What are the first HIV symptoms?

What are the first HIV symptoms?
a year ago I had unprotected gay sex and now I have flu or something for 2 weeks

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Just get tested ass hat.

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a really bad strain of the flu has been going around nationwide. chill out.

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fatigue, longer than usual sickness, general discomfort.
If you're feeling any of that I'm sorry mane, dont even bother getting a test, you're 100% positive for faggyness.

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lol gay sex is like 1000x as likely to give you aids than normal sex. Also gay people are 10x as promiscuous as normal people so do the math. But seriously, get tested.

Where you the top or the bottom? Are you or the other guy circumcised or not?

If you are circumcised and if you are the top, it's unlikely to get HIV from a single ass rekting

Generally HIV symptoms happen within 2 weeks to 3 months.

flu is way to general to narrow things down. A better way to see if your immune system is going to shit is seeing if you are getting skin infections like yeast/fungal infections in the groin and armpits, and acne breakouts.


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There's a reason HIV, one of the most painful excruciating ways to die, is strongly prevalent in the gay community. Die a painful death for me faggot.

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the flu lasts two weeks, just get HIV tested instead of posting about butt secks on an animu forum

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HIV fever shows up a few weeks after infection, not a year after. Any other symptoms? Rash?

Just get tested, OP. Put your mind at ease. Even if it is HIV, which it's probably not, it's no longer a death sentence. There is no cure yet, but with all the treatments available these days it's more of a nuisance than anything.

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A year ago? You're ok OP, the incubation period is a month at most.

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Had the flu that hit hard. Went from fine, to feeling a bit off and scratchy throat to full on abomination of a sore throat and clogged head and aches in a matter of six hours. That was three and a half weeks ago and I still tire easily and still sound like I'm coughing up glops of something.

Got tested at the doctor's office and it wasn't the regular flu. Called it the influenza like illness. Fucking chinks sleeping with their pigs and chickens again.

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This. Got sick for over a week. Still went to work because everyone at work was already sick.

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Get tested. Even if you are infected, it is still manageable with modern medicine.

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