What makes you think that you're smarter than this guy?

What makes you think that you're smarter than this guy?

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>What makes you think that you're smarter than this guy?
I'm young and I don't wear uncomfortable suits all day

my brain

>literally who

I figured out how to buy bitcoin using my credit card at coinbase.


Who is this old fart and why should we care?

>cognitive ability
my brain

/pol/ told me it was a good idea. /pol/ is redpilled.


My dad was a broker, but later transitioned to work in gov.

He told me at the end of the day, no matter the degrees, super smart CEO-s, all that bullshit, its all luck, betting and greed.

Everyone thinks they know the game, but all they know is shit. Buy low/sell high and scan for rumours/news/fuds.

Literally crypto. Anyone who starts talking about in depth when it comes to trading is bs-er.

Not fair, I have a body instead of 6.

You're also a poorfag

Yeah, it's all coincidence.

I know I'm more intelligent in a bookish/IQ way, but he's obviously a more capable human being overall.

Understanding the value proposition of Bitcoin is tough. There is a lot of contextual information and perspective. Like, if you don't have a particular vision of the future and understanding of history, Bitcoin isn't going to fit into your conception of what's possible.

It's not really about being smarter and more about have pretty specific contextual knowledge that I am highly confident about.

it's about timing too
knowing when to play when to sit out on sidelines


Also I get more than 4 hours of sleep a night.

>bitcoin is a scam
Now let me show you Goldberg Sachs’ newest investment vehicle. The Exchange Traded Note that’s a futures contract tied to the inverse of an index that treats volatility as a commodity that you can short for big goybux. This is a totally legitimate financial instrument! Unlike that crypto-crap that’s totally a ponzi or something!

>net worth of insider goes up
wow who would have thought

A black man was president for two terms as well
But basement dwellers on Veeky Forums who have never ever worked a day in their lives convince themselves that they are superior based on nothing but skin colour
Paints a nice picture doesn't it?

That doesn't work on me, I actually work in finace.

I work for this guy. DESU he probably knows a lot more about markets and a lot less about crypto than I do.

He was just as much white as he was black, yet this always glanced over. He is not a black man. He is a halfrican for fuck sake.

> two of the most left wing boards are the top of chart
> /pol/ below average
How will /pol/ ever recover?

I am not a nigger

You're closer than you think.

IMO he was wrong in his assessment that crypto/btc is a scam. No doubt he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to traditional markets, guy is a mercenary at making money. But imo crypto is less of a scam than many Wall Street “products”

A humble, balanced opinion on biz?

>you need to go back

>uncomfortable suits
>has never worn a good suit
Suits are fucking comfy.

Wait for a dip before buying in.

what makes you think you're dumber than this guy?

Just because you are smart does not mean that you have to say the truth 100% or make you a good guy = being smart

i have a bigger dick and fucked more pussy than him, i dont need to be smarter thankfully

because i'm not surrounded by 3 faggots that look like they're about to take turns stabbing my sharpie socket?