We're like gonna gonna put rfdi on wine bottles so they can be tracked and stuff

We're like gonna gonna put rfdi on wine bottles so they can be tracked and stuff.

>Walton does that and already have chips.

Like we didn't even want to do that in the first place have you seen our partners?

>Yeah but what does your token do now

Well it's like if you combined neo and ethereum or something but way more tokens but like have you seen our partners?

>Why are your partners impactful if you can't even tell us what your token does or how they will use it?


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>implying you need a real purpose to make it to top 5 market cap by end of year

Partnerships, buzz words, and staking are all it really needs user. You didn't think this game was about investing in the best and most useful tech did you? Just look at who is number 1, 3, 4 and 5 currently...

looks like OP is a salty walty pajeet

im so tired of this VEN fud
we get it you found one of the handful projects thats actually worth something and now you wanna fud the hell out of it.
its tiresome af OP dont you have anything better to do?
noone falls for this shit at this point why dont you fud some coins that are not on everyones radar already?

Yep and pwc + dnv gl are gonna shill the shit out of Ven to their customers.

didnt read lol

still holding my 8k ven

Why are you acting like getting people to agree to use your product is a negative thing? It's amazing for any startup to get huge partners to sign up this early.

Didn't buy the dip yesterday huh? You fucked up.

Salty Walty Said "No Fair!"
Salty Walty Felt Despair,
Salty Walty Keeps Staying Salty,

There's a difference between relevant partnerships... And quality partnerships.

VEN will end up relying 100% on wtc to be successful, that's why I own both. Fundamentals will become more and more important as this market rises back up, with ICO and other securities regulations coming to America pure PWC incubator hype and similar big name irrelevant affiliations will add less and less value.


Vechain - Whale Shark
Walton - Remora

Learn your place and they'll let you stay on for the ride.

It's weird a post shitting on most coins timeout with no replies but you shit on ven and suddenly everyone comes out of the wood work to tell you why their vaporware is the best.

N-no, I sold the dip yesterday, b-b-beecause we're going to 5k and ven will drop too, R-right guys?

Implying technology matters more than partners.

The fucking autism on this forum is insane. You people really don't know how society works, do you.


BLARTchain when?

You think it's easy to get a legitimate partner in the crypto game? I'm sure they pitched them your little wine bottle speech, get fucked faggot and stay poor

Society works by dumping a coin after it moons nice hodl meme how heavy are them bags boy?

Bought at thirty cents then .55 I'm panicking over here kiddo

1 cent deposited to your account for countering with shill about how much you've made.

Instead of being a salty fucker, why not just buy both

VeChain is a BaaS company. The most meaningful metric of their success is partnerships.

This FUD is like saying that the clients held by a Big Four auditing firm doesn’t matter. It’s the ONLY thing that matters.

>muh Walton

no no ve chain he took my money get him get him

when this hit 100 dorrar


Amanda Cerny

partners + a working product with customers already using it. tell me again about all of waltons customers again?

so pwc & dnv gl aren't relevant?

yep you got us we are all just a big telegram pnd group. youre too sharp user we can't fool you

VEN is a scam


walties gonna cry when ven joins china mobile iot also

this coin is such a scam look back at their ico they gave all the tokens to an exchange and halted trading immediately ...none of the parnterships are real they duped jim breyer too

Jim Breyer's Ice Cream isn't either.

At least someone else knows the truth

Yeah they hacked DNVGL twitter too.