Your Financial Goals

>buy out all middle east governments
>end all ongoing conflicts
>create the arab league
>1 currency
>1 arabic standard
>1 military
>pool resources
>create 20 - 25 futuristic hub cities and ban humans living anywhere but the hub cities
>bribe china, russia, korea, japan and the EU to fight with me against a common enemy
>give Israel the land for Greater Israel
>demolish the mosque where the third temple is to be built
>build the third temple
>phrophecy dpesnt come true and the christ never returns
>expose israel for being frauds
>expose israels lies and deceits
>nuke the shit out of Israel
>nuke the shit out USA
>establish central banks in all of the worlds countries
>become the new jew

>Believing in Abrahamic goat-fucker fairy tales from the Bronze age.

You need more than a double-digit IQ to be successful.

i want a big loan
i want a suburban home

>build the third temple

w0t m8

boomer spotted

mine are SLIGHTLY more attainable

>quit dumbass retail job
>start renting office space downtown(just one desk)
>achieve 5k a month recurring income
>get (attainable) favorite car
>move out of shit university dorm for much nicer apartment with some friends
*I am here*
>achieve 10k recurring monthly income
>drop out of uni
>buy first investment property
>rent out to people I know at uni
>grow real estate, SMM, and ecommerce businesses at the same time with all of the extra time
>achieve 20k monthly income
>by this time, hopefully inherit family cash cow: condo complex in Breckenridge, CO
>incorporate a real estate agency including all of the properties I currently own
>continue purchasing real estate properties
>achieve 100k monthly income
>take me and whatever girl I find(bc current gf aint gonna make it)
who fucking cares after that

forgot to finish last point
>take me and whatever girl I find(bc current gf aint gonna make it) and fuck off to a tax haven, or settle back in FL or colorado and live a really comfy life


Lol thinking you can end conflicts between inbred mudshits good luck dumbass also have fun getting gaddafi'd faggot

just let it motivate you user

stop fapping, get working and that is in your future

>my bags of TRX become worth millions
>Start buying office space to rent out
>Real estate empire grows
>Buy houses in Niseko, Japan; alta, Utah; somewhere near whistler, somewhere in the Swiss alps, somewhere where it snows in Chile, and a heli-skiing operation in the snowiest part of British Columbia
>Me and my wife live in an eternal state of perpetual winter where we shall ski glorious bottomless powder for the rest of my days

Build McMansion. Surround McMansion with expansive trailer park to keep normies at bay. Waive rent for 20-25 trailer park sloots in exchange for service as a concubine.

>>expose israel for being frauds
>>expose israels lies and deceits
>>nuke the shit out of Israel
Good luck with this part, especially.

How do you have 5k recurring monthly income


>1 million in 401k
>$400,000 home
>1 million to put 3-4 kids through private school and then STEM college while also smacking them every so often so they don't become trust fund babies
>2000 a year to spoil a meek glasses waifu with anime merch

>create my own PMC(private military corporation)
>an AI will be commander-in-chief of the PMC
>all military decisions will be calculated and stress-tested through the AI
>deploy the most cutting-edge military technology humankind has ever seen
>develop own exoskeletons for each soldier
>each soldier will be supplemented with nootropics and steroids in order to ensure their best performance
>develop nano-drones guided by neural networks
>create the best cyber warfare force on the planet
>fuckup other countries governments through mass social media manipulation and election manipulation
>create my own country in the middle east
>my country's government will be solely controlled by an open-source and advanced AI
>the executive, legislative, and judicial powers will be solely controlled by the AI
>judges and juries in courts will be replaced by an AI
>no human(including myself) will be able to intervene in the decisions of the AI
>no corrupt, greedy, ignorant humans will be able to force their will on government decision
>no elections, ever
>schools won't have dumb and ignorant teachers
>each classroom will have an AI teacher
>all official tests will be corrected by the AI
>the government and schools won't be able to meddle with the tests
>the country will have its own cryptocurrency
>exercise of religion and nepotism will be outright banned and punished by death
>0% tax for the first 50 years

where do i sign up?

Each government decision would be examined and tested by the AI.

For example, let's say the population wants to legalise homosexual marriage.

Each citizen would be able to submit his concerns/thoughts/decisions to an online government portal.

The data will be sent to the AI, and the AI would test each possible scenario through neural networks.

The AI would examine similar scenarios, where homosexual marriage was tried(like in the US) and examine if that benefited the society.

The AI decision is ULTIMATE, just like in a theocracy where God's word is ultimate, the AI's decision will be ultimate.

The biggest difference between a theocracy and this system is that the AI actual DOES exist.

Pay off house
Quit job
Smoke weed and play vidya all day errday

You've never worked with AI if you think it's a good idea at all.

I just want 5 million in fuck you money so I don't ever have to work again desu.

$2 Million Cash
$300K condo.
Do Philanthropy for rest of life.

Probably ain't happening any time soon since I am poor and can't get anywhere with the $10 in crypto I have.

I wouldn't call it true AI, more like artificial neural networks guided by genetic algorithms.

and how would a genetic algorithm work if you're never allowed to question the AI?

So since my mom died last year of cancer
and my dad is diagnosed with cancer aswell
What I'm gonna do it sell everything thats left, my car, the house, every piece of whatever there is.
I'm gonna drop half in crypto and the other will be used to travel.
I'm gonna travel the whole world while making money with crypto.

I dont care at this moment, I just feel alone and I can't stand the shallowness of todays society with people talking about how great the last game of thrones eps was.
I just dont wanna feel pain anymore, I feel caged.

mom look, i posted it again

Facebook pic sorting AI thinks blacks are gorillas, how is it gonna make decision about politics? You're still feeding it human input, so it's not this pristine god you think it is.

>fuck you money
Only worthwhile goal desu

I just want to beat Elon Musk at everything he does so his whole remaining years are obsessively trying to beat me at something. But he will fail.
His opinion is the only one I care about, this is why I wanna do this.


i want in also

Sounds legit.

i had taken a little shit in my pants when i saw thos curves

took the words outta my mouth

>buy a big warehouse in london

>buy a Honda NSX mk1
>buy a Mazda RX7 FD spirit R
>buy a datsun 240z
>buy a Porsche 930 911 Turbo
>buy a ford mustang mk.1
>buy a C3 corvette
>buy a BMW E30 M3
>buy a series 1 Jaguar E type
>buy a '72 Nissan skyline kpgc10
>buy a 3k civic with a few simple mods

>arrange all of these cars in one half of the warehouse
>put a grand glass wall dividing the "car" half with the living half
>put normal living furniture and shit in the remaining half
>lots of decadent fancy italian furniture, combined with architectural touches from greek antiquity
>cars are always visible in their full glory from the living quarters; the living room, dining room etc are arranged next to the glass wall

>from the outside it looks like a normal warehouse, but completely different from the inside

most of my hobbies are /out/, Veeky Forums or Veeky Forums so in terms of materialistic things, cars are all I want.
hell, I wouldn't mind just living in a tent in a 10 car garage kek