Do you even dyor??

The father of synthetic biology is starting a genomics blockchain project on a public chain, what do you do??

This is seriously a no brainer

heres a freebie, this project hasnt hit the news yet, but it will, maybe you will wish you got in earlier

what's the coin nigger

Join the telegram dungus

just tell us fgt

Thank you. Might sell 50% of my MTN for this.

Ok one more time



How about a fucking website so we know this isnt some fucking impersonator scam telegram

oh boy that poor telegram channel it's about to become a memeing shitshow

>founding partner at Just
>that hair
I cannot stop laughing

Looks like a scam.



Not a scam y'all. This project is new, just seems off because you guys usually only hear about projects once they launch and have products. This is what it feels like to get in on the ground floor.

how fucking retarded are you


>no website
>no whitepaper
>no announcement
>just an impostor telegram
You do know ICO scamming is a felony, according to new SEC regulations, right? 5 to 20 years in prison, m8.

No presure man, if you want to wait for these things cool... Just offering an early heads up ....

Look at the hair on this fucking chink.
>founding parter at Just

We got the indian, we got the chink, we've got the dodgy russian sounding guys, we got the PhDs, we got the guy from google, everythings shaping up to be a great success.

what kind of meme reality is this

this doesn't exist but it should

Came here to post this.

>founding partner at JUST

Gonna have to pass on this one

these people dont exist

In all honesty this feels like a secret sign to people in the know to stay away from this project. Like the head of Confido being named Joost. I'm not taking any chances with this shit.

You need to do better research. I've already done it, and Ive already shown more than enough for now. Pay attention next week if you dont believe

old faggot decided to get some cash before retirement

The cofounder Dennis Grishin has a linkedin with a link to their website, the company is listed in the profile but only two members

currently just a password protected landing.

might be so early fuck all has happened, or scam.

When moon?