For how little will you eventually sell your cards Veeky Forums?

For how little will you eventually sell your cards Veeky Forums?

>implying i will sell

i'd rather smash them with a hammer than sell to /v/ermin

Yes please

ill continue to accumulate both graphics cards and coins even if btc value reaches .000000001 cent
as im sure many others will.
you arent getting your cards for cheap anymore kiddo, maybe start taking out your neighbors trash for a couple quarters, it will add up quick

2x what I paid

donate them to 3rd world countries and make sure to take pics to post on /v/ that would make it even better because you troll a bunch of people and help a bunch of others.

True Veeky Forumsinessmen in a nutshell.

i will just use my gains to pump n dump GPU's

Isn't selling now smart while prices are still inflated and before everybody else does which will make them plummet. Also before Volta is out.

yes, thus biz will do the opposite and buy high sell low

When Volta is out they'll be worth a lot less even with inflated prices

I've had my rigs up for sale since I built them.
I got 2 offers today for a vega rig for 6000€ and 4500€ for a 7x 1070 rig

I won't sell though.. Maybe I'l sell the s9 because that shit is loud as fuck and is making fucko right now

How long did it take you to make back initial investment?


Hopefully cheap. I could use two more mining rigs.

does SLI/Crossfire positively affect mining performance?

/g/fag here

I have 2 470/570 rigs that already paid for themselves 2x in 7months.

The vega and the 1070 rig are halfway through after 3 months (this crashed fucked my roi up quite a bit)
Antminers paid themselves off pretty quick and are useless now with current diff. I might sell them for 2k each to some nordcuck

What cryptonight coins are you mining?


>buy high
>sell low
>destory all your physical assets
Can you get anymore Veeky Forums?

Can you possibly make a mining rig out of NES?

Just mine with your phone to get better results than fucking 80s technology.

Let em die

I could sell the 580 I bought last year for at least a 20% premuim today if I wanted to, but I don't, so go fuck yourself. I've been waiting for prices to go down anyways, I want to grab some more while their in stock.
>muh vidjyas
I have a leftover GPU in my gaming rig that can play anything I want at ultra, but I just use it to shitpost. Doesn't really matter when they are paying for themselves


I droped turtlecoin yesterday back to electroneum.
Sometimes I point it to XUN and SIKKA, but I gotta pay bills this months so can't speculate much

580s* I bought a lot of them