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what does ark actually do?

Create bagholders

>what doesn't it do

What alts did you pick up at the bottom arkies?

I tripled my position in STRAT and got a few hundred ARK extra to stop my wallet rank from sliding.

i'm not trying to be smart, i think it has potential, just looking to find out what otehr /bizraelis think
spefically, why will ARK prosper where others dont?

Ark, ICX and Nuls


Wordpress blockchain. Interoperabilty. Lots of development. Primed for adoption.

Ok I’ll give it my best shill: Ark will allow anyone to release their own blockchain (not just a token their own chain) with a normie friendly interface. They just adjust a few parameters to suit their needs and they are deployed, and these chains (plus others like BTC and ETH) will be linked.

They unironically have a good dev team with like $150 million in funding, with a lot of community development input. 8 second block times right now with a new core release imminent that will reduce transaction fees, and a DPOS system that gives around 8-12% per year.

Cons: the price hardly responds matter to dev milestones being ticked off and no matter how much positive news is released

how much ARK do I need for a girl like this?

so how does the token play into this. why will the token price rise over time (which as an investor is all i care about)?

Isn't it crazy that Ark actually has a female who shits all over Ark now? Memes do become reality.


Reserve currency, ICO funding, transaction fees, maybe gas payment - this will likely be an optional parameter when setting up a new chain.

ok thx for answering. i'm still not convinced tho. i tend to think the future of crypto is in the development of smart contract infrastructure - something that the senate hearing today alluded to.

And where do you think the smart contracts will run? Inside a VM which is what the ArkVM is for.

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I dont have to convince you.