Hahahaha not so fast gaymers

hahahaha not so fast gaymers

videogames have only gotten boring as i've gotten older so eat shit GAMERDUDES

gpu best used for other shit
not stupid vidya

A few hours of green isn't enough to predict anything

If they had 5k to invest they could have bought the dip and gotten a free graphics card. Silly gaymers.

who the fuck still plays video games anyway?
vidya died in the early 2000s now its all dumbed down, SJW-ridden garbage aimed at casuals.

Yeah but we're nearly at 8k which was the peak of the last bounce. This is at the very least the biggest dead cat bounce we've seen in a while


Its based on news tho

>china dumps your ass to 5k
tee hee thanks for the cheap GPUs coincucks

Volumes dying off after a big spike.
Prepare your anus boy.

>angry rightwinger who never liked videogames tells others that videogames suck
Videogames are better than ever thanks to indie boom. Only normalfags care for games from the shitftests that are aaa publishers.

>playing mainstream western garbage
You only have yourself to blame, thanks for making my hardware worth more than when I bought it though

These days I only play older and less intensive games anyway.

nigga I grew up on Amiga500 and fucking videogames. I played the shit out of the old Lucasarts stuff, Infinity engine games that kinda shit. I just busted out Baldurs Gate 2 for my yearly playthrough. But the state of the gaming indusry is utter dogshit there hasnt been a decent game out in the last year and dont talk to me about this indie garbage.

I might be an angry right winger but youre fucking retarded if you play videogames in current year +3

*last 10 years

>videogames have only gotten boring as i've gotten older so eat shit GAMERDUDES

Trading IS the game now - PvP 24/7.

>you simply cannot play old games anymore, because new ones are released

>it doesnt get boring after a decade of playing the same games over and over

no idea, I haven't played games in years and even then the only good games were from like 20 years ago. 20 years later they still haven't got anything better than qw/q3/cs1.6.

Don't forget to cash out this time