Omg you guys it happened to me xD what do i do

omg you guys it happened to me xD what do i do


prep the bull


Wow OP I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you. All women are nothing but fuck holes to do our bidding and make babie.

Kill all women. HODL FTW

Lost it at “Oort Cloud”

I know user. HODL FOREVER!!!

>letting your gf find out your gains

you asked for it desu

Fake and gay. No provider or WiFi. Also looks shopped, I can tell by the pixilation of the battery level indicator. You’re welcome anons.

kek, you just forgot this. everytime i see a convo with someone's gf, the user has this symbol next to her name. looks dumb imo but whatever

>a parody of a shill post
now this is how you counter-psyop.
i love you, Veeky Forums


Venchad here
I lost count on how many bitches I banged that left their loser linktard boyfriends. stay cucked stinky linkies!

Fake as shit inb4 200+ replies

>Stinky Linky
>Bogdanovs fault
>Oort Cloud

Thanks OP, I got a good laugh

Same here feels bad man

Fuckin top kek OP.

>gf (male)



why did I laugh the hardest at the fact that your name is jimmy

>all of these newfags

OP is larping
are you guys this new?

there isnt even any phone you can write texts like that, I'm calling fake

Got proof?

Ms paint log, low quality bait.

im in both ven and link

fake and gay