Itt: car ull buy with crypto gains

goat of all goats. bow down to german aesthetics.

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goat of all goats.


I want one of those so bad.

doesnt look as comfy aa this here user

Fuck off guerilla marketing

good fucking taste user

Enjoy getting hacked

Man, I just want to afford a tranquil life.

Yeah.... if you're a turkroach

whats that lights package called ?


For that price could get a 65k, 650hp camaro ZL1 and still have 100k to get any luxury sedan of your choice


what are you gay?

Lexus flagship sedan

They change frequently so I don't know the latest model

There's like four car threads already, fuck off

must be a burger meme. cant pull any sloot in that burgermobile nigger LOL

holy shit

which model has this interior?

Nice taste familia

I like trucks

turks cant afford s coupes. they buy old cl 500 or 2004 cls

any new upper benz class. GOAT


this is your taste user am i right

i have this. love this.

In green plox

t. xmr investor

ah a fine choice user

Mercedes is now a nigger car like Chrysler 300

but to me it does user. there is enough electronic wizardry in my life, the last thing i need is more fucking screens in my face, i need a place where i can be left alone.




Not sold completely on the color but this car.

Along with a coupe.

Name me one time you've ever seen a nigger in a Porsche.

S-stop laughing

more spaceship than car

>designed in china
gross lay them off

This shit ugly.

Get the Lexus SUV I posted below you.


Is that fucker going into production or just a concept?


Hi mom

911 GT3 with steel brakes cause I’ll track the balls off of it.

Prove it

I really wish we could get this in the states.

Superior and affordable mid-sized family SUV coming through. First child on the way, busy being responsible over here.


Alright, I would probably actually get this anyway even though it's more than double the price.

I think I read somewhere it was going into production this year.

good choice user

How? Through the infotainment system? Whats that gonna do besides annoy the owner?

dude check the Volvo XC60 if thats what your looking for, that thing is badass

awesome tech but for such an expensive and techy car they look boring af

Actually a study was done several years ago that showed girls were far more attracted to trucks than any type of car. It might have been done in the US, though. Still, it shows how shit taste women have.

lol all the picks so far are something i would see a feminine faggot driving

baka guys

He's lost in though. Put him to sleep. You know what to do next

Would be neat to find one of these.

be realistic

Will do. However Mazda is very very popular and well supported down here in Ausfailia

Go check out the Haval
Best bang for buck I find

This guy gets it, all these faggy euros and their zippy match box cars are no match for a fortress on wheels. Way more comfy being that high off the ground, and you can run over plebs.

this one. and im going to ride it all day.


oh baby

High mileage and depreciates rapidly. Just lease one for a few days.

With reasonable gains, a GT-R. With extreme gains, pic related.

This shit's over two years old. They perform over-the-air security updates now.

Here’s the vehicle types women find most attractive among male drivers:

Pickup trucks: 32 percent.Sports cars: 27 percent.SUVs: 16 percent.Sedans: 11 percent.Hybrid or electric: 9 percent.UPS truck: 4 percent.Minivans: 2 percent.Mail trucks: 1 percent.

Weird it's true. Their reasoning is women associated them with men who know how to get shit done and aren't phased at the regular 100 dollar fill ups. So pickup trucks equal money and competency in women's minds apparently.

basing your car around what a fucking woman likes

super cuck

4 doors are for cucks

motorcycle 100 percent


>asking women what they find attractive and believing it
just fukin kek. Most women claim to want a "suuuper sensitive niiiice guy teehee" but go for the loudmouth cage fighter with facial scarification.

67 GTO

>not using big gains for more gains on lower volatility indices

this is why most people can't handle a lot of money

W211 e55 amg . Don't care if it's old I'll make her my daily. Also I'll buy a shit e36 bmw and mod the fuck out of it for fun

They find me, I mean them, more threatening when they have a built in scowl and scars on their face. That's what makes them wet and intrigued cause they want to tame the beast. Round face man babies with moobs are pussy repellent.