Future predictions for BTC GET IN HERE

Anybody have any questions on the future since ive predicted everything perfectly down to the hour.
>ur only chance to get valuable information as i will be leaving biz after today.

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hey, now the time to buy ETH or will it go down more over the next few days/week?

When will LINK reach 15k

i can take this one op;

august 2018

I hope leaving biz == killing yourself?

is there anything more pathetic than screencapping your own posts?

When will other cryptos no longer be tethered to Bitcoin?

link will never hit 15k

we will go somewhere near 10k before the next dip down to 7k.
>better to buy in now and sell then and rebuy cheaper

im talking eth not btc

When will you move out of your dads basement?

Double top forming.


>t. literal retard

I seen't it. 5.5k confirmed when the Asians wake up and continue their sell off.

cryptos will no longer be tethered to bitcoin after the major crash of 2019

OP, you already made a shitty prediction last time when it tanked all the way down to 6k. Now you're saying it'll moon to 10k, but what if you're full of shit again?

it is not a double top. It will go above 9k before its next dip

Omega, what are your major holdings?

When will the flippening happen?

Thoughts on LINK? VEN?

my prediction was that it would crash monday morning. hence why pic related is the exact prediction of when the dip would occur.

major holding is zcl as it has the biggest volatility in regards to bitcoin. If you can predict the bottoms and tops as i have. then you would be able to make 10-20% on each dip

What is BTC in 24hours

Monday dip - no shit, but what if you're wrong about mooning to 10k, even 9k? That's not entirely out of question in the given climate.

1 trillion

i wont be wrong hence why all my predictions come true.

I got 50 zcl. how much will dat be

>we will go somewhere near 10k
You literally said "we will go somewhere near 10k"
We WILL, not we MIGHT

Post your portolio I want to see how good u really are.

You are a tard. Saged and reported.

thoughts on VEN/LINK? will ETH shine in 2018?

Where will LTC be in March?

I panicked and sold at 6.2

Should I cut my losses and FOMO back in?

I don't see it dipping that low again after DOW rebounded

mad respect senpai
I will be along for the ride with you
will us riding the wave mess with your gains?
I just picked up some cheap coin.
Sell around 9k?

Okay I want to buy GAT it's 0.025 now it was 0.019 yesterday will it go down or is BTC is consolidating so GAT will grow steadily?

>its that tripfag who flips a coin and calls it then brags when he calls it right 30% of the time

So we need to cash out hard this Christmas?

With 20 trillion in 2020 what will XLM be at?


I got 10 ZCL

Signs point to yes

Don't count on it

Outlook not so good

As I see it, yes

>With 20 trillion in 2020 what will XLM be at?
Don't get carried away, the dude that said that probably knows as much about the crypto market as Veeky Forums dose. In other words, he knows fuck all!

Breaking ATH EOM check em

ltc will have a higher ratio then it does now. but if you're stupid enough not to sell the news before the announcement then you dont deserve to make it.

pic related

eth will sign bright like a diamond. Ven is a shit coin

buy it now. It will test 8k then have a slight dip to around 7.5k then it will break it the next time it goes up.

around $200 with all supply released, i.e. ~98% dominance


gimme dat portolio n sheeeeit nigga

IOTA/Taipei smart city pan out? Will the price ever rise?

sell the news? What do you mean by this? Should I dump my LTC?

believe it or not. 80% zcl 20% link.
>not supporting linkie stinkies just yet. but i plan on going all in before march 23rd
For those people who have paid attention in my previous threads they should know my long term plan is to hold link.
>i have enough insider info that i will confidently put 65 million into link when its all said and done. But that info is for me sorry matez if anything wait for a thread sometime in march when im done

7777 wassup

dump ltc day of the announcement or watch it drop 30%



hmmm lets make sure thats right, so ATH EoM?

yea laugh at the person whos predicted everything so far. Like i said im not here to shill link till im done accumulating. Ill be giving all info sometime in march if i ever do plan to do that.

>cryptos will no longer be tethered to bitcoin after the major crash of 2019

Explain this. Will they be tethered to fiat or something else besides BTC?

so whatll zcl be at pre fork bud

Bittrex is making a REAL, tied to US dollars form of tether, and they are in the USA under their guidelines and get jail time if they mess up. it will be amazing and secretly funnels money to the USD. Brilliant

He only posts his screen caps when he's right, which is like 20% of the time lol

Also shills that zcl thing

Is there a way to calculate this or is it a guesstimation?

Matter of fact if you listened to me the past 2 weeks you would have doubled ur ath DURING A CRASH. But go ahead still don't listen to me idiot

Where did you got this from?

Any other opinions?

Omega, anser plz

ZCL is legit

So you don't think it will dip back down and test 6k?

That's when the real projects shine that have real world use. Coins such as dent and the shitcoin dental coin will seize to be a factor along with 95% of all coins.

>it will either go up or down

It depends on the next dip the will occur around 9-10k id give it a 15% chance it retests 6k but I'll be able to give a more accurate assessment these coming days

Okay, I've got you
Any estimations of global marketcap in q3-q4 this year?

will link hit 100 dollars?

I've predicted 1 trillion confirmed

What do you see ETH hitting by EOY?

hey pal so what about zcl price

what's you target on link Q4 2018

Also, what do you think of AdBank? it's cheap as shit and I'm pretty loaded otherwise so i wouldn't mind sinking a few K in for shits and giggles.

Since I do not have any BTC or ETH, what are other major projects this year besides LINK?
1) Your opinion on WTC ICX NEO?
2) Name 2-3 other projects worth to look for. ADA / XLM / XRP in the list or not?

Why do you say VEN is a shitcoin?

Ada xlm and credits will be huge winners this year

Zcl is a tricky one but I would say 250-450 all depending on bitcoin

EOY prediction for XLM??

thats aight w me


Amazing. This whole thread is garbage.

What are your thoughts on why XMR doesn't rise when new wallets on new platforms (hardware, iOS) are made etc.

It's not very appealing to the normies. Literally only used to buy drugs and shit.
If you want a good privacy coin investment jump into zcl before bitcoin private is released. The way the dev team are approaching it is to make their team the maximum amount of profit possible. (They all bought in 2-8 dollars btw) hop on the wagon and let them take you to the moon while they work for the profits

Thought on ICX?

minimum link to buy?

Not worth buying till march. Investment will outpace link till march 23rd

Give me end of year price for link for fuck sakes?

In general, trends look to be like we need to switch from low-supply coins to hi-supply? Era of heavy cannonballs like BTC is over?

Yeah but the amount of link to buy...?
by Investment you mean zcl?

What about NEO?


>65 million into link


and again he disappears

How much link will I need to make 1mm?

Depends on the year
I meant by most investments will outpace chainlink till that date.

Nano is going to be huge but neo will see a decent rise until competition starts taking some of its market cap

End of year link 10 dollars


Will it ever hit $100