Why aren’t you investing in Dow Jones instead of bitcoin?

Why aren’t you investing in Dow Jones instead of bitcoin?

Because gaining 400% and losing 80% in the matter of a month gets me off.

USD is an even bigger ponzi scheme than shitcoin lmao

This. Vidya IRL.

Bitcoin is a meme and will never hit a thousand

Yeah FOMO into the DOW at all time high right before the Swamp wants to crash it to distract from their corruption starting to come to liglht. Good idea user. Just bought 100,000,000k

I'd lose all my gains to fees & I dont want to make 3% in 5 years.

investing in an index.... I've got some DOW to sell u OP. Real cheap. Just send me 1 ETH and I will send you 1000000 DOW.

I am though. $350k in VTSAX, $65k cash on standby waiting for a major correction.

My nigga

crypto has better memes

Wow enjoy your 3% gain.

Who says we aren't? Bought deals yesterday with Crypto profits.

at the end of the day, its why most of us are here


my niggas!

For stocks i'm all in Canadian marijuana right now.

Why would I want a 5% return in 5 years while leaving my money at the mercy of kikes?

What exchange is it on?

How come you can’t do short term?

5 year averages for index ETFs are ~15% annual returns you mongs

>5% returns over 5 years

lol I had a stock move 30% in two hours this morning.

because I don't have any confidence in the united states dollar or any of its corporations to not implode soon.

You didn't own netflix in 2013 nor did anyone else

I bought at 31 and sold at 39. Also bought BTC at $500 and sold at $550. The ride never ends.

because crypto is giving me returns you haven't even seen in your wet dreams

t. salty nocapital

ur an idiot lmao

let's see your purchase order and current holdings

go on

Massive bubble and shit returns. Crypto is safer and more lucrative.