Fun Run

Get in here boys.

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It has begun funbros

Why the hell not!!
2k FUN


just like the prophecies foretold.

wow 40% right now. only a 4k funlet but i'm ready

Praise jezus

Mfw I expected nothing to happen with ICE but I'm starting to to have FUN

Tank this man

About fucking time. Hopefully I can get back all of what I lost in the past week. Unless, of course, some dumb whale sells off 1M+ all at once.

We're being rewarded boys. We foretold of this day

This shitcoin is going to be one of the ones that never recovers to its highs i bet you.

My portfolio has fucking doubled today thanks to FUN. Get in NOW or stay poor!


Nobody sell until it hits at least 2000 satoshi, if you sell before then you are a faggot and even worse, you are a homosexual

How the fuck is it a shitcoin mudd fuk? CEO man Jez San has an OBE from british queen annnd,, worked on Star Fox good SNES gam and the COO is ex-William Hill. Only good team in crypto sir.

plus they probably watch chinese fart porn while dressed like mr spock

Don't underestimate the whales.

Because no online gambling site or casino wants their inner workings and finances to be seen by everyone including their players. Literally the worst idea for gambling ever.

Tfw I lost hope and didn't but more yesterday



Nice only 15 more cents until it's back where it was.

Dunno about you but I'm feeling good, btc taking a breath and ICE together may form a nice handle.

>no online gambling site wants to prove themselves as completely fair
So basically the one casino that is totally okay ends up monopolizing the market, as everyone will gladly go to the place that has complete transparency, and then everyone else will follow suit regardless?
Or Asia will pick this up because now they can have gambling options in their internet cafes, which is absolutely immense for them.
Or some random shitter with a bar can now have gambling as an option and get additional dividends while attracting far more customers.


You do realize the market (ie. btc, eth) itself halved, right? Sats are what matter. If ETH was back to 1.2k again, our current price would be back up at 10 - 12c right now

Our year

Nah nigga can't buy Gucci with sats

What the fuck no it wouldn't, if BTC goes up then FUN would just be worth less sats. FUN -> USD (which is now a thing) is what matters.


sweet now i just need this go up another 100% and i'm even god fucking dammit

I went in hard when it was 7 cents, really looking forward to the moonshot

Holy shit.

Watch 360 video from ICE!!! Looks okay!

That makes zero fucking sense you autist. The price of individual coins are linked to the main coin used for cashing out. You can buy FUN with USD, but it's still nowhere near the main coins it's used for cashing out. On places like Binance, it directly links the price of your coin with its comparison to BTC.

When BTC goes down, everything goes down. When BTC goes up and FUN stagnates, FUN's price still goes up because of what it can be traded for, which is where its USD value comes from.

>That makes zero fucking sense you autist

Not even going to read the rest of your post, let me explain why you're retarded:

Let's assume FUN = 1 BTC = $100
Now let's assume BTC goes up $100
Now FUN = .5 BTC = $100

What you're implying is that now FUN = 1 BTC = $200 which is fucking stupid, FUN has not changed in price, BTC has.

>using USD
If FUN = 1000 sats
And 1000 sats = $100
Then 1000 sats goes up to $200 (ie. BTC doubles), FUN can still be traded for 1000 sats, which is still $200.
It's like this is your first day in crypto or some shit. This is why coins like ZRX are good, because they're heavily manipulated by whales to maintain their sat value regardless of what the rest of the market does, so when BTC or ETH goes up, it can be traded for profit and still gain make gains, even if the coin itself stagnated.

The only reason FUN would stay at $100 in my example is if FUN dropped to 500 sats for no reason, which means FUN had a 50% dip.

>Then 1000 sats goes up to $200 (ie. BTC doubles), FUN can still be traded for 1000 sats, which is still $200.

No, FUN is now worth 500 fucking sats you idiot. FUN did not change in price, BTC did.

> BTC goes up
> FUN goes up in sats

haha nice fud

The price evens to correct for USD after people start selling when there's a BTC rally. People will track coins that are flat in sat value so they can sell them the moment there's a price jump in ETH or BTC.

What the fuck? I said that FUN goes down in sats.

Riddle me this, why the FUCK would a coin that's not BTC arbitarily go up in value when BTC does?

>Wow I have $100 USD
>Wow the value of Yen just went up

Fucking idiots what the fuck


Yeah you're an idiot man. Accept it.

Casinos are shady as fuck dude, they would wreck whoever stepped out of the cartel


fun is going to 2000-3000 sats minimum within 1-2 months

A Satoshi is a fixed percentage of BTC, individual coins are ranked in Satoshis when used with BTC pairings. BTC pairings are also used for estimating the price of a coin in all exchanges to date.
BTC/USD pairing is completely different from FUN/BTC. Your sats do not fucking change unless the individual coin itself goes down in price.
The only reason FUN would drop to 500 sats in my example is if people dumped 50% of FUN so the value of FUN was now 500 sats.
Arbitage does not magically make every fucking coin dip 50% to make sure they maintain a perfect ratio of sat value to what BTC gained.

But yes, you are correct that FUN itself did not directly change in price, but what it can be traded to went up, increasing FUN's price collatery.

If a coin is worth literally one sat, as in it cannot go any lower in sat value, the price of a single sat goes from $1 to $2, you can still trade your coin for one sat, which is then sold for $2, so your original item, while not changing in price from one sat, went up because it can be traded for. Likewise, if the coin did a moon mission, more people bought in, so the coin is now worth 4 sats, then those 4 sats are worth $8. Likewise, if BTC never originally changed, those 4 sats are worth $4.

So long as your pairing maintains the same value, which is where your coin's sat value comes from, your coin goes up in price collaterally. SAT value and USD value are two entirely different things.

Oh yeah, moon to 5 cents when I bought and held at 16.


Wait until the end of the year.

So 16 cents eoy?

More like $1, cap this

>bought at 1200

a-at least it's back to half what i paid...

is there any real difference between buying fun through eth or btc pairings?

Btw i think ICE started today right?

Anyone got any info?

>bought at 19 centoshies

fuck everything haha

Getting delisted from bittrex, have fun

20k checking in

It already had the dump as a result of that, people knew about it almost a week ago. No one cares anymore because Bittrex is just being faggots about a lot of coins in general.