In the end, if we make it, will the money actually make us happy?

Yes. People who say money doesn't make you happy are boring.

It will definitely help you/make it easier if you have the right midset already, if you aren't pessimistic now, if you can enjoy the small things now, when you have money it will make you enjoy more things, worry less and give you the power to do what you want so you won't feel tied to your way of life/work and help you impose your will

>believes money will bring happiness
the absolute state of biz

the happiness you seek is already within you

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>impose my will
sounds sinister

true when i think about it

No, the pursuit of the money makes you happy. Once you have it, you will be comfortable but not happy.



That alone is in our power, which is our own work; and in this class are our opinions, impulses, desires, and aversions. What, on the contrary, is not in our power, are our bodies, possessions, glory, and power. Any delusion on this point leads to the greatest errors, misfortunes, and troubles, and to the slavery of the soul.

We have no power over external things, and the good that ought to be the object of our earnest pursuit, is to be found only within ourselves.

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I'm already happy.
Fiat is shit.
I just collect coins because I'm autistic as fuck and its a fucking awesome trading game.

What if I just keep pursuing more money?

Based autist wins at crypto.

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Not the money but the freedom and peace of mind

Money givee you freedom, not happiness.
You can do, what you want but you still have to get up.

Congrats, you're starting to figure it out. Anyone could live well, eat like a king, pursue any hobby they want, and never work with 2-3 million dollars in the bank, but you notice how a lot of people with that kind of money just keep chasing more and more and more? It's cause the chase contains the thrill, not the acquisition of your goal.

>confusing being happy with suffering less
>not knowing the way

pick both

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Probably not but not worrying how your going to pay rent gives you an opportunity to figure out what does


Incorrect. People who say money doesn't make you happy are poor/stupid.

if i have money i can move out of this shithole, and support myself

youre just fucking spoiled

imagine you can pick up any hobby you want
i want to be independent as a software dev for fun ! for open source projects
and live whereever i want and pick up some hobbys i cant afford because i am a neet who has 2k on his bank account lmao

If I make it, I can finally buy some acreage and start my small farm/orchard. That will 100% make me happy.

money will make your weaknesses stronger in a bad way. stay zen and generous.

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It doesn't, at my portfolio ath (which was a pretty ridiculous number), I've never been so clueless what do I do with it. But thankfully we've retraced and I can go back to watching magical numbers grow on the screen.

No. But what you do with it might.

If you intend to be a selfish miser, you'll never be happy.

If you intend to use it to shape the world around you for the better, then yes, you may find happiness through that.

There’s no one thing that makes someone happy. It’s many small things.

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Money doesnt make you happy but everyone wants to find out for themselves

t. rent money til i die

It matters what you do with the money user. When I make it im buying my parents a vacation to Italy and then starting my own business doing what I love.

The rest will go to my church. The money itself won't make you happy but seeing those you love succeed with you will matter.

well it sure wont make us unhappy like wagecucking

It gives you the freedom to be happy which being trapped in work doesn't provide. You are free to build what you want, in every sense of the word
Build a hobby, a house, a family, businees, fucking sit in bed all day if That's what you want
It's a different life

>bear market
>making money

I can guarantee that it will.

I'm in 5 digit debt thanks to helping my father who turned from a loving father at childhood to a reckless alcoholic gambler. He played the "remember the good times" card so many fucking times on me, and I really fell for it so many times. He would get sober enough and tell me that he's over it and that he's changed and I would lend him money to get back on his feet, but whether it's a week or a month, he always slips back into the same shit.

I finally came to accept that the father that I grew up with is dead and what's left is just a shell with a demon hidden inside it. I cut contact with him after I moved despite his very best efforts to get in contact with me and ask for help because "I've really changed, I need your support right now." No. Fuck that.

So now I'm in debt that will take me many years to pay back. Every single monthly payment is just a fucking reminder of the dad I no longer have. Clearing this debt would essentially free me of the shackles of my memories so I can move on. I won't be able to buy my dad back, but I'll be able to actually start saving money for myself and my future instead of this reminder of my past. That would be happiness for me. I can't even think of getting into a relationship. Aside from the costs of dating that I can't afford, if it ever got serious, the debt will always be in my shadow and would probably wreck everything anyways.

Yes you tard

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I think it will help, for me at least. I don't actually plan on buying a lot of pointless shit or getting a lambo or a mansion or anything. I just don't want to be wageslaving anymore or worrying about where the money comes from. I just want to take the time to find something I really enjoy doing and pursue it. Right now there's no time, gotta get to the office to keep the bills paid. I'm really only going to use the money as a safety net.

money won't buy happiness but it will buy a nice big fucking boat to sail up to it

Yes, because money is just the vehicle to get me to doing what I want with my life, instead of wagecucking for x years.