What is their next move?

what is their next move?

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crashing this coin

what's the deal with the Bogdanov brothers here?

A longer rundown

probably another sell off, then we're good

>He’s starting to get suspicious. Have it trade sideways for a few days to throw him off.

>Pump it to 8k to get their hopes up

The one on the left is Satoshi, the one on the right is Nakamoto

Pump it.

>le bogdanovs are behind it all xD
quality Veeky Forums meme

just post a picture of one of them on the phone with "dump it" or "pump it" and that's it, that's the entire meme

>reddit spacing
go the fuck back, slut

pump it to 8k, make them feel safe, then short it to 4k.

shut up we have good memes

>Namaste, Ranjeet. Dump it faster than last night's curry.

Since crab-16 was a success, i’m Assuming they will initiate the delta sequence. Not sure what that is, but it is something floating around for a few weeks.


>pump it

If only that one user didn't take a dump in their chimney... fucker ruined everything.

Fuck off with your normie shit, faggot

They're in the process of acquiring this

>Shut it down


funny you talk about reddit when you're defending a reddit tier meme

Ethereum overtaking Bitcoin in mcap

>born in the 1600s
>winklevoss bow down to him
>learned fluent italian in under a week
>rules the commodity futures trading commission with an iron but fair fist
>rumored to have a hot 30 years old niece
>invented the HODL meme
>has a network of genetically engineered agents "BOGS" pumping the market, you likely have been dumped on by these bogs RIGHT NOW
>said to be very intimidating in private
>we're not sure of his intentions, but we have reasons to believe he is benevolent

>on it sir, my buy orders for tron are in

Travel back through time to 2006 and make specific recommendations informed by today's news through subliminal programming via modulated computer monitor flickering to the man who will become Satoshi Nakamoto.