Today I said fuck it, to prove that I am the ultimate HODLer I went ahead and got this. I will NEVER SELL...

Today I said fuck it, to prove that I am the ultimate HODLer I went ahead and got this. I will NEVER SELL.. only HODL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you guys think

the tattoo blends in surprisingly well to your arm. can barely tell it's even there.

Gay as fuck

tattoos were a mistake

I think you're larping.

nothing left to say

big if true

it's a shame you didn't kys instead

fuck you

There someone out there alive today that actually has this tattoo.

why is your shirt buttoned all the way up? are you mexican?

Well a quick google images search reveals that you are a faggot.

Thats a thing that I think.



Nice tattoo you normie faggot

Guy fox on a cross? what the shit does this even have to do with holding bitcoin?
Seriously man, what the FUCK does this have to do with bitcoin... make sure you never wear ANYTHING less then a long sleeve while in public.

>being so blind that you miss the LINK symbol

What the fuck does le anonymous mask have to do with link?

based tattoo
you going to do a full sleeve?


literally nothing, this is a shit thread

>guy fox
>surely you have eyes, right user? I mean, are you blind?

Where am I! I can't see anything..


fake news


I just sold all my Links. Thank you for posting, OP Faggot

i have never cringed this hard in my life
do yourself a favour, wear long sleaves from now on
damn i almost want to cry for you, no matter how rich or poor you are that tattoo will always be there
also why waste money on that instead on that instead of just buying more link?

>What do you guys think
I think you should google pogs or beanie babies. You will own the digital version. Keep buying that dip. You will be losing money like it's on fire


It is sacrilegious
very bad

Body desecration with tattoos and piercings should a criminal offense

it's mathew fox

>Guy Fox

The absolute state of Americans

1) the tattoo is stupid
2) you're a faggot
3) reddit is that way ~>

im a stupid burger and keking hard

I didn't even need to see this, or reverse image search the OP to know this fag was from reddit.