Do I need to become a manwhore to accumulate this? I don't understand what I am reading on the website

do I need to become a manwhore to accumulate this? I don't understand what I am reading on the website

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i work as an escort, so i believe in this

I didnt invest because while the creators are protected by anonymity you as the coin holder are not

You're buying a token which will get 50% of their profits.
It's like a share in a company.

H-hey bby

There's no reason not to be, you can pay with Monero and get your dividends in Monero.
You don't need to give any data except for an email.

Its also a perfect setup for an exit scam. "FBI shutdown our servers silkroad style"

Agreed, but I choose to believe, I want it to work.

anonymous devs isnt it?

so im basically buying a share in an escort company?

fomod in pre-ico



This is a legit concern, but if I lose it, it's only a couple hundred bucks, the potential reward is so much greater than that, I'll take the risk, it's no big deal to me.

is this the closest i'll ever get to being a pimp?

I thought it was obvious by now not to invest more than you can lose.
Literally cannot believe anyone in their right mind would invest money they cannot afford to lose.

lol u clearly did'nt read the threads all day since january
babys first "investment"
in the casino
lmao this generation is really beyond fucked

I invested pre ICO. I like their business model, I think the future of sex work is in crypto. Feels comfy.

Every time a whore in montreal opens her legs, I'll get a dividend. That makes me a pimp.

this anonymous scam is being shilled so hard today

careful folks

Care to explain why?
I've browsed through their whitepaper and so fare it makes sense.
The only drawback is the user team.

"invest" and "investment" are the wrong words here, this is pure speculation and gambling.

thats exactly true
but i fear many (if not most) don't understand this
they will have this bias for the rest of their life
"muh boring stock/bond market"

>You're buying a token which will get 50% of their profits.
What assurance do I have of profit sharing?
>It's like a share in a company.
Who enforces these shares?

blockchain auditing (I appreciate thats not a guarantee)
The whole point is an opportunity like this could never exist in the formal economy. This product is forward thinking and suprajurisdictional.

I appreciate a bit of faith is needed.

it's gonna be Eros all over again

have fun getting scammed

If we're being fair, technically the difference between "investing" and "speculation" is intent.

Most folks here are putting money in with the intent of making fast high returns, and without putting much thought into what they're "investing" in. This style of "investment" is speculation, which is the investment term for gambling.

Actual investment is having a solid understanding of the potential risks and rewards, attempting to min/max those risks and rewards with extensive research, and a plan for long term holding because you believe in what you're investing in, not just a get rich quick scheme.

These ideas are the basics of "The Intelligent Investor" a highly recommended investing book.

Just went through the white paper and roadmap and thus project looks really good but there is a few problems that I'm worried about.
1. The devs hold 170 million tokens in contrast to the 140 million offered in ico's.

2. The Dev team is completely anonymous.

3. The price suddenly rises by 40 cents if you don't get in pre ico.

Is it fair that I'm worried about these things making it a potential pump and dump? But I do however do want to invest in the project.

>I appreciate a bit of faith is needed.
They also appreciate this by mentioning it in the FAQ, take that however you will.

Never follow a leader that does not want to show his face and stand behind his ideas whit everything he is!

Ask yourself this:
Why does team not show their faces? What are they gonna lose if they do? They will have to sooner or later if they "plan" to really run this company!
By showing your face you put something on the line! You put yourself as collateral that you won't scam and believe in what you say. If the projects fails so be it plenty of start ups fail, people respect that you tried but it did not work out. If you however lie to your investors and people have your FB and Linked no decent employer will higher you its pretty much game over as a decent member of society.

>If you ask me why i care so much?
I got scammed ones user by a ICO with user team, don't do the same mistake.

>who is satoshi nakamoto

Projects like this so need an anonymous Dev team unfortunately. It's both a good and bad thing in these circumstances.

Who is Satoshi is irrelevant.

Because what he made is decentralized he can't run away with the funds of everybody as he has no control on his project.

Unlike this team.

It's a thin line.
High risk high reward makes it interesting.

The price increase is because the token is valued higher but sold cheap during pre ico because they need startup funding.
When rhe product is live the risk of investing will be a lot lower so they can charge thd full price.

The locked tokens are for possible future fundraising, they won't be held.

>Is it fair that I'm worried about these things making it a potential pump and dump? But I do however do want to invest in the project.
It is absolutely fair. But don't kid yourself that this is a high risk, high reward project. I suggest getting in before the ICO rate hike if you get in at all to minimize your potential losses. The 170 Million they mention is supposed to be a "just in case" fund. The reality is, they could make that number however big or small they feel like, the fact that they're up front about it could be viewed as a plus. Additionally, any coins not purchased during the ICO will be burned, so the final numbers are still TBD. And even if they do dump the full 170 mil, bringing the total to 310 million coins, that's still a pretty low number for the potential growth of an industry like this, with basically no competitors in the crypto space.

Once again, if it's not already clear, this is a gamble prospect. Invest at your own risk and as said, invest only what you can afford to lose. I'm skeptical enough of this projects legitimacy that I didn't go balls deep, I bought exactly what was required, enjoyed a nice bonus, and only stand to lose a few hundred if they exit scam. I've weighed the risks, and I understand them going in, so I won't be surprised if the worst happens, but I'll be pleasantly rewarded if they are legit, which I have no more reason to suspect they are than I do that they aren't.

Gable at your own risk.

>Why does team not show their faces? What are they gonna lose if they do?

The problem with this project, is that there are credible reasons why they would be anonymous (ie. the laws in various countries regarding prostitution).

I wouldn't touch an anonymous team project, but I understand why it's anonymous.

By which one were you scammed?

Why does it need to be anonymous? They are not running a brothel, and in some countries even if they were its legal. It will be as simple as registering a firm in such a country.

Furthermore they say they don't plan to hold the girls as pimps... its platform for escorts to meet clients... why the the need to be user?

>Herp Derp cause Mafia!

If the mafia wants to get them will get them, plenty of ways to find a site owner.

Anonymity is needed when you run a illegal projects.

Technically, the face and (I believe) CEO of the company is standing behind this project, only the dev team is user.

Found her, Sara Stevens:

fuck off shills nobody wants your whores or your shitcoin

Perhaps the developers are from countries where the activities would be viewed as illegal?

This is supported by the fact that they are opening operations in Canada, and then the United States.

You could be totally right though, and I think most of us aren't deluding ourselves into believing this is a legitimate investment. But as said, part of the excitement is the high risk/reward of this project. My only advice to anyone fence sitting on this one, is to get in on the pre-ico so if you do get fleeced, it wont be for as significant amount of money as if you wait till they jack the price up. And also, to go into it with the idea that you're throwing the money away in the first place.

after reading all this I wonder what a good angle for setting up a similar scam would be

The alternative is to wait until after launch, but prices will go up considerably. They'll have a working product to show but they'll still be anonymous.


You could accumulate a much more modest amount of coins for less money than the pre-ico requires if you do this, but with that significant reduction in risk comes a significant reduction in reward. I feel that the risk is about the same either way, so I chose the higher reward. I also am in the position to afford it, so take it how you will.

An interesting experiment would be to create some random coin/blockchain descriptions using a Markov chain and see how many people you can sucker in with an ICO


Exact same situation here.
But have to say that this is one of the few I'm actually excited for.

>But have to say that this is one of the few I'm actually excited for.
I have done proper investing on the coins/tokens I think are worth while holds, but low risk investments are boring. Crypto investment is (at this time) inherently exciting because it's pretty high risk no matter how you slice it. But you can still be pretty safe if you stick to the "sure" things. It's so early with this one that I could lose it all, where as it's not really possible to get COMPLETELY liquidated with any of my other holdings. This project... It has excitement, it has promise... and it is risky for multiple reasons.
This is very sexy hold for big dick risk takers, and, like you, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't find it more exciting than any of my other holds.

Just in case anyone is still lurking and hasn't bought in yet, I get 10% bonus shares if you use my link, so be cool and help a player out:

this is actually really interesting.

Sir, please use my link sir.

>she spend severals hours browsing your social media

you know, as long as trump is president, this has a chance to get really big

which doesn't give it much time

>I wrote an article but didn't do substantial research

it's from the white paper, you tard

The product looks solid except for the crypto payments. Buttcoins just aren't stable enough yet.

Was just reading the whitepaper. It says the payments are done through "Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, or Bitcoin Cash".

>The only drawback is the user team.

That's it. I can sell an idea but I can't make a company work like a startup. When putting that into perspective, why does he have to be user?

So not stable at all

Apparently this is the only non anonymous person

"Sarah Stevens is the President and public face of PinkDate, representing the
company at various cryptocurrency and tech events worldwide. She has a business
degree, a graduate degree in technology, and is a professional escort. Given her
technical and professional background, Sarah is poised to provide industry and
business knowledge as PinkDate launches and expands."

No clue. I'm not sure if I'll buy in but I like the concept.

will pink date be like thailands smooci?

Honestly the idea behind it is fairly interesting. The anonymous part is pretty sketchy, but it might be worth it to throw some spare change at.

All I can say is FOMO, STUPID, STUB. AVOID

they talk a lot about opsec
and gloat about their penis size vs silkroad

blahblah but that's just trying to sell you NEETS the idea.

But look at their demographic, you're paying escorts with crypto. How the fuck is this sustainable and profitable at all?
This is no different but worse than investing in the food industry with fiat unless their food is really good and accessible to all ages and everyone.
You retards are looking at Tim Hortons when you're supposed to be looking at 3G Capital.

I'd fuck the CEO of pinkdate desu, but that's not enough to convince me to invest in this stupid shit.

it's either this or realdolls, boys
the only difference is that you own the realdoll and it has value.

my lord....

All that aside. The /idea/ itself is pretty solid. It’s essentially just tinder for escorts. Which is honestly a great fucking idea, and despite it likely being a scam; more than enough to more to throw 1k at.