Anybody notice how smooth the exchange is?

Anybody notice how smooth the exchange is?

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shameless bump

Honestly still needs work. I'm still hodling though.

Because noone is using it user

No traffic


I like those distributions of shitcoins


haha nice dude its good thanks!!!

Bog approved and an actual working product that pays out weekly dividends unlike biz approved shitcoins. Coss pays out in a boom or a bust. Fiat gateway and updated engine coming in March.

That's because the new CTO actually fucking knows what she's doing with web development

Anybody who hasn't jumped on board now deserves to stay poor. With a competent CTO this thing is going to the moon

Smooth like butter

When volume picks up I’ll be making $400 a week. That’s going straight back into crypto. Massive avalanche effect.

Your a madman if your not stocking up.

>implying I didn't

it's never going to be this low again

How many Coss do I need to make it?

holding over80% in this, wish i would have sold at $3 and bought back in... thinking about buying 2k of ETH and putting in some and buying a little of

10K would be a good start

during this whole crash I held my things in COSS and in GATCoin

it was a comfy stable ride

From day 1 this shit was focused on compliance and the long term legal. Today's hearing made me even more bullish. Now that they've got competent devs its only a matter of time.

ok let me get rich first then I'll get that many.


You guys have said this shit over and over and it only keeps dropping. It's great they fixed the charts but now its even more clear to people that it only is going down lol.


It's like you guys think COSS is somehow going to magically reach a volume that makes it worth buying and holding coss.

2nd thread in an an hour, try less hard next time and you might convince me, fags.

rumor is they are planning for a UI 2.0 update which reflects this

Terrible user interface.

>fiat gateway in a month
>open registrations
>still in BETA yet runs smooth
>January volume skyrocketed
>Coin Only $.50 down from $2.3~ with just a UI update.

Fiat Update? We're going to fucking Saturn.

Doesn't look bad, it never has looked bad it just needs that touch to make it better. Conditional stop losses would be a big plus.

Trading on the exchange itself is weird from an honest review.

looks more useful than what they have now desu. Especially lev 2 positioned vertically and the chart size expansion.

They haven’t even started marketing yet. Once the engine is updated and fiat is added . They plan on hiring a marketing team. Hard to believe this exchange won’t grow monthly. We don’t need binance numbers to get decent payouts .


Thx just sold 5k

>We don’t need binance numbers to get decent payouts.
Majority of the holders do. It's just those 100k-500k holders people that don't.

I bought the dip, think it will keep going up or is BTC going to take a shit again?

Get me to 50M daily volume and I can retire.
Or 20M daily FIAT volume.
That's literally nothing.

COSS is here to stay for sure and they have proven themselves

BTC is about to take another shit, but it was a good dip.

Like I said, majority of the people holding it need Binance numbers unless they are holding like 100k-500k. Sure 20-50mill volume would be easy if they added good coins, but looking at the coins they added idk man. JETCOIN??? VEZT?? Plus some other random ass shitcoin. You're also assuming other big name exchanges aren't planning FIAT already.

>they have proven themselves
Lol. Not yet.

Do any of you faggots understand the tax implications of owning dividend coins? I don't think you do. But you will soon.

>You're also assuming other big name exchanges aren't planning FIAT already.
No, I'm all for more FIAT exchanges. What I'm assuming is that we can take 5% of Coinbase's revenue. Shouldn't be too difficult.

How does anyone day trade this horse shit? I want to increase my stack but there's zero volume

This is precisely why I also invested in CoinMetro (and to be honest, appears to be fully prepared)

Nope, way less than binance will pay out very well at 50% even with small bags

it's totally that

this new CTO wasn't the one coss deserved, but the one coss needed.

to the moon now, fiat march

You made it then if you bought your huge stack at 8 cents or something. I personally think it will be just a niche exchange for certain coins they list before anyone else and arbitrage.

With small bags you might as well just put it into another coin and watch that grow then waiting for dividends. Which is what I did

Can someone photoshop Runes face on George Cosstanza . Too lazy but this meme has potential

babys first ICO