Bros what is it like to have a girlfriend? Im about to turn 30 and I've never had one. Loneliness is getting to me

Bros what is it like to have a girlfriend? Im about to turn 30 and I've never had one. Loneliness is getting to me

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like bags of sand

like salty milk and coins

Don't do it man, at 30 you get access to the magic skill trees.

why don't you have one OP? i just kept hitting on women like the sleazeball i am for about a week for the first time in life until one of them reciprocated

This isn't r9k, but I'll help you out. It feels good to be wanted, it feels good to have sex, it feels bad when you realize they're unpredictable, unaccountable, and financial black holes.

god damn i fucking lost

Why have you not had one?

like ground

This. Most of them are just grown children. Do you want to be a parent OP?

because im ugly and dont have any confidence. also i have an ugly smile. teeth are really important

its overated

Feels good atleast for me
>always someone to count on , pick you up make/bring you food
>sex whenever
>splits bills
>plays vidya and other Activies
> isn’t crazy
>does chords

Life is Bretty gud desu

i doubt that very much
too many reasons


i'm ugly too? just say sexual things to as many women as you can (but keep it subtle). let them know you're only talking to them so that you can fuck them later

some girls like ugly men

>feels good to be wanted
yea thats what i want

yea but you have confidence. i always feel ashamed about myself, not sure why

I've never had a gf before but I've had lots of girls that get real interested in me and try for a while and it makes me super happy but I don't actually want to date any of them and rebuke their advances.

I just want all women love me and desire me forever, and get really mad when they eventually give up and move on to someone else.

its overrated desu

depends on your girlfriend of course, but pretty much like a best friend who respect and constantly each other grow with added benefits of sex. This is of course if you get a smart & well bred girl. If you just get a lower level bitch it would probably just feel like having an overgrown dog with added benefit of sex.

Alright i'm going to bite and give a serious answer.
It's insanely fun for the first few months especially, absolute fuck fest and getting to eachother. Not as much sex as it progresses, but you start to become much more comfortable with eachother. Problems arise, you begin to know fundamental differences and discover if you both are compatible. You've got issues, she's got issues, it's a human thing. Intimacy and comfort increase if you settle and work through these things. I've been with my girl a couple of years, and i wouldn't trade it for anything. She knows me, supports me, and fulfills no female stereotype on this board.
>hates spending money more than me
>cooks for me every night
>all for me investing in cryptos
>doesn't want to know how much i have
>only wants me to not overleverage myself and trusts that i dont
Find the right one, and she can help you grow more than you can ever imagine.
The wrong one will destroy you, drain your bank account, and leave you questioning every second you put into her and your life before that.

when i lost my virginity at 20 i was like
"this is it?"
"this is what the normans dedicate their lives to?"

with that said, i have a cool gf now that i can talk to about my interests, and that's pretty nice. but shes not a HOT BABE 10/10 she has a brain

Got it, you are a narcissist. Believe me user, just fuck some from time to time, it is fun torturing them mentally and throw them away like a paper towel. Woman are like dog, the worst you treat them the more they flock to you.

This. Pick a good partner and you'll have an extremely fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Good for the first 6 months, maybe year. Then starts getting boring, it is nearly Like bring single again and you find all other girls more attractive and want to fuck them.

This is just called being emotionally abusive. You'll find you can do this with plenty of people beyond just women, but you'll realize that's because those are the only people who will actually entertain your selfish self.
Then you die alone and angry at everyone else. Have fun!

>financial black holes
In the sense that you have less time to be productive, this is often true. In the sense that you spend money on them, it doesn't have to be true. You can have a gf and spend no more money on her than she spends on you.

Just don't move in with them or have them move in. One to three nights of company is good. Basically what I'm saying is find a good hooker.

I have ass burgers and have no clue how to pick up on women’s signals or judge their facial expressions, probably lost out on many cuties over the years who think I wouldn’t have been interested in them because I didn’t notice their mating calls, oh well.

To be honest having a good one is probably pretty epic. Mines a fat psycho and its still kind of nice sometimes.

Subtle positives:

>that adoring look they give you when you tease them or do something impressive
>the feeling when they latch onto you physically and cling to you like you're the rock of their life
>the lustful obedience and soft eager expression when you command them to do something sexual
>the childlike joy when you fix their problems e.g. computer having issues
>the appreciative look in their eyes when you clean up and dress well
>the somewhat satisfying sound of them begging for your cum (after you prompt them of course)
>how swift they can be when you assign them a task
>the restrained look of horror dancing in their eyes when you let them know in no specific terms that you'd be fine without them
>When they greet you at the door happily
>getting texts from them "i'm worried where are you"
>not replying to said texts
>initiating sex, hearing them whine, telling them to shut the fuck up, apply lube, start pounding, *moans* "oh i love when you just use me"
>encouraging them when they please you and seeing them work hard to gain your approval
>when you think back to your days as a young beta virgin while looking down at a girl blowing you and feeling numb

I was hoping crypto can turn me into Chad

lol - here is a guy that knows how to call the bottom when he sees it, where does it go from here?

Worked for me for many years.

She died. Everyone dies, so if you emotionally invest make sure it's worth is because all relationships end in separation or death.

Overrated as hell unless you are a fan of drama.

Literally only useful for having access to regular pussy.

I'm honestly starting to forget how it feels..

Just get a dog bro.
I am 25 and literally never feel tfw no gf.
Buy a doll for sex or some shit.

First you have to become a good partner. You can't attract a well rounded person if you aren't one yourself. Which is my issue atm.

>>getting texts from them "i'm worried where are you"
>>not replying to said texts

This is the best.

sorry for your loss user

join a gym, get healthy, say yes to every single social outing you get invited to, talk to every single person there men and women.

everything will work out from there.

and never ever ever fucking fall for the dating buying giving meme, a worthy woman will have her own shit.

Noo but you can now buy hookers or even escorts or Entertain gold-diggers. At least you can Start training Chad status in Sandbox mode. Chads are chads because of confidenz with women, not money.

it can be hit or miss, in my experience really depends on the personality match over extended periods of time (I say over time because people tend to become complacent and change their attitude eventually)

To give an example, if you're a really aggressive, alpha type guy (not in a Chad way but just more of a leadership way), which I consider myself, it can be extremely annoying to date an aggressive/leadership type girl. I much prefer a very submissive woman who will just go along with what I say and tell her.

I've known guys who are the opposite though, who really like bossy, aggressive women who will tell the man whats up and always give her opinion on everything.

That's some longwinded shit but the point is that your experience will vary greatly based on the personality match. You might date a girl who just isn't right for you, and then you'll think dating is shit. Or you'll date a girl who's perfect for you and you'll never want to live without a woman again.

I've had some really bad relationships and some really amazing ones. Ultimately I'm content being alone when I have to be, and prefer to be alone if my alternative is to be with an incompatible/annoying woman, but it's great having a compatible woman in your life.

Gender is a social construct so naturally men make the best women. Go gay and bottom. No matter how sebacious, odoriferous, hideous, bald, fat, flabby, weak, crippled, annoying or stupid you are, if you bottom SOMETHING will fuk you. Not me, but something.

Start off fapping to traps on /b/ and /gif/ (which should be called /trap/ and condition your cock to available options. In the old days you were expected to succeed and led a life discarded if you didn't. Today you can wallow in orgasms, sometimes even with another mammal. (I'm not speciest, so don't get offended if your fetish has wings or fins or both.)

steve buscemi?

Its cool if she is funny, if not, you'll get bored. We fight when we get drunk. She smells nice and tastes amazing, probably cuz she loves to eat fresh stuff.

She'll flip between traditionalism and liberation whenever it suits her, while simultaneously driving you insane until the inevitable day she exit scams and leaves/divorces you.

Yeah, I would probably kill myself if my fiancee died. She's helped me grow into such a better person than I used to be.

I'm sorry man

This is true. Although, my fiancee found me when I was a wreck and she had the patience to work with me and help me improve. I'm forever grateful.

You think the brain only becomes a necessity if youre not a hb10?

Honestly it has a lot of downfalls.

Like yeah you get to fuck someone you care about who cares about you back but you have to sacrifice a lot of things you care about to have something like that.

Like you gotta go to the gym, gotta eat right, gotta watch your diet. You'll see your friends a lot less, you'll play a lot less vidya, you gotta do stupid shit with them, like go to the mall and walk around with them, go to lame social events with weird people you don't know or are particularly interested in.

Honestly it's a lot of work bro. Like when my gf and I broke up, sure I was a fucking wreck for a few weeks but then I realized I was fucking relieved. I could have my old life back. I forgot all about it. I think deep down I missed it so much.

It's pretty chill, get sex, get that close emotional connection. Until you break up and wonder why you ever made yourself vulnerable like that in the first place.

Honestly dude, advice: keep hitting on women. Uglier motherfuckers than you get laid all the time.

Its not money that people like in others

Counselling, weight lifting, and trips to asia (I'm not talkign about hookers) can change your life. Srs...

It's nice to get your dick wet and cuddle. But then you start noticing how they act solely on the emotion they are feeling in any given moment without any thought towards anybody or anything other than themselves. Then you realise you fucked up and you're gonna have to hurt this person by leaving them, all because you're a relationship virgin and the wet hole felt good on your pee pee.

More like bags of crypto coins

A gf always leaves you in the red

>Gender is a social construct
That must be peace of mind when it's buttplay time with like-minded faggots

Nice, keep that one

>tfw don't even enjoy sex
What am I even living for at this point

I usually dont respond to this type of shitty posts. To be honest this is why I dont like Veeky Forums, I think you guys just are not good with girls. Responding to OP's question, it can be a double edge knife. Finding a good girl takes time, it will not be the first or the second. But once you find the right one, you will feel completed, like you are never alone again, and the world is complete irrelevant. Not trying to be lame or smtg, but it is the true. The problem is, to get to this one girl, you have to go through 10 whores first. Good luck on your journey OP

>and trips to asia (I'm not talkign about hookers) can change your life
That only works if you're a White male

All Asian women want men with a fat wallet.
Over 50% of western women want men with an even fatter wallet.

It's great for maybe a year and then after that it just really fucking sucks. No matter how nice it may seem don't EVER get married. That joy will fade.

Fuck those women then, I'm not paying for companionship
inb4 "no pussy is free" blabla

thanks bros. sharing your experiences really makes it feel genuine. Its something i want, the good and the bad. but somethings wrong with me and im pretty sure im going to remain alone forever. all you guys who have/had gfs really dont know how lucky you are.

>Don't do it man, at 30 you get access to the magic skill trees.

Only if you don't fap.
If you fapped, even once during these 30 years then it doesn't count. You need to accumulate that mana to unlock the powers, not waste it.

Are you happy with your life in general? Sorry for the broad question

What a cringeworthy fag.

It’s pretty tight sometimes, I enjoy random flings / fuckbuddies inbetween relationships. Slept with 12 tinder sluts last year before meeting my current gf


It's going to seem like an impossible hurdle if you're in an existential ditch, but women will only come once you start putting yourself together somewhat. I threw away my career and holed myself up in my house for over a year, almost killed myself a few times. I only turned it around by working on getting fit and I'm putting the pieces back together now. A great woman fell into my life naturally.

Go to Veeky Forums and get started. It benefits absolutely everyone regardless of how ugly you are.

>I'm not paying for companionship
It does not have to be too expensive.
An alternative to sugar daddy or marriage is to hire a $500 SEA live in maid, if you have a good house or apartment.
She will basically be your rented housewife until you send her home.
If you want sex, then become a tourist instead.

thanks bro

Yuuuuge burden. Has to be 130iq at least and good looking too, to connect at any meaningful level but that is so rare combination for girls it is statistically impossibility.

Overall humans are not humans are not a monogamous species, thus divorce rate over 50%. And the other 50% is unhappy at some point

It's basically great at first, then you have less and less sex. Then the girlfriend starts becoming more and more demanding. You will start increasingly changing your behaviour to avoid having to get into another argument. And eventually you just accept that this is how it is. It's what people say when they say "relationships are hard work", it means you just endure it. You're better off in the long term op.

Never commit yourself to a woman who knows you can't walk away and find something else. A woman is happiest when she's with a man that other women look at.

It can be the best thing thats ever happened to you amd the worst thing thats evet happened to you. Things can change on a drop of a hat.

Overall sex is great amd meaningful sex is even better. But that joy can turn to shit like i said and it hurts worse than loneliness does.

Guess everything has its pros and cons. Oh and they are also very very expensive.

First you pump and make gains then it crashes till nothing is left of your soul. Losing money is fun.

pretty amazing for the first 2-3 months

everything after will teach you that being alone ain't so bad

I don't understand

Girlfriends are overrated, trust me. What matters in life are friends, family and community. Everything else is just noise. I'd rather be respected and have people who treat me like a brother than having a gf while being made an outcast and viewed with disdain by family.


IT's like money: if you don't have it, it consumes your life. Once you have it, it's more of an annoyance than living without it.


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