positions overnight and to short from the top

well, 7.4k didn't hold and we went to 7.6k instead
what now?

cant argue with the tax point if you want to keep things completely above the table. There are plenty of ways to avoid taxes though

>Want to short
>It would take at least a hour to transfer BTC to bitmex
>Not sure if thats enough time

look for points of resistance. If the price keeps trying to break through at a specific point but cant then the buy volume starts decreasing then it would make sense for it to drop.
Hopefully your first short wasnt with much capital, you will learn with experience. Good entry points are key here. If you have a good entry then you dont have to try to time a good exit for profit.
Notice how resistance was 7.8k for hours and it was bouncing right at 7.6k?
Now those points have moved down 200$
patience is key

Thats the future user. 1.5h long transactions and 15$ fees...when mempool is empty that is.

bitmex gives you balance after 1 confirmation
shouldnt take more than 5 mins.

Damn thats good to know. Thanks user.

When are investors going to admit that despite all the charts, graphs, history, and other analytics that its still just a guessing game?

everyone knows that luck plays a role in investing (unless insider info. bitcoin cash being listed on coinbase for example)
The thing is the average crypto investor is much less savvy. This means by applying some simple techniques and strategies you can push your chance of winning to your favor and actually make a profit trading

Man I got so fucking rekt shorting 6300 this morning. Op please be right this tanks right now..

just be patient you should be able to break even but its going to take some patience. At this point things are looking very unsure.

Hope you're right. I hate this fucking coin

>look at posted time
>look at current charts

I love bitcoin

>btc goes down
>all the alts get cheaper