This is unfuckingbelievable

This is unfuckingbelievable
Artificial intelligence-based oracles for smart contracts. Users are able to train an oracle (Websensors learned indicator), evaluate the accuracy of the indicator in a simulated scenario (backtracking and cross-validation) as well as generate a smart contract according to agreement between parties.

Just one of the many things iExec allows people to do on their platform. HOLY SHIT.
If you aren't buying RLC right now just kill yourself

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Can you guys stop fucking posting !!


how much do i need to make it?

iExec is a scam, do NOT BUY.
iExec is a scam, do NOT BUY.
iExec is a scam, do NOT BUY.
iExec is a scam, do NOT BUY.


RLC has been sufficiently shilled here for months. Its a great project. Calm the fuck down. Most fags have already accumulated. If anything RLC needs to pick up volume. Its pitiful. Everytime I check on it I'm disappointed. The binance market for it could be taken on a wild ride for less than 50k

Cheesus crust
this coin fucks

I only have 595 because I’m in crippling debt and I can’t afford more!!!! I need four more months to pay these Jews off! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

these fags don't care about legit projects. just shill them link or some shit. make a few memes, post a few shills with big asses, let them comment BRRRAAAPP and they'll pump the fuck out of that coin. DYOR is nonexistent in Veeky Forums. these cucks won't understand a single thing about RLC.

>genius tier coin
>zero volume

ah, let the normies sleep. they wont see it coming

I literally cant afford more RLC.


>actually look into it
>pessimistically check their github
holy shit this tip is the real deal

It's cause they have almost 0 marketing

Fuck off LARP whale

I've only got 2100 you shnuck !!

LARP cunt. You don't need to "accumulate" when you that poor

You all have 10 seconds to tell me why the token has value or its a shitcoin

I've never had an opportunity like this before
this thing has such massive fucking potential, and it's actually being actively developed

Worlds largest media company, Facebook, creates no content.
Worlds largest taxi company, Uber, owns no cabs.
Worlds largest hotel, Airbnb, owns no rooms.
You are here.
Worlds largest cloud computing company owns no servers.

Ok, nice analogy. What is the current competition

nothing really
some say golem
but iexec beat golem to blender rendering

Golem, SONM. Sort of. Not really the exact same market and uses. Similar though.

Please explain to a pleb. How reliant on eth is rlc? Can it be applied to everything?

well it's mainly because this covers the enti-

Accumulated and strapped in

Blockchain agnostic.

i'd say around 3-4k should be enough to be millionaire in couple years

blockchain agnostic. check their tweet feed. they are very close with neo. would surprise me if they would expand to other succesful blockhains, but wouldnt expect it to happend in 2018 tho

posted today

RLC had 30btc volume on bittrex when I checked yesterday, now its at 300.

Look at his face ahahaha

respect the face that will make you rich retarded faggot

Yea it's hilarious until you realize nigga has a PhD and very likely never needs to worry about money again

dont disrespect our Chinese computing emperor. He and Giles are the reason we are going to be rich

The dappstore is open? Since when?

since early december

Haiwu calm down man here have a beer ahahaha

I spent all my money on Stinky Linkies and BAT. Only 1250 RLC, good luck bros : (

Gonna drop an ETH in this next week

Delete this thread immediately
The Bogs are still accumulating

thanks just sold 100k

When is the next dip open market ?

bluzelle will do cloud computing better

isn't that just database