What the fuck is going on?

what the fuck is going on?

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Excuse me sir, please wait as we conduct a database upgrade. No, your funds are not being extracted to our encrypted hard drives and taken back to China.

Thank fuck some user here alerted us a couple days ago to get funds off there. I tried to find the thread but I'm limited on my tablet.

I thought I was pajeetd at first but I guess he actually knew something... The thread was like

"if you have funds on binance move the quick"


People were missing funds, everyone started freaking out and now they took down binance for some unscheduled maintenane.
You didn't leave all your crypto in some chink exchange right user? Surely you wouldn't be this careless and stupid after so many exchanges go hacked.

only have around 500 dorra on binance

Lol if Binance was exit scamming crypto market is kaput for at least 8 months.

Hello Sirs, since binance is about to exitscam, it’s time to use a more trustworthy exchange in the future. I present to you:


Pleas Sirs, stay save

Cunt died

Binance down for maintenance check their twitter ignore fudders

would love it if bitcoin mooned and all the tether faggots on binance got justed

kinda happening

Just imagine if only binance changes their tether into bitcoin to moon it so all the tether nards fomo'd in the get dumped on again.. just imagine

Maintenance are generally announced beforehand

>missed first deadline
>expanded needed fix time by an order of magnitude
>devs literally vomiting at the scope of what has gone wrong


CZ was diagnosed with cancer, and on the way home from the hospital his car collided with vitalik butterin's and they're both kill

don't be quick to trust twitter. The last big hack we had, Nicehash, they tweeted the whole time saying maintenance. Don't be naive and leave your shit in exchanges. It happens, you should be slightly worried.

fuck i remember that


AAAAAAAAAAAA please my ledger isn't arriving until tomorrow

Thank fuck I moved my eth out a few days ago to get jnt

LOOOL those chinks make a fortune off of fees, it would be literally infinitely more profitable for them to stay and be honest than to exit scam, they have no reason.