Cars you'd like to buy and that you get bullied for by sperging Veeky Forums autists


Basically that. I don’t understand why people on here can’t comprehend that some people want to look professional, not drive a used nip-wagon they got off craigslist for $5k


only turks buy benz the brand is done get audi

>Picking a VW over a Benz

Wew lad

Honestly, i just want a fucking Toyota Camry 2018 XSE V6. it's practical, looks nice enough, i can carry my brother's drunk friends and it, will outlive me and has more than enough horses for getting around without absolutely raping your gas mileage. Too bad they're impossible to get in Europe without importing. Anyone know a way?


benz is goat. lol @ listening to autists on here who have never been inside a woman

benz is the most wanted aesthetic brand on planet earth. i leave my car keys on the table at the bar at get pussy instantly LOL

>sperging Veeky Forums autists
And next time when you see a turk driving an Audi you'll tell me to get an Opel I guess.
Try to formulate your thought again.
I totally understand. Toyotas are reliabe and efficient.

Men of taste. Benz is the ultimate symbol of class.

the new gen mercs are so fucking ugly holy shit

>pic related for me

>autists on here who have never been inside a woman
Does a trap count inside a woman?

How many LINKs for this baby?

no, that counts as a mans asshole.

i have this, and i LOVE it.

OK, good. Women are gross.

>benz is goat. lol @ listening to autists on here who have never been inside a woman
>muh dick
neck yourself '''''''''''chad''''''''''''

>not getting a BMW M2 with Dinan stage 3 instead

Fresh and elegant


Aren't the top model of these the most expensive mercedes you can get? I've seen a few on trader new for over 300 lol. God I love g wagons. Canada's military has them as 'jeeps'

I’m a Turk and getting an S5 faggot

>i'm a manchild with low self-esteem and a babydick

Yeah i already have a toyota camry, they're not a frequent sight in europe. Mine is a 1997 and it's the 2.2L I4 engine which only gets me like 135 horses. An upgrade would be nice. It would take me years to wagecuck my way to a new one, so i guess crypto is the only way.


fk2 civic typer


Was meant to quote this twat below

>all these S/RS 5s
RS6 is the superior Audi.
I'd get that or AM vanquish because it's just so damn beautiful.

Ah sorry, makes sense.


have fun sliding off the road into a tree those SW10's are fucking scary to drive

Montego Blue FD RX7, probably gonna import one from Canada when this bloodbath is over

Probably the M4
I like convertibles and it's nice combination of comfort/performance. Seems like an all-around great car

Yeah I think so but I rather spend 300k in a G Wagon than in a lamborghini or ferrari.


My choice
t. manly man

This is the only correct answer.

I'd love to get one in black


Haven't been bullied yet. Just someone telling me to get a 993 or 997. Price tag is a little too steep on those though.

Should I pull the trigger biz?


a moderate japanese sedan is ample, if you deal with retards then low end bmw / benz is fine and more than enough to fool them

Shit, scraped past the quints. Depends on how much you money have. I wouldn't spend much more than 10%.

2016 porsche cayman gt4
these babies should drop from ~90k down to ~60-70k by summer when the 2019 gt4 is announced
coolest most over engineered car you can buy at this price range still with a manual transmission

*money you

Don't let those cucks sway u. MR is better than RR. Porsche changed their 911 rsr to MR cuz they were consistently getting spanked. 718 is better than 911.

excellent choice user

''Tis but only 25k m'lord with 80k miles

the new gt4 is a 718 but they always make that shit exclusive to long time porsche customers

these cars are so cool
idk if I'd want the new 718 with a 4 cylinder turbo when you can get the gt4 with a 6

>buying a car to define yourself
never gonna make it

the new mecedes benz e63s amg is hands down the best car at the moment for the price


Well comparing a cayman gt4 to a base 718 is apples to oranges.

>buying a car to define yourself
Projecting much? I just want a comfy, aesthetic and high-quality car.

>comparing apples to oranges
fucking farmlets

I bought a LR Range Rover Sport SVR that is going to be delivered in a few months. I got it in British Racing Green. I have a silver one now, the '18s are a face lift. It's a fun suv to drive but still very practical for a daily driver.

G65s are like 225k, I had one for a short while. Really the 63 makes more sense because the G65 is so detuned on the bottom end to make the transmission last. The problem with the G wagons is they just absolutely suck on the road.

The new G class is coming out end of this year and should be greatly improved. Offroaders won't be happy because it won't be a solid front axle, but, the on road performance will be much improved.

They drive great, but, yeah you will always look like a guy who couldn't afford a 911. Question is if you really care of not. I say if you enjoy it, enjoy it.

If you go the 911 route, 911s are fun to drive and very rewarding, technology has made them much easier to drive fast and now the engines slammed so far forward you drop the whole engine down to do basically anything. I think the 991.1 was the best though, the 991.2 with turbos on the S models is faster and probably better in every way, but, something is lost with them.

a used 2016 vs a new loaded up 2018 s is simlar priced
but I only got into this a few months ago so I don't know much
I narrowed my new car to a cayman or bmw m2 and the more I think about it it's going to be a cayman and I'll keep my truck for bullshit winter weather

spotty NEETs telling me this car is to big or that it is for women.. Little do they know just how far inferior their sense of aesthetics is.

If you need a sedan, maybe. The benz's are just so heavy, you really feel it when you start to push them.

Grow bitbeans with that lambo

ayyy my nigga

Fuck, ure actually buying it? Cayman gt4 no question.

Muscle oldies are a national treasure, a severely underappreciated one


>They drive great, but, yeah you will always look like a guy who couldn't afford a 911. Question is if you really care of not
I think that is a common opinion among Porsche enthusiasts and to put it frankly, older men. Since I'm in my early 20s owning any Porsche at all is already seen as an achievement, so it doesn't bother me much. Most of my peers can't see the difference anyway. Even a used 2.7 or 3.4s is still long ways of for me though, nevermind a 911. One day, user... One day.

>Pic rel currently up for sale for 26k Euros
>tfw was getting close to that number before the crash

I had one of these like...10 years ago. Fun as shit but maintenance gets a little expensive.

I cashed out just enough BTC back in Dec. when it was 18,800 to buy a used 1997 Honda Del Sol. I got a decent enough deal on it that I didn't really notice the coin....since I bought it I've caught some good deals on an eibach pro series suspension kit and some motegi racing MR116s. I also picked up all new tie rods and bellows to work on the front end. Once I get some new control arms, ball joints, and a big brake kit I'm going to work on the small spot of rust and then I will free up about a thousand to buy a low mileage B20 drop out to install in it. It wasn't my first choice but when I'm done modding and restoring it I will be able to sell at a profit if I want to. I do my own labor, so I play around with cars on the side for fun.

ya I cashed out enough gains before the crash to live it up for a few years but when we were at $5900 I was second guessing it
now I'm 90% sure I'll be buying it, I debated a 2014/2015 turbo s for a while but the gt4 is such a cooler looking car and cheaper newer less miles I have to go with that

literally just got one black, a coupe

How about lotus exige? Thing with caymans is that they're gimped from the factory cuz they can't have it being better than their flagship.

Hi Veeky Forums

I'll start from most attainable to least attainable:
90's Miata
Humvee (military)
2017 Honda Accord Ex-L V6 Coupe
Cadillac CTS-V Station Wagon
Ford F-150 Raptor
1968 Fastback Mustang Boss
Lamborghini Diablo
BMW 7-Series



Its all about the Benz AMG GT with the V8 Biturbo

Too heavy and feels like you are driving a coffin - awful visibility and really feels like a big big car. Poor attempt at battling the 911. Sounds good though.

Twingo. The finest automobile.

All I wanted was a bad ass little sports car to run around in as a daily driver. Was going to buy a 350z but then my whale friends started making fun of me. So was thinking about upgrading to a 370z but then GODDAMN market crashed right before I was going to pull the money out. Now I'm sitting here with no bad ass little sports car. Goddamnit.

The only correct choice
>I'm filthy rich: the vehicle


>watches SaabKyle on youtube once

>shitty car!!1!
>too heavy!!!!
>Cant see outta the damn thing!!11!!!


Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang RV wins errytim

>anything Nissan

You probably wear white sunglasses and cargo shorts too, dont you...

I can't bully you for that patrician choice.

>Cars you'd like to buy and that you get bullied for by sperging Veeky Forums autists

>You probably wear white sunglasses and cargo shorts too, dont you...

Seriously faggot?

In all seriousness, I just like Nissan but I'm choosing between a Z4, Z Car or FR-S/BRZ.

It's true. Drive around a Benz and it turns heads.

ffs, why was I under the false impression that Veeky Forums actually had ambition?

Hold me Veeky Forums

BRZ/86/FR-S handle nicely and look nice, but they have absolutely no guts. 205HP stock is absolute shit for an entry level sportscar.

aw11 cunt

Because I just want a fun sports car and don't want to blow a fat stack of my portfolio? Go blow six figures on a car and then sell it for 50% when I take your bitch ass on the markets.

Also the real showcase of flexing nuts is real estate. Go ahead and blow your stack on some faggot car and miss out on the coming real estate crash, dumb fuck.

Friendly reminder that 458's and huracan's are the tribal tattoos of the car world.

Yeah totally. I've watched and read everything I can find on the Toybaru. I'm not sure if the lack of power would bother me in a daily and I like the sick gas mileage on them. They do seem like the most practical sports cars on the market right now.

is this clown serious?

You realize you can have BOTH a "fat" portfolio AND a six figure car, right? Why dont you set some real goals for yourself instead of "wishing" for a nissan and living in a shithole 3/2 home in the ghetto you mexican piece of shit.

>miss out on the coming real estate crash, dumb fuck.
when is this coming? I'm ready, I'm waiting.

Yeah, okay faggot.

>Hurrr durrr Nissans are below me

Honestly, you're probably a morbidly obese faggot who's father bounced on your cunt whore of a mother. So I'll forgive you for being such a worthless cocksucker.

I would love to get one of those bike cars

Q4 2018 - Q1 2019 starting in Canada from my understanding.