The Great Lakes Debate

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Although the sales of our drinking water (from the Great Lakes) could spark job opportunities and money to our state (Michigan), how could it also negatively affect our economy?

depending on how you accumulate the water, you could get flak from local governments affecting wildlife populations

nogs cant swim. so more will get in from chicago and pittsburg if our lakes dry up. stay strong michfag,

It will take away jobs from those who are anti drinking water

it wouldn't
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big water is too big to fail

also, where does the water flow from and where does it usually end up?

your marketing will suffer too

great lakes drinking water? fuck that, I want my drink to spew from heavens untouched asshole

what are the consequences?

also, barriers to entry - I'm sure there are a whole set of regulatory bodies aiming to prevent you from taking their cheddar. government, private

Michigan has a major problem with not having actual drinkable tap water in many towns because of oil fracking polluting the water supplies. Detroit is a lost cause at this point. Water has to be brought in from other parts of the state and sold to the citizens of these towns so that they can use it. Selling the state's water out of state creates a competing market with the water sold to the local communities.

Cancer from the plastic bottles.

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I'm against anything that will screw up the environment. Get the fuck out of my state water jews. Selling clean water to poor people instead of fixing their local supply; Go fuck yourself.

The Feds will put fluoride in the water and turn everyone who looks at the Great Lakes gay.

We need to build a wall around the great lakes drainage basin then secede from the US/Canada. When the Ogallala Aquifer and other sources of freshwater out west finally tap out, I don't want those fucks coming here. That goes double for anybody living in California

Fuck everyone else. They can get their own water

>mfw we're actually helping a fellow user rather than shitting on him

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>Nestle is selling the water
>ppl in Flint are given free bottled water for not having fresh H2O

What the fuck? Making the lakes pure enough to drink is bad for the economy. Where else can I dump my toxic chemicals so it fucks Canadians up? Get real, without this ability my business is incapable of surviving.


Fellow Michigander here,

1. Competition: Other States will engage in the exact same practice.
2. Environment: Just fuck my shit up
3. Price: Probable oversupply from 1.

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