it's been about 4 days, should I sell?

i would slowly start selling it on the way to 9.5-10k starting now

send me one then sell at 9k



guess what this thread just became

This. Nice job buying at 6.2k. Seems like there's still a 50/50 chance we'll test those lows again. I would sell maybe 25% today.

u have more money make me sad

why would anybody buy btc when there is eth?

why would anyone buy crypto when there are stocks?

why would anyone buy stocks when there is cash

since no one else has asked
and regardless of possible inspect element larp

>he squandered his investment on memecoins instead of DOGE.
Get out now, bucko. I internally cringe on your behalf thinking about you sitting there when BTC plunges below $3K while DOGE breaks $1 and just wondering what the fuck happened. Hop on the DOGE express now, user. It's going straight to the moon.

Why would anybody buy either when they're both about to shit the bed? Get out while you can. HODL DOGE if you have it, and BUY BUY BUY.

Lol. Stocks are dead, boomer. DOW will drop below 15K by the end of the month. Screencap this.

If you actually have that much, it sounds like you're better trusting yourself than Veeky Forums.

Why would anyone buy cash when there are niggers you could buy instead?

those were the days

I'm responsible for these numbers of truth, now's the time to buy my friend


post shoe on head

if this is real please OP :(


Please sir send some coins sir my family needs medicine sir thank you invest in link sir

Please sir just a few coin and I can buy meself some medicine...


why mods aren't banning all this begging faggots?

Sir please

Do you want to pay the short term capital gains on it?

Don't be greedy OP, sell it and share it with us.