D-dip över?

D-dip över?

great portfolio


No. Big money didn't buy in at $6000. This tells us we didn't hit bottom. Expect $5000 BTC by tomorrow morning.

Ja anonym. Det är över. Nu kommer tjuren snart.

Thanks bro, I could need the reassurance right now, even though I don't plan on selling for at least 2 years.

Hoping to be able to make a down payment on an apartment some day to get out of rentcucking.

He isn't Swedish karl

Det är jag visst det, horunge

Jag hoppas verkligen det, jag börjar få handsvett.

det da ikke pænt

Spis min pik, norrbagge

Thanks OP just bought 20K

faktisk dansk men nej tak

Ska vi röka en fet i Christiania?

SEC fucking saved the day, who would have tought?

The screencap of them actually recommending crypto is fucking real?

Wtf I am going to be rich fuck me

>falling for every biz shill
Jesus christ dude

>fuck you


all those shitcoins except ETH are going to 0. Maybe link will survive.

Gå och lägg er eran jävla NEETs. Klockan är snart 2!

can somebody explain why they would buy XRB

Besides "it's fast"

that is literally meaningless when it comes to winning

No fees dumbfuck

Hello google translate.

Fucking Swedish faggots, keep sucking refugees' dick.

You stupid fag. What do you think I will do once I make it? Run from this crazy shithole country!

This. Stockholm is one big refugee center

>Tror sig kunna tala engelska