So do they mean like my kids will one day be able to sign up or what...

So do they mean like my kids will one day be able to sign up or what? I mean seriously when can I join this shitty exchange? Been trying since December.

you don't get to show up late and complain all the seats are taken.

ill sell you my account for .5 eth

I'll sell my account for .4 eth

Fuck you faggot I mined ethereum and Zcash before you were born. I didn't bring my money out to play until yea too late.

>until yea too late

that neglects all your previous achievements

When faggots? When?

I have a Bittrex account where do you live maybe we could switch identities like in Face Off.

just migrate to binance like everyone else. you'll be waiting months for bittrex.

I mean seriously a huge exchange cannot even sort out new registrations in months? WTH

Binance is shitty too

>migrate to binance bro
>gets cucked for 12 hours

Haven't you heard, user?


Why the fuck would you want to join it? The fees are 5 TIMES higher than on Binance (which hopefully hasn't been goxed). Most of the smaller caps markets are dead. It used to at least work well, but now orders take 30 seconds to place, it logs you out all the fucking time, and if you're on a mobile hotspot you have to log back in twice each time as well as click a link in a login confirmation email because your IP changed. Oh, not to mention the horrendous interface from 1998 that doesn't fit in one screen and the dysfunctional useless graphs.

It's the last of my B's son. Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex


>Bittex is run by a chink and a few of morons.
>The support is mentally retarded
>The Jumio verification system is garbage.
>Bittrex is sitting on a crime scene.

That's why you can't sign up. Good luck getting your money out of there.

Bittrex is the biggest scam in crypto of all time.

nice fud pajeet

I literally withdrawal my zcl that I deposite to bittrex from mining every day

well you should find a better fucking place to put it. put it on own computer.

Why do all the exchanges suck so fucking badly? Is it really that difficult to get a team of engineers together and build an actual good exchange that can accept new registrations? There's billions of dollars out there for anyone that does

Despite moving billions of dollars, this whole industry is fucking flying on planes being held together by duct tape and zip ties.

that sounds pointless, why not just mine it into the address you send it to from bittrex?

Because only autists know about blockchain. They know all the math behind blockchain but can't code a decent website

They're holding a good chunk of my stack hostage. My legacy account was updated without notice and now I have to verify to get my coins off.